28 250 Courtesy of Korman Kocaismail 31

Special thanks to Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' and his friend Ekrem Cavit  Öztürkler who works at the Tapu dairesi (Lands registry office) in Nicosia, and also Yusuf Toz for their support in helping to aquire  the copies of the Street maps of Lurucina on this page which are dated 1916. Their help and support is testament to the support this site has from people who have direct or indirect connections to Lurucina.


The aim of these maps is to eventually list the families and determine where each family lived.  Any person who can identify their family homes please write to [email protected]  The plot numbers and the family nickname/lakab should be stated. If the exact plot number cannot be identified, the area would be sufficient for us to learn the area in which the families lived.

No doubt this is a long term project, but with patience and determination I feel certain that the younger generations can gain some results by questioning the elders of their families.


Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'

Contact [email protected]


Unfortunately some parts of the maps are in poor quality, watermarked and have worn away. I have painstakingly drawn over many of the faded outlines and numbers of the plots in pencil so as to highlight the borders more clearly. Some numbers were difficult to read, I therefore decided to leave them as they are so as not to make a mistake. Considering that the originals are almost a hundred years old then perhaps its fortunate that most parts are still visible and in a reasonable condition. I hope their condition doe's not effect the pleasure of browsing through them.


A big debt of gratitude to VELI  ÇUFOĞLU in preparing this list. He worked weeks in identifying and listing the names of  the families place of residence. 166 plot numbers on this list make up the vast majority of the homes in Lurucina in 1916. The census of Lurucina registered 1,237 inhabitants. Unfortunately as the Christian inhabitants  which amounted to 158 had left in the 1950s identifying their names has become difficult. In addition VELI has identified the schools, old hospital, water wells, shops etc. For many younger people interested in their ancestral family homes this valuable source of information is priceless in searching where their grandparents and great grandparents were born and lived. Without the massive effort of people like VELI the street maps of Lurucina would not have been possible.


IMPORTANT NOTE. as the maps are originally 100 years old, some of the recent inhabitants names rather then those of 1916 are given. It is generally accepted that the present  or recent homeowners are descendants of the same family.

Lurucina street map 1 Lurucina street map 2 Lurucina street map 5 Lurucina street map 6 Lurucina street map 9 Lurucina street map 10 Lurucina street map 7 Lurucina street map 8 Lurucina street map 4 Lurucina street map 3

MAP 1 is the north west entry to the village. This is the area of the 'Gocmen/refugee houses and the new cemetery built in the 1960s

Plot No's




MAP  2 is to the east of map 1. This is probably the area where the origins of the village began. Ay Epiphanios was the oldest. Built in the 15th century, and restored in 1864 served the Greek Orthodox inhabitants for hundreds of years. Ay Andronicos was built in 1831. Together with Panayia they served the Greek community until the 1950s. Sadly none of them have survived the turmoil of the Cyprus problem which is outside the remit and purpose of this Web-site. The stream and fording/crossing points are to the left of the map.


Plot No; & family names

6.    Barbaros

76.  Ibrahim  Öğretmen

77   Avezer

 6.  İsmail Barbaros

76/1  Arif Mudra (Gazi)

79/4  İbrahim Özer(Bata)    

78.    Batuka

77.  ? Yusuf Avezer  

57.   Hacali Vrahtisi  


MAP 3 Is to the south of map 1

MAP 4 Is the centre of the village with the stream and Mosque indicated by name and as plot No; 243. The coffee bars are listed below.

The famous well just above the Mosque is just to the right of the fording area of the stream. The Mosque in its present form was on Lord Kitchener's map of 1882-85. No documents have been found to verify the date of construction. The minaret itself was added in the 1930s.



68-69. The Komurcu family

70-71 The Aligunni family


194. The Co-op

243 The Mosque with the boys school to the rear.

? not so clear but adjacent to the Mosque is the home of the Tahura's later Ismail Giçço son of Ismail Tahuredi

 62.   Süleyman Geleo (Gelener)  

 63.   Kemal Hamit  (map/harita 4)

 64.   Hasan Mudra (Gazi)

128.  Osman Gitsugudi & Shop/Dükkan

45/1  Ramadan Bardiço

 56.   Kadir Mehmet Gatsura (Gadiri)  

267.   Hüseyin Cefalali

268.   Cangi  

 55.   Drambuli

260.   Kamalo  ?

326.   Ramadan Veci

325.   Leyli Murat Paşo (Eski hastahane)

325/1   İbrahım Kurt (Başi)

259.   Veli Gutsoveli Kavaz

255-256    Süleyman Kamil  Kahvesi ( map/harita 4)

223.    İZzzet Küfi Dükkan & Evi ( map/harita 4)

328.    İsmail  Çuffo (İsmailui )

320.   Hüseyin  Götsa (Gökşan ) Berber Dükkan

330.   Yusuf Mustafa Şufta Dükkan  

230.   Veli Lao Cambulat Home and Shop

229.   Hüseyin Götsa (Gökşan)

228.   Debreli  shop  ( map/harita 4)

225.   İbrahim  Gutso Arifo  shop  ( map/harita 4)

331.   Bekir Seydali (Arkondi ) location of the cinema

336.   Zeki Usta Ayakkabi  Dükkan

264.  Ömer Zavli

263.   Ali Manna

266.   Yususf  Hüseyin Bekir Onbaşı (Bendaşan

 56.   Kadir Mehmet Gatsura (Gadiri)  

235- 237 Sari Mustafa Tahura family

280.  Osman Gazo

281.  Gocagaro

282.  Bedasi

315.  Sassetti

317.  Emir-Ali ’Stilo’

318.  Mustafa

319.  Havuz

327.   Mehmet Pekri Berber

337  Gutsugudi (Karabocek) family Coffee bar (Hasan Yusuf Arap family)

338  Coffee bar

225 Coffee bar

378  The  village square opposite the cafes

406.   Fikret Nasip  (Asilkanlı) Ev & Terzi Dükkanı

407.   Süleyman Yorgancı Paşa

415.   Halil Osman Ağa (Halilaza)    

410.   Yusuf  Hüseyin Adem Ev & Dükkanı

274.   Gutsago  (on map/harita 4)

203.   Yusuf Yannako

194.   Hasan Lordo Değirmeni  (on map/harita 4)

206.   Osman Murat Ebistat  (on map/harita 4)

128/5   Osman Mehmet Usta Kafa  (on map/harita 4)

405.   Süleyman İbrahım  Garibi Aksipa (Gazi)  (on map/harita 4)

196+197   Kooperativ bakkaliye ambarları

365.    Mustafa İbrahım Çamuri (Denizer)



MAP 5.

Onemli not; "FORD" yazilanlari dere gecit yerleridir.

Plot numbers

54.  Ramadan Grivas

56.  Gadiri

66.  Yahudi

67.  Süpürgeci

68-71.  Veli Usta

73.  Öksüz family

103. Vrango.

106.  Erdoğan

107.  Aspri

109.  Kiduri

114.  Birgo

125.  Mustahi’s shop

127  Veli Usta

130/1  Mustahi’s

130/2  Gondozzi

132.  Bodiri.

133.  Cili

141.  Yılmaz Terzi

131.  Huseyin Mudra

426 looking very faded at the bottom is the land of the Biali's

130/2.  Osman bey shop

?          Gaderina

131.    Osman Gutsugudi shop

138.    Bitordo

147/3.  Mehmet Kavaz 'Ganu'.

147/1.  Arif  Sağır

148.     Muratti

149/3/1  Viddinni

149/3/2  Sami Götsa

Empty land is a Harman the following numbers are missing but the families in order from right to left are




Hüseyin Gutsugudi

207.    Çoskun Kahraman

209.  Bitordo

210.  Ramadan Götsa

217  Hüseyin Adem

218 Yusuf Şahi

219.  Halilaza??

217.    Hüseyin Adem (Ademgil)

218.    Şahi &  Meca Kardeşlerin evleri

219.    Gugo

417/1  Siddiga  Şekeru

417/2   Mehmet  Şarmata (Şarman)

193.    İbrahım Babutsacı

191.   Yusuf Arif Cebe

429.   Harman ve mahalle Çeşmesi

204.   Hüseyin Elektrikçi  Düzgen

208.    Halil Mustafuri  Gargablumi

216.    Bada Stradura  Kahve & evi  

214.    Rifat Gargablumi (Coşkun)







27 Pekri's

30. Zardagana's

41, Lao ailesi

42,43,44 Galaba ailesi

222   Gugu

223-225  Muhtar Ali bey owned and rented these plots

317 is the  Boşnak Köşesi

45/2   Neşet Usta

 38.    Emine Kihhi (Ebe hanım)    

 46.   Hasan Hasana (Karabardak)

 59.   Fucelli

 58.  Osman Grivas (Ağdaç)

279.  Mustambeşi

278.  Derviş Mirmikko (Başaran)

316.  Arif Gocagaro (Yakula)

280.  Yusuf Sogradi

317.?   Bohurlu  (Cannur)

318.  Cili

311.  Veli Hacali

312.  Nafi Usta

304. Mehmet Veli Gaççari (Mertoluğu)

305.    Ahmet Sasetti (Özakıncı)

306+307  Mustafa Bilal Mustaho (Bilaller)

271.    Osman Çakko  

272.    İsmaıl Usta

303.    Bekir Veli Gaççari (Bekiro)

302.    Veli  İsmail Çuffo (Çufoğlu)

287.    Tayma  

290.    Kemal Usta  (Pekri )

288.    Mehmet Bole (Özsoydan)

286.    Refiya

284.    Debreli

292.    Hüseyin Kocaismaıl

293.    Ali Kocaismaıl

301     Paşo

310.    Cefalali  

348.    Mehmet Surfi  (Gazi)

351.    Mehmet Mudra Yassi (Gazi)

352.    Hacali Vrahtisi

353.    Osman Baligari (Pehlivan) Gato

355.    Melek aba,  Ayşe Tsendina Gatu

354.    Eerdoğan Tsali (Selkan)

363/2   Havuz Ssu haznesi  

363/1   Baratsusulo

382      Muzaferi

320.     İzmailo


Plot Numbers

387 is the Belediye (council) land

400.  Ademi

406  Faik Terzi

407   Suleyman Paşa

410 Halilazena

411.  Lala

415  Sevim 'Horolo'

416. Şarmatta

417.  Suleyman Seidali

418   Gargablumi

420   Mudaho

421/1  Garaşmayli

421     Fesa

434  between the 433 & 435 is not, The Yeniçeri land

420 North of this plot is the Kafa & Turko areas

473  Though not 100% certain this was originally   Çemberli then Ali bey's property

475  The Gigeo's land

384.     Guçuki  

382.     Muzaferi  

388.     Ulus sineması  

481.     Şago Gatsura (Kansel)

487.     Kemal Yallitsi  (Parıldak)

488?    Süleyman Yallitsi (Parıldak)

478.     İbrahım Yallitsi  (Parıldak)

471+472    Orta okul  

473+474+475   İlk okul  

476/1   Maniço  

476/3   Mustafa Avcı

465.     Mustaf Garibi

462.     Halil Şago (Kansel)

462 ?   Osman Karahasan

461.     Hüseyin Garaşmaili (Karaöz)

466.     Hüseyin Halilo  

475.?   Osman Halilaza  (Eğmez) EVİ  (on map/harita 8)

474.     Ali Bey (Muhtar) EVİ    (on map/harita 8)

473.     Mehmet  Çemberli

458.      İbrahım Ağdıran

459.      Arif Cebe

453/3    Yusuf Mustafafuri Baltaci

467/1    Hasan  Yeniçeri

467/2    Yusuf Yeniçeri

470.      Osman Avci Yeniçeri

387.      Yusuf Susuri  

393.      Ramadan Mehmet Akıner

478.     Kemal Mehmetça (Şah)



Önemli Not; haritada 320, ve 321 görülen parseller copy hattası oldu. Okuyuculara özür dilerim. Esas 520 ve 521 olması lazım

Plot numbers

387. is the Belediye (council) land with the water well to the north.

402. The Karpazli Kara-Ismail land can just about be seen to the West of 400 & 403

488?    Süleyman Yallitsi (Parıldak)

478.     İbrahim Yallitsi  (Parıldak)

390.      Naylon Köy Kuyusu

389.      Halil Osman Halilaza (Eğmez)

391.     Hüseyin Manna (Seyis)

399.     Sadi Bitordo (ÇağatayIı)

392.     Gülferi  dükkani ve evi yeni sahibi İsmail Akandere

497 ?   Yusuf Cebe (Yiğit)

484.     Mehmet Hostra

491.     Nevzat  Mavri (Esmeroğlu)

489.    Mehmetça

368.     Kemal Murat Deliyo  (Akınlı)

371.     Mehmet  Şemmedo (Muslu)

MAP 10

Önemli Not; haritada 319, 320, ve 321 görülen parseller copy hattası oldu. Okuyuculara özür dilerim. Esas 519, 520 ve 521 olması lazım

519.  Kubilay Usta Marangoz atolyesi  Onemli Not; haritada 319 gorulen copy hattasi oldu. Okuyuculara ozur dilerim

500. ?  Hüseyin  Ömer Usta (Güvensoylu)

511.     Polis Karakolu

528.     Ali  İzmailo Kenedi (Serdengeçti)  

Lurucina street map 11 Lurucina street map 12 Lurucina street map 13 Lurucina street map 14

A cropped and close up map of Map 6 above

A cropped and close up map of Map 6 above

A cropped and close up map of Map 5 above

A cropped and close up map of Map 6 above

Maps of Lurucina village

Map 1

Map 2

Map 4

130/1+130/2    Yusuf Gondozi

200.    İbrahım Durno  (Özturna)

199.    Yusuf Osma Gatsura (Kırıcı)  

338.   Hacali dükkanı  

323.   İBbrahim Kulea

339.   Mavri  (Esmeroğlu ) dükkanı

341.   Gutsulo

342.   Mahmut Bohurlu  

345.   Hüseyin Bada  

346.   Bekir Raci Hoca    

366.   Murat Deliyo  Akınlı

337.   Mehmet Gabro  (Ağdıran) ev & dükkanı  

378.   Benzinlik ve oto park alanı  

379+380+381 Murat Mustafa Yakula Deliyo (Akinli) dükkan & Kahve

382.   Yusuf Ramadan Yakula  

222+223   Ali bey Dükkan & Hanı  

Map 5

183.    Mehmet Ali Usta Kali  

147/1   Veli  Sağır  (Artun)

148.    Muratti

149/3/2    Sami Şöför

178.    Arif  Psafga

177.    Rifat Bada (Gökşan)  

179.    Hasan Kaplan

181.    Yusuf Vidinni

Map 6

Map 8

Map 9

Map 10

map 1 map 2 map 3 map 4 map 5 map 6 map 7 map 8 map 9 map 10 map 11 map 12