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The Tari, Ftiri & Balligari, form part of this family group

MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Soitari' was the ancestor of the 'Tari', 'Tangudi' and 'Balligari families. Tari  is just a shortened version of Soitari.


MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Soitari'. [1]

their children

1  Mehmet Mustafa 'Ftiri' born 1844 married  Dudu Osman born 1846 they married in 1861. [2]

2  Pembe  Mustafa  'Ftiri'    married Emir-Ali Osman


MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Ftiri' born 1844 married DUDU OSMAN born 1846  they married in 1861

their children

1  Mustafa Mehmet 'Tari' 1862

2  Osman  Mehmet 'Otangudi' born 1872

3  Murat  Mehmet  'Tari'  born 1871  had no children

4  Emine  Mehmet 'Tari'   married Osman  'Ottami'

5  Dudu  Mehmet 'Tari'   married İsmail  'Glavyalı'

6  Ayşe  Mehmet 'Tari'  born 1863


MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Tari' 'Ftiri' born 1862 married

their children

1  Murat Mustafa 'Tari' born 1891 died as an infant. [3]

2  Murat Mustafa

3  Mehmet  Mustafa  'Tari' born 11.08.1890 died young  (6-7) had no children

4  Osman  Mustafa  'Tari'   married  Rahme Mustafa 'Lurto' 'Rahmeli'

5  Zalihe  Mustafa  'Tari'  1st wife of Ali 'Kali' later moved to Tuzla. [4]

6  Hayriye Mustafa 'Tari'   married İbrahım Azgın

7  Mehmet Mustafa 'Tari'. [5]


MURAT MUSTAFA 'Tari' married

their children

1  Mustafa Murat 'Tari' marriied Dilber ''Kelle'' children Mesut, Ayla Aycan

2  Mehmet  Murat  'Tari'  Teyker, children Deniz, Perihan, Erol, Suzanne , Selma, Adem. from 2nd wife. Hasan  

3  Şerife  Murat  'Tari'   married Süleyman 'Kelleci' Kemal, Sidiga, Fatma, Murat, Hasan.

4  Dudu  Murat  married to Ibrahim Zizziro, Gulen, Fatma, Hasan, Erkin

5  Beyhan 'Tari'  married   İsmail Nasib


MUSTAFA MURAT 'Tari' married

their children

1  Mesut Mustafa 'Tari'  in the UK

2  Aydın  Mustafa  'Tari'  in the UK

3  Aylan  Mustafa  'Tari'  in the UK


MEHMET MURAT 'Tari' married

their children

1  Adem Mehmet  'Tari'

2  Erol Mehmet 'Tari'

3  Deniz Mehmet 'Tari'

4  Suzan Mehmet  'Tari'

5  Perihan Mehmet  'Tari'

6  Hasan Mehmet 'Tari'


OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Tari' married RAHME MUSTAFA 'Lurto' 'Rahmeli'. [6]

their children

1  Mustafa Osman 'Musti' 'Tari'  married Emine 'Kiduri' (Emin-Dudu)

2  Yusuf  Osman   'Bizzimbi' married Ayse 'Kiduri'.

3  Emin-Dudu  Osman    married Mehmet Ali 'Kali'


MUSTAFA OSMAN 'Musti' married Emine 'Kiduri' (Emin-Dudu)

their children

1  Osman  Mustafa 'Tari'  married Alsev Nasib in the UK

2  Leyla Mustafa 'Tari' in the UK


OSMAN YUSUF TARİ 'Ozzie'  married ALSEV NASİB. [7]

their children

1   Yusuf Osman Tari

2   Mustafa Osman Tari his children Osman & Leyla

3   Emine  Tari


YUSUF OSMAN  'Bizzimbi' married Ayşe  'Kiduri'. [8]

Their children

1  Rahme Yusuf   married  Seval Ahmet Seydali 'Sasseti'  

2  Osman  Yusuf   'Ozzie'


RAHME YUSUF 'Bizzimbi' married SEVAL AHMET  SEYDALİ 'Sasseti'

their children

1 Ayşe Ahmet (now Özkolacı) her children a boy Ediz & daughter Beliz

2 Satir Ahmet



OSMAN MEHMET 'Otangudi'  born 1872 married

their children

1  Mehmet Osman 'Balligari' 27.12.1911-1963, [9] married Emine Süleyman (Gato)

2  Dudu  Osman  'Balligari'    wife of Bekir Osman 'İkiz' (twin)

3  Emine  Osman  'Balligari'   married İsmail 'Şufta'

4  Seniha  Osman  'Balligari'  married Yusuf Nafi                    


MEHMET OSMAN 'Balligari'  'Otangudi' born  1911-27.12.1963, [10] married EMİNE MEHMET

their children

1  Osman Mehmet 'Balligari'

2  Sultan  Mehmet  'Balligari'   had no children              

3  Türkan  Mehmet  'Balligari'   married Necat İsmail 'Fesa'

4  Melek  Mehmet   'Balligari'   married Erdoğan Yusuf 'Tsali'

5  Katriye  Mehmet  'Balligari'  married İsmail 'Zornaci'


OSMAN   MEHMET (Pehlivan)

their children

1  Mehmet Osman  (Pehlivan) his children Osman Mehmet Pehlivan

2  Hacer Osman  (Pehlivan)

3  Emine Osman  (Pehlivan)




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Mustafa Mehmet 'Soitari'

Osman Tari, & Alsev Tari (Nasib)

From the archives of Mehmet Carman 'Carta' 15

Yusuf  Osman  'Bizzimbi' (Tari) centre

Courtesy of Mehmet Murat 'Carta'

from the archives of Mehmet Carman 25

Osman  Mustafa  'Tari'   married  Rahme Mustafa 'Lurto' 'Rahmeli'

Courtesy of Mehmet Murat 'Carta'


Otoman census 1879, 165-a-3 page 329, Ref;  5761.

This family seemed extremely poor compared to many families of the village. Mustafa oglu Mehmet was in fact a tenant. The word ''Soytari/Soitari'' actually means clowns which may indicate that his father (check start of family tree) was either a simple person which were often berated in those days or did clowning and acting as a profession, as no record of his job type is recorded we can only speculate. One thing that is certain however is that he died young at 35 years of age, leaving 6 children of which the oldest was Mustafa at aged only 17 in 1879. How his wife Dudu and her six children survived under such terrible circumstances can only be guessed at.