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The Buttari, & Gato's, belong to this family group.

Yusuf Mustafa was recorded in the 1831 census, unfortunately being past military age his age was not given. His oldest son  Mustafa as can be seen was a Sipahi. This means he belonged to a cavalry unit of the Ottoman army. For description of Sipahi's see the Home page introduction.

This family came from the village of Pirga and were Arabic in origin.


Yusuf Mustafa 'Kırlangiç' 'Şiliono' [1]

His children.

1  Mustafa Yusuf    'Şiliono'  born 1796, Sipahi [2].

2  Hasan Yusuf  'Arab'  born 1800 ( or 1818-19) [3]. 1st wife Şerife Yusuf Karaoli they married in 1839 (daughter of Yusuf İbrahım 'Garaoli). 2nd Şerife İbrahım 'Paça' born 1829 they married in 1845

3  Seid Ali Yusuf  'Ahha'  born 1810 married Dudu Osman born 1819

4  Osman Yusuf  'Damba' born 1798 married Hanim Mustafa born in 1800. They married in 1820

5  Ayşe Yusuf  'Şilioni' born 1819 married Mehmet Kavaz born 1810 they married in 1839 [4].

6  Şerife Yusuf   'Şilioni' married Ramadan  Musurda 'Yakula' .


MUSTAFA YUSUF   'Şiliono'  born 1796 married

their children

1  Osman Mustafa  'Buttari' born 1828-29

2  Mehmet Mustafa  born 1830 died young.

3  İbrahım Mustafa  'Balavos'

4  Çıplak  Mustafa   'Ditsiros'

5  Hatigura Mustafa    went to live in the village of Bodamya

6  Dudu Mustafa   married Kumani  moved to Bodamya

7  Fatma Mustafa  died before getting married

8  Mehmet Mustafa  born 1830 died young.


OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Buttari' born 1829 married HATICE YUSUF born in 1839. They married in 1854 [5] .

their children

1  Yusuf Osman  'Buttari' born in 1856

2  Bairam Osman  'Buttari' born in 1860

3  Ayşe Osman 'Buttari' born in 1854 married  Yusuf 'Musgo'

4  Dudu  Osman  'Buttari'  born in 1859 married   Osman 'Ordangele'

5  Rahme Osman  'Buttari' born in 1863

6  Emine Osman  'Buttari' born in 1863  married   Yusuf  'Onbaşı'


YUSUF OSMAN 'Buttari'  born 1862 (1897 census) Yusuf's year of birth is recorded as (1856 in the 1879 census. See footnote (5)

their children

1  Osman Yusuf  'Gato' born 1887 married Hatice Ali Mustafa 'Öküz' [6]. (1st wife)

2  Süleyman Yusuf  'Gato' 1894

3  Hatice Yusuf  'Gato'    married   Ramadan 'Şarvutti'

4  Razgeli Yusuf  'Gato'  married    Ömer  'Bodiri'


OSMAN YUSUF 'Gato' born 1887 married married HATICE ALI  MUSTAFA 'Öküz' (1st wife)

their children

1  Hüseyin Osman  'Gato' born 1916 married Emine born 1917

2  İbrahım Osman   'Gato' married Fatma Bekir 'Kelle'.

3  Yusuf Osman  'Gato - Sguluga'  married Emine Mustafa  'Taogori'  born 04.02.1930

4  Sadiye Osman  'Gato'  born 1930  married  Mustafa Veli  'Kirlapo’


HÜSEYİN OSMAN  'Gato' born 1916 married EMİNE born 1917

their children

1  Raziye Hüseyin  'Gato   married  Osman  'Abeydo''

2  Feriha Hüseyin  'Gato'   married  Hasan 'Baflı'

3  Müyesser Hüseyin  'Gato'  married  Hüseyin 'İskeleli'

4  Selma Hüseyin  'Gato'    married  Suleyman  Özmındık 'Mindık berber'

5  Netice Hüseyin  'Gato'   married  Süleyman 'Gaşano'

6  Nevzat Hüseyin  'Gato'   married Vicdan



their children

1  Deniz Nevzat  'Gato' married Cem Oğuz. Their children, Sena, Dilan & Zara

2  Şeniz Nevzat  'Gato'  married Nicholas Gregory their children Amira & Zara

3  Yeliz Nevzat   'Gato'




İBRAHIM OSMAN  'Gato' 1 Fatma Bekir 'Kelle'.

their children

1  Oral İbrahım    'Gato' (Camoka)  married Pervin Mehmet Kadir (Daughter of 'Gadiri'

2  Orhan İbrahım  'Gato' married Sabahat Mehmet Songur

3  Ertan İbrahım   'Gato'  (Özerginli)  married Fatma Ibrahım  'Babutsaci' (İbrahim Serif Ali) from Ayanna village.

4  Ersen İbrahım  'Gato'  married Salahettin Ali Demir from Turkey.

5  Alper İbrahım   'Gato'


ORAL İBRAHIM OSMAN  'Gato' (Camoka) married PERVİN  ( Daughter of 'Gadiri' )

their children

1  Yiğit Oral  'Gato'  not married

2  Fatma Oral  'Gato'

3  Zalihe Oral   'Gato'

4  Günay Oral  'Gato'  married Ramadan Karaöz 'Garaşmayli' (now divorced)



their children

1  Mehmet Orhan   'Gato'

2  Yusuf Orhan    'Gato'

3  İbrahım Orhan  'Gato'

4  Fatma Orhan  'Gato'

5  Emine Orhan  'Gato'


ERTAN İBRAHIM OSMAN 'Gato'(Özerginli) born1955 married FATMA İBRAHIM ŞERİF ALİ

their children

1  İbrahim Ertan  'Gato' (Özerginli) married Behiye from Akçay (Argaca) village

2  Uğur Ertan  'Gato' (Özerginli)

3  Gözde Ertan  'Gato' (Özerginli) engaged to İsmail Özyol (at time of print)


İBRAHIM ERTAN 'Gato' (Özerginli) married BEHIYE from Akçay (Argaca) village

their children

1 Ertan İbrahim 'Gato' (Özel Özerginli)

2 Ozel  İbrahim 'Gato' (Özerginli)



their children

1  Fatma Saladettin Demir

2  Devrim Saladettin Demir

3  Damla Saladettin Demir

4  İbrahim Saladettin Demir


ALPER İBRAHIM  'Gato' born 1963 married

their children

1  Dilek Alper   'Gato'  married  Zafer Çardak (Kemal Hilmi) in the UK

2  Derya Alper  'Gato'   in the UK

3  Feliz Alper   'Gato'   in the UK

4  Osman Alper  'Gato'   in the UK


YUSUF OSMAN 'Gato' 'Sguluga' married  EMİNE MUSTAFA 'Taogori' born 04.02.1930

their children

1  Osman Yusuf Osman 'Gato'

2  Aysel  Yusuf Osman 'Gato'

3  Mustafa Yusuf Osman 'Gato' died very young in an accident




their children

1  Yusuf Süleyman   'Gato'   married  Razgeli  Hüseyin 'Riala'

2  Sultan Süleyman  'Gato' (Dündar)

3  Emine Süleyman  'Gato'  married Mehmet 'Otangudi'


All in the UK

SULTAN SÜLEYMAN 'Gato,Sultano' (Dündar) married KATRIYE MUSTAFA Lurto/Gadina'

their children

1  Zeren   married Yusuf 'Kücüki' their children, Derya & Hüssein.

2  Süleyman  married Hansel İbrahim their children Şerife & Ersoy

3  Yusuf   married Şengul Süleyman 'Misigigo' their children Selten, Serken, Filiz & Mehmet  

4  Fatih  married  Serap Hüseyin

5  Alkan                                      children Arife, Doğan & Erdem

6  Ümit   married Keziban Bekir Demirci 'Gutsoveli'  their children Beriya & Altan


EMİNE  SÜLEYMAN  'Gato' married MEHMET 'Otangudi'



BAİRAM OSMAN 'Buttari' born in 1860 married EMINE

their children

1  Osman Bairam  'Buttari' born  1889

2  Hüdaverdi  Bairam  'Buttari' 1892

3  Dudu Bairam  'Buttari'

4  Yusuf Bairam  'Buttari' 1896 was hanged on 20 Nov 1924 for the murder of a priest

5  Mustafa Bairam  'Buttari'  was hanged on 20 Nov 1924 for the murder of a priest [7].


OSMAN BAİRAM 'Burundi'  born 1889-1960 married  ŞERİFE BEKIR KAVAZ

their children

1  Bekir Osman Bairam 'Bihigo'

2  Pembe Osman Bairam  'Burundi'   married Osman 'Gutsugudi' ( Karaböcek)

3  Emine   Osman  Bairam  'Burundi'  married İzzet Mustafa 'Musgo'


BEKİR OSMAN 'Bihigo' 'Burundi' born 1924 married  AYŞE RAMADAN 'Götsa' [8].

their children

1  Yusuf  Bekir (born September 1947) married Zehra Hasan. their children Tacam, Ayşen, Lütfiye, Fisun, Figen

2  Osman  Bekir (born 17.12.1949) married Duysal Ibrahim ''Bodiri''. 2nd wife Niculina Pribeanu (from Romania) children İbrahım (from 1st wife). Ayşa (from Niculina)

3  Şengül  Salahi  (born 1954) (from Ayşe's 2nd marriage) married Alpay Paşa, their children, Selay & Sevil

4  Dervişe Salahi  (born April 1956) (from Ayşe's 2nd marriage) married Samed Tunalı. their children, Ayşe & Salahi

5  Ramadan Salahi  (born 1963)  (from Ayşe's 2nd marriage) married Rüya their children, Salahi


HÜDAVERDİ BAİRAM born 1892 married

their children

1  Kemal  Hüdaverdi  (Hüdasoy)  married Duran 'Bedasi'

2  Yusuf  Hüdaverdi married Katriye Murat 'Deliyo' (Yakula)

3  Mediha Hüdaverdi  married Mustafa 'Kamalo'


KEMAL HÜDAVERDİ  (HÜDASOY)  married married DURAN 'Bedasi' [9].

their children

1  Emine Kemal Hüdaverdi   (Hüdasoy) born 1955 not married

2  Ayhan Kemal Hüdaverdi   (Hüdasoy) born 1956  in the UK

3  Raziye Kemal Hüdaverdi   (Hüdasoy) born 1957  not married

4  Ayten Kemal Hüdaverdi  (Hüdasoy)  married Yusuf 'Bodiri' in the UK

5  Yıltan Kemal Hüdaverdi  (Hüdasoy) born 1961 married Bahire in Değirmenlik

6  Kiymet Kemal Hüdaverdi  (Hüdasoy) married Ismail  'Karaböcek' 'Gutsugudi' in Nicosia/Lefkoşa

7  Filiz Kemal Hüdaverdi   (Hüdasoy) married Hasan  'Karaböcek' 'Gutsugudi' in the UK


in the UK


their children

1  Turan Ayhan Hüdaverdi

2  Enver  Ayhan Hüdaverdi

3  Yasmin Ayhan Hüdaverdi


in the UK


their children

1  Atkin Yusuf

2  Deniz Yusuf


in Değirmenlik


their children

1 Kemal Yıltan Hüdaverdi born 1991

2 Başak Yıltan Hüdaverdi born 1992


in Nicosia/Lefkoşa


their children

1  İrem İsmail 'Karaböcek' 'Gutsugudi' born 1994

2  Ekin  İsmail  'Karaböcek' 'Gutsugudi'


in the UK


their children



their children

1   Özcan Yusuf Hüdaverdi  migrated to the UK has a child named Kelly

2   Rengin Yusuf Hüdaverdi   migrated to the UK

3   Hüda Yusuf Hüdaverdi married Suzan migrated to the UK



their children

1 Şeniz Hüda Yusuf Hüdaverdi

2 Şenol Hüda Yusuf Hüdaverdi. his children Holly & Cloe





[1] Records of İbrahim Tahsildar pages 86-103 Yusuf Mustafa 'Şilioni' family. Though recorded on the 1831 census his age was not recorded. Being past military age  many senior Muslims ages were not always recorded. The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 39.

[2] The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 43. For description of Sipahi see the ''1831 census page'' .

[3] There is an incredible difference in the age recorded of Hasan in 1831 which records him as 13 years of age. This meant he was born in 1818. The T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 40. The census of 1879 however records him as being born in 1800 Ottoman census 1879. Doc No : 158-a-2 (315). As the 1831 records are closer to the period I'm of the opinion that it is a more accurate record of his age.

[4] Ottoman census 1879 Doc No;158-a-2 page 315 & Doc No;160-a3 page 319.

[5] Ottoman census 1879 Doc No;158-a-2 page 315 & Doc No;160-a3 page 319. For description of Sipahi read the page ''Our origins''.

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[7] Akıncılar (Lurucina) Türklerin Yüzyıllık Varoluş Mücadelesi By Hasan Yücelen 'Mudaho'

[8] Details of dates and names in an interview with Osman Bekir 'Bihigo'.

[9] Details of dates and names in an interview with Veli Cufoglu


The photos on this page have been shared by courtesy of  the following individuals


Nevzat Hussein

Osman Bekir 'Bihigo'

Süleyman Sultan 'Gato'


Huseyin 'Gato', Emine & Emine 'Geleo' Nevzat & Vicdan Hussein

Nevzat & Vijdan Hüssein

Nevzat Hussein & Tuan. Courtesy of Nevzat

Nevzat Hüssein & Tuan

Nevzat Hussein getting registered

Nevzat Hüssein & Vijdan Hüssein getting registered

Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' and his father Bekir Osman Bairam 'Bihigo'

Mustafa Yusuf 'Şiliono'.

From the archives of Mehmet Carman 'Carta' 11

Osman Bekir 'Bihigo'

on right Osman Bekir 'Bihigo'

Osman Bekir 'Bihigo'

On the left Osman Bekir 'Bihigo'

Süleyman Sultan 'Gato'

Süleyman Sultan 'Gato' & Hansel İbrahim

Süleyman Sultan 'Gato'

Hansel İbrahim

Centre Yusuf  Osman 'Bizzimbi' and Yusuf Osman 'Sguluga

left Ali Civciv,  On right Fikri Karayeli's son. 2nd right Mulla 'Ingiliz's' son  

Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' with Duysal Ibrahim 'Bodiri'.&  İbrahım

İbrahim Hasan gereko

Ilhan Umutlu

Pembe Kavaz, Dervise Cangi, Şerife Gereko and Emine Cangi

Şerife and İbrahım Hasan Gereko with daughter Hansel and son Hasan


2nd left Süleyman Sultan Gato

Suleyman Sultan 1 Suleyman Sultan 14 Suleyman Sultan 32 Suleyman Sultan 4 Suleyman Sultan 6 Suleyman Sultan 5 Suleyman Sultan 31 Suleyman Sultan 18 Suleyman Sultan 2 Suleyman Sultan 8 315-2

Ottoman census 1879 Doc No;158-a-2 page 315

Ottoman census 1879. Doc No;160-a3 page 319.

319-3 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 11 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 13 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 15 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 12 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 16 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 20 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 17 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 19 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 21 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 25 Osman Bekir 'Bihigo' 3 Suleyman Sultan 16

Süleyman Sultan Gato

Hüseyin Gatto, & his wife Emine Gatto ve Emine Geleo (Golyarga)