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The Öküz, Dima, Kile &  Batta form part of this family group.

The family tree of  MUSTAFA  İBRAHIM ÖKÜZ. [1] &  DUDU ALİ


MUSTAFA  İBRAHIM 'Öküz' born 1800 married DUDU ALİ born 1813. [2]

their children

1  İbrahım Mustafa Öküz born 1835 married Heybetullah İsmail born 1839 they married in 1858

2  Ali  Mustafa  Öküz born 1839 married Dudu İbrahım born 1849. They married in 1863

3  Fatma  Mustafa    Öküz  married  Bekir İsmail 'Gaçari' born 1827 they married in 1854

4  Hatice  Mustafa  Öküz  born 1839 Yusuf 'Turko' ???. [3]

5  Dudu  Mustafa Öküz    married Mustafa  'Gangrello'

NOTE; Ali & Hatice are recorded as being born in the same year. The conclusion is that either they were twins or one born very early and the other very late in the same year


İBRAHIM MUSTAFA ÖKÜZ born 1835 married HEYBETULLAH İSMAIL born 1839 they married in 1858.[4]

their children

1  İsmail  İbrahım 'Öküz'  born 1863

2  Mustafa İbrahım 'Öküz'  'Batta' born 1865

3  Dudu  İbrahım 'Öküz' born 1867   married Yusuf Dayı then Yusuf Mustafa

4  Fatma  İbrahım 'Öküz'   married Kara İsmail




MUSTAFA İBRAHIM ÖKÜZ  'Batta' born 1865 married

their children

1  İbrahım Mustafa 'Batta' from 1st wife Athanasia daughter of Kyriaco.

2  Heybetti  Mustafa  'Batta'  married Hasan  Arif  'Hostra'.



their children

1  Mustafa İbrahım 'Batta'

2  Nekbal İbrahim 'Batta'


MUSTAFA İBRAHIM  'Batta'  married

their children

1  İbrahım Mustafa Batar

2  Kemal Mustafa Batar


2nd son of MUSTAFA İBRAHIM 'Öküz' & DUDU ALİ

ALİ  MUSTAFA  ÖKÜZ born 1839 married DUDU İBRAHIM born 1849.They married in 1863. [5]

their children

1  İbrahım  Ali  Mustafa   Öküz born 1877

2  Veli Ali   Mustafa   Öküz born 1874  died young had no children  

3  Ayse  Ali  'Ayşeli'   Mustafa  Öküz born 1865 married Sefer 'Hacaro' and then Mustafa 'Götsa'

4  Hatice Ali    Mustafa  Öküz  1st wife of Osman Yusuf  'Gato' born 1887

5  Fatma  Ali   Mustafa  Öküz 'Tokala'      2nd wife of  Yusuf 'Muya'

6  Zehra Ali   Mustafa   Öküz  married   Veli Ramadan 'Lao'



their children

1  İbrahım Mustafa 'Dima'

2  Osman  Mustafa  'Dima'      

3  Mehmet   Mustafa  'Dima'        

4  Ayten  Mustafa  'Dima'        

5  Sevgi  Mustafa  'Dima'


İBRAHIM MUSTAFA  ( Özer)  'Dima' married

their children

1  Fatoş İbrahım Özer  'Dima'.  in the UK

2  Peri İbrahım Özer  'Dima'    in the UK

3  Gülin İbrahım Özer  'Dima'   in the UK



their children

1  Filiz Osman Özer  in the UK

2  Mustafa Osman Özer  in the UK



their children

1 Selda Mehmet Özer

2 Tijen Mehmet Özer.


YUSUF İBRAHIM 'Kile'  married

their children

1  Perihan Yusuf  'Kile'

2  Pertil Yusuf  'Kile'


ZEHRA  ALİ  MUSTAFA  'Öküz'  married VELİ RAMADAN 'Lao' (Zorno)

their children

1  Ramadan Veli 'Lao' (Cambulat)

2  Sefer Veli 'Lao'

3  Yusuf  Veli 'Lao' (Tayma)

4  Rebgeli  Veli 'Lao'  married İbrahım Mustafa 'Mulatta'

5  Ayşe Veli 'Lao' married  Emir-Ali  Veli 'Velona'

6  Dudu  Veli 'Lao'  married Veli 'Kundi's' 2nd wife




[1] How and when the name  'Öküz' (literally the Bull) was given to Mustafa is not certain. In an interview with Soner Karagözlü 'Mavromaddi' he claimed that Mustafa was so strong he used to carry large calf's on his shoulders. How he came across the information is not clear and no sources were given for his assumption. What is certain is that he is listed in the Ottoman census of 1879 as Öküz, which proves that this nickname is one of the oldest in Lurucina. Doc No;149-a-1 page 297 Ref; 5184.

[2] Ottoman census. Doc;149-a-1  page 297.

[3] Recordsof İbrahım Tahsildar are not too clear on this name. the Mustafa 'Öküz' family pages 202-203.

[4] Ottoman census. Doc;149-a-1  page 297

[5] Ottoman census 1879, Doc No; 149-a-1  page 297, ref, 5181.


Courtesy of Yusuf Ahmet

Fatma  Ali   Mustafa  Öküz 'Tokala'  who married  Yusuf Suleyman 'Muya'

Courtesy of Yusuf Ahmet

Fatma  Ali   Mustafa  Öküz 'Tokola' with some ofher children. Her husband was Yusuf Suleyman 'Muya'

Mustafa  İbrahım 'Öküz' 

Ottoman census. Doc;149-a-1  page 297.

Mustafa  İbrahım Öküz and his wife being old were living with their son Ali at the time of the 1878-79 census, but as they had a plot of land registered in their name it's very likely they had a separate room. It was common for parents to offer a plot of land in their gardens to build a new home while keeping a small home for themselves, in return younger members looked after their parents in old age

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Veli Ramadan Cambulat

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