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The Birini, Musko, Susi, Bodiri & Karayi form part of this family group.

MUSTAFA 'Birini' was the ancestor of the families known as the Musko's, Bodiri, and Karayi. Some of the information was hard to read so if any mistakes have been made they will hopefully be corrected by the family members of this tree.


The Ottoman archives register this family as Birinci. [1]



his children

1  Ömer Mustafa 'Vrango'.'Birini'  born in 1815 married Ayşe Yusuf born 1829 they married in  1842

2  Osman  Mustafa  'Mani' born 1835 married Şerife Yusuf born 1839 they married in 1860

3  Hüseyin  Mustafa    'Gidanno' born 1829  married Emine Hüseyin born 1845 they married in 1862

4  Yasemin   Mustafa  'Yasenu'     married Mustafa 'Badado'

5  Emine  Mustafa  'Birini'

6  Yusuf Mustafa 'Birini' [2] died young .


ÖMER MUSTAFA  'Vrango'  'Birini'  born in 1815 married AYŞE YUSUF born 1829 they married in  1842. [3]

their children

1  Mustafa Ömer 'Birini, Vrango' born 1845

2  Yusuf   Ömer  'Birini'  (Musko) born 1848

3  İbrahım  Ömer 'Birini'   (Bodiri) born 1850

4  Dudu   Ömer     'Birini'  born 1856   married İbrahım 'Kuvara'

5  Hanım Ömer (Hanumi) 'Birini' born 1861   2nd wife of Mustafa 'Zavli'

6  Emine   Ömer  'Birini' born 1863   1st wife of Ramadan Hüseyin  'Tsuro'

7  Hatem  Ömer    'Birini'   2nd wife of İbrahım 'Gukudi'


MUSTAFA ÖMER 'Birini' born 1845  married

their children

1  Adopted a child from Tuzla named Sittiga? then turned her over to Yusuf 'kihhi'?? [4]

the writing  on the above was difficult to read.


YUSUF ÖMER  'Musko' 'Birini'  born 1848 married

their children

1  Ömer Yusuf  'Musko'born 1874

2  Osman  Yusuf  'Musko'  born 1884

3  Mustafa (Muzaffer) Yusuf  'Musko' born 1897. [5]

4  İbrahım  Yusuf  'Musko'  born 27.01.1893.

5  Emine   Yusuf 'Musko'   married Süleyman 'Semani'

6  Hanım  Yusuf  'Musko'   married Anastasis and changed her name to Athanasiya. [6]

the writing on Hanim was hard to read


ÖMER YUSUF 'Musko' born 1874 married

their children

1  Yusuf Omer 'Musko' born 15.09.1904.

2  İbrahım  Osman 'Musko'


YUSUF ÖMER 'Musko'  born 15.04.1904 married

their children

1  Cevat  Yusuf  'Musko' in the UK

2  Hasan  Yusuf  'Musko'  in the UK.    


CEVAT ÖMER 'Musko'. [7]

their children



İBRAHIM ÖMER 'Musko' married

their children

1  Birayet?  İbrahım 'Musko'  married Hasan Tuna

2  Sevgi   İbrahım  'Musko'    married  İsmail Rifat      

3  Duyal  İbrahım  'Musko'    married   Armağan Yakula    

4  Jale   İbrahım  'Musko'    married  someone from Glavya    

5  Ayşe   İbrahım  'Musko'   married   Üstün      

6  Özsun  İbrahım  'Musko'    married   children



his children

1  Bilkan Özsun  Musko


OSMAN YUSUF born 1884  'Musko' married

their children

1  Yusuf Osman 'Musko'

2  Ayşe   Osman  'Musko'  married Osman Bekir Kavaz

3  Hatem  Osman  'Musko'  married Cemil 'Kufi'


YUSUF OSMAN 'Musko'  ( Vural) married

their children

1  Osman Yusuf  Vural

2  Önder Yusuf  Vural

3  Önel Yusuf  Vural    married  Bayram Cemal

5  Fatma Yusuf Vural   married  Sezan Dilsiz

6  Serap Yusuf Vural   married  Yorgozlu Yılmaz


OSMAN YUSUF (Vural). 'Musko' married

their children

1 Yusuf Osman 'Musko'

2 Kemal Osman  'Musko'



his children

1  Şerife Önder Vural 'Musko'

2  Çağla Önder Vural 'Musko'


ÖNEL YUSUF  (Vural ) 'Musko'   married

their children

1  Şerife Önel Vural 'Musko'

2  Gülten Önel Vural  'Musko'


MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Musko' married

their children

1  İzzet Mustafa 'Musko'

2  Rebia  Mustafa   'Musko'   married Halil 'Mustafuri'

3  Şevket  Mustafa  'Musko'  


İZZET MUSTAFA 'Musko'  born 1914 married  EMİNE OSMAN BAYRAM 'Burundi'. [8]

their children

1  Mustafa İzzet married to Jale Nur Mustafa 'Cakir'  from Gazi koy village

2  Fatma  İzzet      moved to Nicosia

3  Özgül  İzzet  married   Mehmet Ali Kara İsmail 'Tikiri'

4  Osman  İzzet

5  Şermin İzzet


İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Musko' born 27.01,1893, married 1st NAİLE İBRAHIM 'Sagalli'. 2nd wife ARZU YUSUF Üçokka ,  3rd wife KEZİBAN.

their children

1  Ayşe İbrahım  from İbrahım's 1st wife Naile İbrahım

2  Yusuf İbrahım    from İbrahım's 2nd wife Arzu Yusuf Üçokka

3  Ömer   İbrahım  from İbrahım's 2nd wife Arzu Yusuf Üçokka                                      

4  Cemal  İbrahım  from İbrahım's 2nd wife Arzu Yusuf Üçokka                              

5  Kemal  İbrahım  from İbrahım's 2nd wife Arzu Yusuf Üçokka                                        

6  Neşet  İbrahım   from Ibrahım's from his 3rd wife Keziban from Köfünye village.


YUSUF İBRAHIM 'Musko' married

their children

1  İbrahım Yusuf İbrahım

2  Soner  Yusuf  İbrahım      

3  Sunay  Yusuf  İbrahım    married Ali İsmail  from Bodamya  

4  Ayten  Yusuf   İbrahım   married Mustafa Cemal a teacher from Arodez village

5  Sulh  Yusuf  İbrahım


İBRAHIM YUSUF  'Musko' 'Susi'

his children

1  Polat İbrahım 'Susi'


SONER YUSUF 'Musko' 'Susi'

his children

1  Keziban Soner Susi

2  Savaş Soner Susi



1  Hasret Sulh Susi. in the UK


ÖMER İBRAHIM Güvensoylu 'Musko' married

their children

1  Hüseyin Ömer 'Usta' Güvensoylu

2  İbrahım  Ömer   Güvensoylu      

3  Özer Ömer Güvensoylu



their children

1  Tahir Hüseyin Güvensoylu

2  Ömer Hüseyin Güvensoylu

3  Rengül Hüseyin Güvensoylu  married Ramadan Özdoğaç



their children

1  Hüseyin Tahır Güvensoylu

2  Mehmet Tahir Güvensoylu


ÖMER HÜSEYİN  Güvensoylu

their children

1  Asena Ömer Güvensoylu

2  Şenay Ömer Güvensoylu



their children

1. Ömer İbrahım Güvensoylu  In the UK

2. Özel İbrahım Güvensoylu     In the UK

3. Leyla İbrahım Güvensylu     In the UK

4. Rebia İbrahım Güvensoylu   In the UK

5. Zeki İbrahım Güvensoylu     In the UK

6. Cengiz İbrahım Güvensoylu  In the UK


ÖZER ÖMER Güvensoylu Evlatları

their children

1. Cin Özer Güvensoylu in the UK

2. Meliha Özer Güvensoylu  in the UK



their children

1.  Şermin Cemal Musko in the UK



their children

1. Seyfettin Kemal Musko in the UK

2. Arzu Kemal Musko    in the UK    

3. Şermin Kemal Musko  in the UK  

4. Hasan Kemal Musko  in the UK  

5. Günay Kemal Musko  in the UK


NEŞET İBRAHIM 'Musko' married

their children

1  Hülya Neset

2  Hilal  Neset


İBRAHIM ÖMER 'Bodiri' born 1850 married

their children

1  Ömer İbrahım 'Bodiri'   born 1887  tragically he fell from the 2nd floor stairs and died. [9]

2  İsmail  İbrahım  'Bodiri'  born  05.05.1892 married  Leyla Ahmet Hacaro    

3  Yusuf  İbrahım  'Bodiri'   born 1895      

4  Hatem  İbrahım  'Bodiri'  2nd wife of Yusuf 'İtelli'      

5  Hanım  İbrahım   'Bodiri'    married İbrahım Deniz?

6  Dudu  İbrahım  'Bodiri'    2nd wife of Arifo


ÖMER İBRAHIM 'Bodiri'  born  1887 married

their children

1  Süleyman Ömer 'Bodiri'

2  Sadiye Ömer 'Bodiri' married Ali Mustafa 'Manna'


SÜLEYMAN ÖMER 'Bodiri' married

their children

1. Ömer Suleyman Bodiri in the UK

2. Raziye Süleyman Bodiri

3. Çinar Suleyman Bodiri

4. Çiler Suleyman Bodiri

5. Ömür Suleyman Bodiri In the UK


İSMAIL İBRAHIM Bodiri 'Bodurhan'. Born 05.05.1892

their children

1.İbrahım İsmail Bodiri 'Bodurhan'


İBRAHIM İSMAIL  Bodiri  'Bodurhan'

their children

1. Şeref İbrahım   Bodurhan

2. İsmail İbrahım Bodurhan

3. Ceylan İbrahım Bodurhan

4. Gökay İbrahım Bodurhan

5. Güldal İbrahım Bodurhan married  Savaş Özgöçmen



their children

1. Mehmet Şeref Bodurhan

2. Ayça Şeref Bodurhan



their children

1. Nahide İsmail Bodurhan

2. Leyla İsmail Bodurhan

3. Raziye İsmail Bodurhan


YUSUF İBRAHIM Bodiri  born 1895.

their children

1. İbrahım Yusuf Bodiri

2. Kemal Yusuf Bodiri

3. Emine Yusuf Bodiri  married Mustafa S. Çarta

4. Fatma Yusuf Bodiri


İSMAIL İBRAHIM 'Bodiri'  married LEYLA AHMET 'Bodiri'

their children

1  İbrahım İsmail 'Bodiri'  (Bodurhan). [10]

2  Nahide İsmail 'Bodiri' (Bodurhan)

3  Leyla İsmail 'Bodiri' (Bodurhan)

4  Raziye İsmail 'Bodiri' (Bodurhan)


YUSUF İBRAHIM 'Bodiri' married

their children

1  İbrahım Yusuf 'Bodiri'

2  Kemal  Yusuf   'Bodiri'      

3  Emine  Yusuf   'Bodiri'  married Mustafa ’Çarta'

4  Fatma  Yusuf   'Bodiri'  married Mustafa Mandayi


İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Bodiri' married

their children

1  Duysal İbrahım ' Bodiri' married Osman Bekir Bayram 'Bihigo' (Burundi)

2  Hergül  İbrahım 'Bodiri' married Osman Hüseyin.

3  Yusuf  İbrahım     'Bodiri'

4  Orhan  İbrahım   'Bodiri'


KEMAL YUSUF 'Bodiri' married

their children



OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Mani' was the 2nd son of MUSTAFA 'Birini'


OSMAN  MUSTAFA 'Mani' 'Birini' born 1835 married Şerife  born 1839 they married in 1860. [11]

their children

1  Yusuf Mani born 1877.

2  Emine  Mani born 1862 1st wife of Süleyman 'Geleo'


YUSUF MANİ 'Birini'  born 1877  married

their children

1  Osman Yusuf  Mani born 25.05.1899.  from Yusuf's 1st wife who was the daughter of 'Kusuni 'kihhi'??

2  Mehmet  Yusuf  born 1902,  had no children

3  Şerife  Yusuf      married Hasan 'Muraci'

4  Recep  Yusuf    from Yusuf's 2nd wife Gülsün...? from Tuzla

5  Fatma  Yusuf     married Veli 'Usta'

6  Ayşe  Yusuf     married İbrahım 'Tozi'

7  Rahme Yusuf   married Hüseyin 'Mavri?

8  Emine  Yusuf    married Hüseyin Koca-İsmail


OSMAN YUSUF 'Birini'  married

their children

1  Salahi Osman   'Birini'

2  Yusuf  Osman   'Birini'

3  Şerife  Osman    'Birini'  married Yusuf Osman 'Musko'


SALAHİ OSMAN  'Mani' 'Birini'  married

their children

1  Fatma Salahi 'Birini'  married  Osman İsmail 'Çuffoğlu'

2  Emir-Ali  Salahi  'Birini'


EMİRALİ-ALİ SALAHİ   'Birini' married

their children

1  Sami Emirali Salahi. 'Birini'   in the UK

2  Ceylan Emirali Salahi 'Birini' in the UK


YUSUF OSMAN  'Birini' 'Mani' married

their children

1  Osman Yusuf  'Birini'

2  Onur Yusuf  'Birini'

3  Oya Yusuf   'Birini'



his children

1  Devin Onur 'Birini'


RECEB YUSUF  'Mani' married SULTAN from Paphos  [12] moved to Nicosia, became a policeman.

his children

1  Güner Receb  Çakın.  married Eren Çakın

2  Yurdanur Receb  Çakın  married Turhan Öztürk

3  Ünsay Receb  Cakın  not married

4  Şenel Receb  Çakın

5  Özay Receb Çakın



their children

1  Gürhan Çakın

2  Selhan Çakın

3  Didem Çakın



their children

1  Tijen Öztürk

2  Tümer Öztürk

3  Tümay Öztürk


ÜNSAY RECEB ÇAKIN  not married



their children

1  Kaan Taşer

2  Şebnem Taşer



their children

1  Barkın Alaçam

2  Burak Alaçam


MEHMET YUSUF   'Mani' had no children



HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Gidanno' was the 3rd son of MUSTAFA 'Birini'


HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Gidanno' born 1829  married EMİNE HÜSEYİN born 1845 they married in 1862. [13]

their children

1  Mustafa (Osman) Hüseyin   'Gidanno'  born 1863 had no children

2  İsmail Hüseyin 'Karayi' born 1865

3  Osman Hüseyin died young had no children


İSMAIL HÜSEYİN 'Karayi' born 1865 married

their children

1  Osman İsmail 'Karayi' murdered Zaptiyeh (policeman) İbrahım in 1915 on his release in 1928 he migrated to Antalya Turkey had no children. [14]

2  Hüseyin İsmaıl 'Karayi'

3  Yusuf   İsmaıl 'Karayi'        

4  Emine   İsmaıl  'Karayi'  married Mehmet 'Kelle'


HÜSEYİN İSMAIL 'Karayi' married

their children

1  Mustafa Hüseyin 'Karayi' in the UK

2  Şerife  Hüseyin  'Karayi'    married İsmail Hasan 'Gunduro'  in the UK

3  İsmail  Hüseyin  'Karayi'   in the UK      

4  Ayşe  Hüseyin 'Karayi'  in the UK


YUSUF İSMAIL 'Karayi' moved to Limassol




[1] Ottoman census Doc 150-a-3  page 299. Ref No; 5241

[2] Yusuf Mustafa has not been found on any other record other than the 1831 census records of the T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 31. My conclusion is that he must have died young.

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Mustafa Ömer 'Birini'

1964-5 courtesy of Benny Rasmussen 19

Random photos of Lurucina

38 Courtesy of Hasan Gazi A11 Courtesy of Mehmet Carman 'Carta' A38 Courtesy of Huseyin Nazim El Bakayi A49 Courtesy of Nazim El Bakayi AA10 Courtesy of Hatice Elmastas 'Kerlo' Zalihe & Osman Musko, with Serife standing

Zalihe & Osman Musko with Şerife standing

Ottoman census 1879 Doc;150-a-3 page 299. Ref No's; 5245 & 5246


The Birini originally recorded as ''Birinci'' were an immensly large property owning family. The different plot number of the 2 Birinci families alone amount to 80 seperate plots.


In the Melhuzat (disclosure) section it also records that the census officer, recorded Osman Mustafa's (born 1835) army discharge papers of 3rd August 1864

299-3 Eren Ismail Nasip 13 Ibrahim Nasipler 1 Ibrahim Nasipler 2 Ibrahim Nasipler 23 Suleyman Sultan 43 Lurucinaliyik 99

Tahir Hüseyin Ömer (Güvensoylu), oğlu ve Hasan Gökşan.

(Fotoğraf: Artun Lurucinalı - 26 Nisan 2003, Akdoğan)

Raziye Kocaismail 20 Raziye Kocaismail 4

Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail

Courtesy of Raziye Kocaismail

Lurucinaliyik 686

MUSKO AİLESİ: Baba Musko (O Muskos du Baba) ve eşi Babagya, torunları Osman Musko ve yıkılan duvar altında kalarak can veren Özel Musko. (Bu fotoğraf tahminen 1950’li yılların başında çekildi.

Photo courtesy of the facebook group Lurucinaliyik