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Yusuf 'Kerlo'

The photos on this page are from the personal collection of Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'


Veli  Şeker-Ali 1953-20.10.1974


YUSUF 'Kerlo' came  from Dali his sister EMİNE KAVAZ 'Lurtena'  (wife of Mustafa Hasan 'Lurto' ) was his sister. As they originated from Dali tracing their roots further then the late 1800s is difficult. They were also related to the Kavaz family in Lurucina. [1]


YUSUF 'Kerlo' married  AYŞE RAMADAN 'Tikku'.[2]

their children.

1  Veli Yusuf  'Kerlo' born 10.05.1910-01.12.2000 married  Emine Hüseyin 'Riala'

2  Ramadan  Yusuf  'Kerlo'

3  İbrahım  Yusuf   'Kerlo' 16.02.1915  -  12.08.2005

4  Mehmet  Yusuf  'Kerlo, Skordo' married Hatice Veli 'Kirlapo'

5  Dervişe Yusuf (stayed in Dali)


VELİ YUSUF 'Kerlo born 10.05.1910-01.12.2000 married EMİNE HÜSEYIN 'Riala'

their children

1  Soner Veli Yusuf 'Kerlo'

2  Layka  Veli  Yusuf  'Kerlo'        

3  Ayca  Veli  Yusuf   'Kerlo'  


RAMADAN YUSUF 'Kerlo married

their children

1  Yusuf Ramadan 'Kerlo' married Behice İbrahım.  Their children Canev, Hicran, Ramadan

2  Behic  Ramadan  'Kerlo'

3  Emir-Ali  Ramadan  'Kerlo'

4  Aysel  Ramadan  'Kerlo'  married  Raif İskit


İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Kerlo' married

their children

1  Yusuf İbrahım 'Kerlo'

2  Soner  İbrahım 'Kerlo'      

3  Behiç  İbrahım  'Kerlo'    



MEHMET YUSUF 'Kerlo' married HATİCE VELİ 'Kirlapo'. [3]

their children

1  Veli  Şeker-Ali 1953-20.10.1974  Aydın Karaöz (from Hatice's 1st marriage to Ramadan Şeker-Ali) Aydın Karaöz

2  Şengül  Mehmet  born 11.9.1955 married Süleyman 'Gondoz'

3  Yusuf   Mehmet   'Durzi' born 22.3.1959

4  Emine  Mehmet  married Hüseyin Ahmet from Yeni İskele / Trikomo



their children

1 Hicran  married ? one son named Can born in 1974


ŞENGÜL MEHMET  born 11.9.1955 married SÜLEYMAN 'Gondo'

their children

1  Serkan Süleyman born 17.8.1973

2  Hatice Süleyman born 14.4.1975

3  Yusuf Süleyman 19.12.1977 his children, Cağsan, Cov, Tanem


YUSUF MEHMET  KERLO 'Durzi born 22.3.1959 married EMİNE

their children

1  Mehmet  Yusuf Kerlo married ?  one son named Muhammed

2  Hatice  Yusuf  Kerlo ( Hatice Elmastaş) married? one child Özgül

3  Veli Yusuf Kerlo

4  Manolya Yusuf Kerlo


EMİNE MEHMET married HÜSEYİN AHMET AYTÜL Yeni İskele / Trikomo

their children  

1  Ahmet Hüseyin Aytül

2  Mehmet Hüseyin Aytül

3  Fatoş Hüseyin Aytül


[1] Information from Emine 'Lurtena's' grandson Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'

[2] Information from their grand-daughter Şengül  Mehmet

[3] Information from Şengül  Mehmet




Veli  Şeker-Ali 1953 - 20.10.1974

Veli  Şeker-Ali 1953-20.10.1974

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Şengül Mehmet 'Skordo' & Hatice Süleyman

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Kamuran Veli Kirlapo &

Veli  Şeker-Ali

1st left. Veli, 2nd? Süleyman 'Gondoz',

Şengül Mehmet 'Skordo', Hatice Veli Kirlapo, Emine Mehmet Skordo.

Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 14

Veli  Şeker-Ali & Aydın Karaöz