Orhan Seyfi Arı


The photos on this page have kindly been shared by Eren Ari

Photos from top left to right
1 Orhan Seyfi Arı i12.12.1918-1992
2 Orhan Seyfi Arı
3 Orhan Seyfi Arı
4 Orhan Seyfi Arı
5 Orhan & Suzan Arı Nikah (register)1946
6 Suzan, Eren Ersin & Orhan Arı Luricina 1954
7 Orhan Arı İngiltere Türk Cemiyeti Genel Sekreteri Necati Sager, Luricinalı Bekir Mehmet & other Lurucinali's
8 Orhan Ari Sağdan 2nci Muftu Dana Efendi Lurucina Ziyareti
9 Orhan Seyfi Arı Londrada.Bekircik Çakkar Ve Başka Luricinalı
10 Orhan Arı, Soner Arif, Vali Sir John Harding Luricina Ortaokulu
11 Orhan ve Suzan Arı Londrada 1992
12 Orhan & Suzan with their sons Ersin & Engin Arı 1981.
13 A teacher's award given to Orhan Seyfi Arı
14 Educational award given to Orhan Seyfi Arı
15 Lurucina/Lisi honours Orhan Arı by naming a road in his name

Photos from top left to right.
1 Lurucina school in the 1950s.
2 Orhan & Suzan Arı with Bekir & Lema Mehmet in London 1992
3 on left Orhan Arı with relatives at Vretça 1932
4 Orhan & Suzan Arı getting registered (Nikâh) 1946
5 Suzan Arı, Eren, Erdin, Ersin in Luricina 1956
6 Orhan Arı in Australia 1980
7 Orhan Arı with his first grandchild, Oben 1980s.
8 Orhan Seyfi Arı 1938
9 Orhan Suzan Arı with Eren 1949
10 Orhan Arı with his mother Emete Ahmet at Lapityu 1960
11Orhan Arı visiting a Turkish school in Australia while he was a pensioner 1980s. 12 Orhan Arı visiting a Turkish school inAustralia while he was a pensioner 1980s
13 Orhan Arı with his students. Early 1960s
14 Orhan Arı With students & colleagues at "Ilk Köycülük School Omorfo1941-42
15 Suzan Arı 3 years old

From the archives of Eren Arı.
Photos from left to right
1 Orhan & Suzan Arı newly wed at Lakadamya. 1946
2 Orhan & Suzan Arı. On their wedding day 1946.
3 Orhan & Suzan Arı with Eren, Suat (Suzans sister) In Paphos town1947
4 Orhan Arı in Lise Lefkoşa 1938. At back in the centre
5 Orhan Arı at Anit Kabir. Ankara Turkey 1970s
6 Orhan Arı (on trhe left ) at the Morphou teachers college. 1940
7 Suzan Arı (baby in the middle) her dad Zihni Üney at a picnic Omorfo 1928
8 Orhan Suzan Arı just after the birth of Ersin (2nd son)1951
9 Orhan Arı at Nicosia registry office as a witness 1970s
10 Orhan Arı with his cousin Halit Ali Riza and their grand-dad, Ahmet Gakkuro', & grandmother Fethiye Ahmet. Early 1940s.
11 Suzan Arı in Paphos town with their first son Eren 1947
12 Orhan Arı at secondary schoool. Lefkoşa 1932-33
13 Suzan Arı Eren & Ersin in Lurucina 1954.
14 Orhan Arı on the right as a boxing student in secondary school. Nicosia 1937
15 Suzan Arı, Eren, Ersin, Erdin, with Orhan's mother 1956

Photos from top left to right
1 Suzan Arı (baby in the middle) her dad Zihni Üney at a picnic Omorfo 1928
2 Suzan Arı, & her uncle (Dayı) Mustafa Rüstem. Early 1930s
3 Suzan Arı at Omorfo Junior school (front row 4th from left On)1936
4 Eren & Ersin with their grand-dad Hüseyin Avnı Ahmet at Lapityu mid summer 1950
5 Ohan Arı with students Arodez 1943-44
6 Orhan Arı (2nd left at front) at a civil defence meeting early 1970s
7 Orhan Arı during a school visit by Dr Kücük (TC leader) Lefkoşa Early 1970s.
8 Suzan Arı one year old.
9 Orhan Arı at a Mosque in Australia1980s.
10 Suzan Arı & her mother Emine Rüstem Üney (3rd left), at a Picnic in Omorfo early 1930s.
11 Orhan Arı with students and colleagues in Paphos town late 1940s.
12 Suzan Arı 1930
13 Suzan Arı her mum, Emine Rüstem (right) & her brother Sinan Üney. Early 1930s
14 Suzan Arı 1930
15 Suzan Arı her mum Emine Rüstem on right & her brother Sinan Üney Early 1930s

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