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The Paça, Üçokka, Gondoz, Minnoş, Damdelen, Gutso, Kel-Ali, Muhtar, Çemberli & Gukudi are part of this family group.

İBRAHIM MEHMET 'Paça' was the 3rd son of MEHMET SAİD. This is his family tree.


İBRAHIM MEHMET 'Paça'  married

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahım 'Paça, usta' born 1819-1873  married Ayşe Hasan born 1825. they married in 1839

2  Yusuf  İbrahım  'Paça' 'Gutso' (topal)

3  Ali  İbrahım     'Kel Ali' born 1835 married Emine Omer born 1844. They married in 1860

4  Şerife  Ibrahım  'Paça'   2nd wife of Hasan Yusuf 'Arab',from the 'Şiliono' family (these 2 are the paternal great great grandparents of this sites creator)

5  Ayşe   İbrahim born 1835  married  Veli Ismail 'Çuffo' (Gaççari) born 1821 they married in 1858  

6  Dudu   İbrahim    married Osman 'Hacaro'. [1]      


MUSTAFA İBRAHIM 'Usta born 1819 married Ayşe Hasan born 1825 they married in 1839. [2]

their children

1  Yusuf Mustafa 'Üçokka'  born 1852

2  Hasan  Mustafa   'Hasanilligo' born 1850

3  Ahmet   Mustafa  'Damdelen' 1863

4  İbrahım  Mustafa  'Gukudi' 1844

5  Dudu  Mustafa      2nd wife of Mehmet Karaca

6  Emine  Mustafa      married Mehmet 'Yakula'

7  Melek  Mustafa 'Melleka'    married 'Braimulli'

8  Arzu Mustafa  born 1858. [3] (previously not on Ibrahim Tahsildars records)


YUSUF MUSTAFA 'Üçokka'. born 1852 [4]

their children

1  Mustafa (Muzzafer) Yusuf  'Bismillah'  born 1879. [5]

2  İbrahim  Yusuf    'Laippi'. born 1887.

3  Osman  Yusuf   'Gondoz' born 25.05.1893.

4  Hasan   Yusuf   'Huni' , born 01,01,1894. died young.

5  Ali  Yusuf   'Tabak Ali'  born 20,11,1900. married Hatice.

6  Ahmet  Yusuf  'Minnoş', born  15,10,1904

7  Siddiga   Yusuf     2nd wife of İbrahım 'Bodiri'

8  Emine  Yusuf      married Şerif-Ali

9  Keziban Yusuf    married Yusuf  'Gubi ' (Aspro's du Gubi)

10 Hanım  Yusuf    moved to Bodamya village

11 Arzu  Yusuf   1st wife of İbrahım 'Musko' ( Brimbi)

12  Dudu Yusuf  married Yusuf Muhtar from  Anglisiya village (they moved to Anglisiya )


MUSTAFA (MUZZAFER) YUSUF 'Ücokka' (Bismillah) , born  1879. married  1st ?.  2nd wife Hatice Ramadan 'Guseo'

1 Dervişe Mustafa Yusuf Üçokka daughter from 2nd wife Hatice


İBRAHIM YUSUF 'Ücokka'  'Laippi'  born 1887. married

their children

1  Kemal İbrahım  ’Üçokka'

2  Ali  İbrahım   ’Üçokka'  (changed his name to Alleko) married in 1956 and converted to the Orthodox faith. [6] in the UK

3   İsmaıl  İbrahım   ’Üçokka'   in the UK

4   Sittiga  İbrahım  'Üçokka' married an Arab and moved to Palestine

5   Cemaliye  İbrahım  'Üçokka'

6   Hatice  İbrahım  'Üçokka'

7   Münevver İbrahim  'Üçokka'


KEMAL İBRAHIM ’Üçokka' married

their children

1  İbrahım  Kemal  'Üçokka'

2  Veli Kemal   'Üçokka'

3  Şermin Kemal 'Üçokka'

4  Sultan  Kemal  'Üçokka'  married Ahmet from Matyat village




VELİ KEMAL ’Üçokka' married

their children

1  Anıl Veli



OSMAN YUSUF 'Gondoz' born 25,05,1893. [7]

their children

1  Yusuf Osman 'Gondoz'

2  Ahmet Osman  'Gondoz'  migrated to the UK

3  Kemal  Osman  'Gondoz'    migrated to the UK                    

4  Behice  Osman   'Gondoz'    migrated to the UK

5  Fatma  Osman  'Gondoz'    migrated to the UK


YUSUF OSMAN 'Gondoz' married

their children

1  Kemal Yusuf 'Gondoz'

2  Osman  Yusuf  'Gondoz'

3  Emine  Yusuf   'Gondoz' married Enver Süleyman


KEMAL YUSUF 'Gondoz'  married  EMİNE HİLMİ  'Guşa' (Kuşa)

their children

1 Yunus Kemal 'Gondoz'  married Zarif  their children Kemal

2 Şerin Kemal 'Gondoz'  married Ridvan from Vadili their children Arif.


AHMET OSMAN  'Gondozi'   married

their children

1 Osman Ahmet Gondozi  in the UK

2 Filiz Ahmet Gondozi  in the UK


KEMAL OSMAN 'Gondozi' born 1928, married Fikriye Bekir 'Barbaros'. [8]

their children

1  Emine Kemal   married Osman 'Yakula' their children  Canan & Kemal

2  Sultan  Kemal   married ?   their children, Hatice & Kemal

3  Ayşe  Kemal (now Ayşe Fadel   married Zeid Fadel from Lebanon,their children, Meyrem, Mustafa & Fatma

4  Osman Kemal never married


BEHİCE OSMAN 'Gondozi' married

their children


FATMA OSMAN   'Gondozi' married  KEMAL AHMET 'Zavli' ( Gazi )

their children

1 Ahmet Kemal  Ahmet Gazi 'Zavli'  ( Gazi )

2 Altan  Kemal Gazi  Ahmet  'Zavli ( Gazi )


ALİ YUSUF 'Tabak-Ali'  'Üçokka'  born 20,11,1900. married HATİCE


their children

1  Yusuf Ali 'Üçokka'  married Ayse Yusuf  'Galaba/Phsillo wife born 1930. [9]

2  Bekir  Ali    'Bekiro'

3  Sıtkı Ali 'Üçokka'  a policeman was killed on duty on 29.10.1956. [10]

4  Sittiga  Ali  'Üçokka'          

5  Emine  Ali   'Üçokka'    married Hüsnü 'Ayalı'

6  Nuriye  Ali  'Üçokka'

7  Şerife   Ali  'Üçokka'   married 1. Kemal from İpsillat. 2 Ismail 'Topal' (Şöfer)

8  Osman  Ali  'Üçokka'  born  05.02.1941

9  İsmaıl   Ali  'Üçokka'


YUSUF ALI 'Üçokka'  married AYŞE YUSUF 'Galaba' born January 1930-31

their children

1 Ayla Yusuf  'Üçokka'   born  1949  married Mehmet-Emin from Bodamya

2 İsmail Yusuf ’Üçokka' born 1953

3 Bekir Yusuf  'Üçokka'   born 1955  married Özen

4 Tangör Yusuf  'Üçokka'   born  1960 married Konce


AYLA YUSUF born 1949 married MEHMET-ALİ 'Bodamyalı'

their children

1 Ayşe Mehmet-Emin born 1967 married Hüseyin. Their son Mehmet born in 1987 is married to Feryat and have a baby named Ezel born 2007

2  Oya Mehmet-Emin  born 1969 married Ali.  Their son  Mertkan born in 1997

3  Uğur  Mehmet-Emin    born  1975

4  Yusuf  Mehmet-Emin   born 1979  married Hamide (born 1986).Their son Mehmet-Emin born in 2009

5  Ömur  Mehmet-Emin   born 1986


İSMAIL YUSUF ' Üçokka' born 1953

His children

1  Cemal İsmail   'Üçokka'  in the UK

2  Serdar İsmail   'Üçokka'  in the UK

3  Dilek İsmail   'Üçokka' in the UK


BEKİR YUSUF 'Üçokka'   born 1955 married ÖZEN

their children

1  Ayşe  Bekir  'Üçokka'

2  Yusuf  Bekir  'Üçokka'

3  Şerife Bekir  'Üçokka'

4  Cansu  Bekir  'Üçokka'

5  Mehmet  Bekir  'Üçokka'


TANGÖR YUSUF 'Üçokka' born 1960 married KONCE

their children

1  Süleyman  Tangör  'Üçokka'   born 1995

2  Yusuf  Tangör 'Üçokka'     born 1997


BEKİR ALİ ' Üçokka' married REMZİYE

their children  

1  Tuğrul Bekir

2  Tomris  Bekir   married    their children Remziye, Nazlı, Ali.

3  Taycen  Bekir

4  Tanju  Bekir


SITKI ALİ 'Üçokka' a policeman was killed on duty on 29.10.1956 had no children


SİDDİGA  ALİ 'Üçokka'  married KAHRAMAN

their children

1  Mahmut  Kahraman

2  Perihan  Kahraman

3  Nazım Kahraman

4  Fuat Kahraman

5  İsmet Kahraman

6  Sabiha Kahraman

7  Makbule Kahraman

8  Murat  Kahraman

9  Elham  Kahraman

10  Dervişe  Kahraman


EMİNE ALİ 'Üçokka' born 10.04.1934 married HÜSNÜ CEMAL from Aya village born 28.12.1928

their children

1  Tezel  Hüsnü

2  Cemal Hüsnü

3  Sidki Hüsnü

4  Meyrem (May) Hüsnü

5  Ali Hüsnü

6  Taner  Hüsnü


NURİYE  ALİ 'Üçokka'  married ORHAN

their children

1  Funda  Orhan (deceased)

2  Halub  Orhan

3  Bülent  Orhan

4  Mustafa Orhan

5  Serap  Orhan

6  Feral  Orhan

7  Mehmet  Orhan


ŞERİFE  ALİ 'Üçokka'


OSMAN  ALİ 'Üçokka'


İSMAIL  ALİ 'Üçokka'  married

their children

1  Ali İsmail 'Üçokka'


AHMET YUSUF  'Üçokka' (Minnoş). [11]  born 15,10,1904. married

their children

1  Yusuf Ahmet  'Üçokka' ( Minnoş ) born 1929

2  Nidai   Ahmet   'Üçokka'  (  Minnoş )   in the UK

3  Hatice  Ahmet  'Üçokka'  (  Minnoş ) married Mustafa İbrahim 'Azgin' (Mulli) deceased


YUSUF AHMET  ( Minnoş ) born 1929 married  Kathleen

their children

1   Martin Yusuf Minnoş  in the UK born 1957 married  1. Deborah Liatos of Greek Romanian descent & Elena Holmes from the UK. Has no children

2   Erol Yusuf Minnoş  ( Erol Anthony Minnos)  born 1960 lives in Lapta/Lapithos married Marion from the UK they have 3 children who live in the UK

3   Sean Yusuf Minnoş  born 1964

4   Aaron Yusuf Minnoş  (Aaron Alderson) lives in Sweden not married


SEAN YUSUF 'Minnoş '

their children

1  Tchimel  Yusuf (female) lives in Tenerife Spain

2  Elvin Yusuf

3  Maya Yusuf


NİDAİ AHMET 'Üçokka'  married lives in the UK

their children

1  Ahmet Nidai Minnoş in the UK

2  Hayriye Minnoş in the UK

3  Keziban Minnoş in the UK

4  Raziye Nidai Minnoş in the UK


AHMET MUSTAFA 'Damdelen'  born 1863 married

their children

1  Mustafa Ahmet 'Damdelen' born 26,10,1893.

2  İbrahim  Ahmet   'Damdelen' (Korkut), born 29,11,1900

3  Abdullah  Ahmet  'Damdelen'

4  Dudu  Ahmet   'Damdelen'     married Bekir Veli 'Gaççari'

5  Hasan Ahmet   'Damdelen'  died young. [12]


MUSTAFA AHMET 'Damdelen' born 26.10.1893

their children

1  Hasan Mustafa 'Damdelen' born  04.07.1933 married Sevgi Osman 'Gatsura'


HASAN MUSTAFA 'Damdelen' (BBC) born  04.07.1933  married SEVGİ OSMAN 'Gatsura'

their children

1  Mustafa Hasan Damdelen   in the UK

2  Osman Hasan Damdelen   in the UK

3  Ahmet Hasan Damdelen  in the UK

4  Duygu Hasan Damdelen  married  Caner Şençağlar Ergazili   in the UK

5  Nadire Hasan Damdelen   married  Mahmut Kundi   in the UK


MUSTAFA HASSAN 'Damdelen'   in the UK married

their children

1 Ozan Hassan (in the UK)

2 Şirin Hassan (TRNC name Damdelen) (moved to Cyprus)

3 Gülcan Hassan (TRNC name Damdelen) (moved to Cyprus)


OSMAN HASAN 'Damdelen'   in the UK married

their children

1 Hasan Damdelen

2 Erdoğan Damdelen


AHMET HASAN 'Damdelen'   in the UK married

their children

1 Fatmagül Damdelen

2 Sevgi Damdelen


DUYGU HASAN 'Damdelen'   in the UK married Caner Şençağlar from Ergazili   in the UK

their children

1 Sevgi Şençağlı


NADİRE HASAN DAMDELEN (now Nadire Damdelen Kundi) married MAHMUT KUNDİ. [13]

their children

1  Mehmet Kundi   DOB 24-12-1983

2  Nerin Kundi  DOB 03-03-1985

3  Hasan Kundi  DOB 01-08-1991


İBRAHIM AHMET 'Damdelen'  (Korkut) married

their children

1  Ahmet İbrahım 'Damdelen'  (Korkut)  in the UK

2  Hatice   İbrahım  'Damdelen'  (Korkut) married Murat Osman 'Usta' in the UK



their children

1   İbrahım Ahmet Korkut  in the UK

2   Nadire Ahmet Korkut  in the UK

3   Hacer Ahmet Korkut in the UK

4   Aysel Ahmet Korkut in the UK


ABDULLAH AHMET 'Afdulla' 'Damdelen, (Paça) married FATMA HÜSEYİN KARA-İSMAIL (Karaöz). [14]

their children

1  Hatice  Abdullah 'Paça'  married Yusuf 'Fucelli'

2  Sabahat  Abdullah 'Paça'

3  Emine  Abdullah 'Paça'

4  Günay  Abdullah 'Paça'  married  Hüseyin Kasap from Goşşi

5  Duygu  Abdullah 'Paça'  married Bekir Muslu

6  Kamer  Abdullah 'Paça'

7  İbrahım  Abdullah 'Paça'

8  Hasan  Abdullah 'Paça'

9  Hüseyin Abdullah 'Paça' married Feride

10 Ahmet  Abdullah 'Paça'

11 Mustafa  Abdullah 'Paça'


HATİCE ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça' married YUSUF 'Fucelli'

their children


SABAHAT ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children


EMİNE ABDULLAH   (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children


GÜNAY ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'  married HÜSEYİN 'Kasap'

their children


DUYGU ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'  married BEKİR MUSLU

their children


KAMER  ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children


İBRAHIM  ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children

1   İsmail İbrahım  (Damdelen) Paça.

2   Ali İbrahım (Damdelen) Paça.


HASAN  ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children

1  Abdullah Hasan (Damdelen) Paça.

2  Nazım Hasan (Damdelen) Paça.

3  Ahmet Hasan (Damdelen) Paça.


HÜSEYİN ABDULLAH (Damdelen) 'Paça' married to FERİDE 'Paça' (in Australia)

their children

1  Ersen Hüseyin (Damdelen) 'Paça'

2. Sibel Fatma (Damdelen) Paça.


AHMET ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children  ???


MUSTAFA  ABDULLAH  (Damdelen) 'Paça'

their children

1  Derman Mustafa (Damdelen) Paça.

2  Yaren Mustafa (Damdelen) Paça.    



YUSUF  İBRAHIM  ' Kutso / Topal born 1827, was the 2nd son of  İBRAHIM MUSTAFA 'Paça'


YUSUF  İBRAHIM  ' Kutso / Topal [15] born 1827

their children

1  Çerkez/Ibrahım Yusuf 'Kutso' (Çerkezo) born 1864

2  İsmail   Yusuf   'Kutso'  born 1866

3  Mustafa  Yusuf   'Kutso' ( Bata)  born 1871

4  Emine  Yusuf   'Kutso'    married Bairam 'Burundi'

5  Melek Yusuf Paça   married  İbrahimulli


ÇERKEZ İBRAHIM  YUSUF  (Çerkezo) 'Kutso', born 1864 married

their children

1  İbrahım Çerkezo'  born 1893, went to Anglisiya village


İSMAIL YUSUF 'Kutso' born 1866 married

their children

1  Ülfet İsmaıl  'Öğretmen'  born 10,09, 1892 moved to Nicosia

2  Şükrü  İsmaıl  'Memur', born 16,11,1899.

3  Dudu  İsmaıl   married  Ali  'Aligunni'

4  Emine  İsmaıl  married Mustafa 'Kudi'

5  Ayşe   İsmaıl   married Yusuf  Rüstem  'Abeydo'

6  Razgeli  İsmaıl  married Ramadan  Veli 'Lao'


ÜLFET İSMAIL 'Öğretmen'  born 10,09,1892 married

their children

1   Ulus Ülfet born 1930 died in a tragic accident on 31.08.1957. [16]

2   Orhun Ülfet

3   Ahter Ülfet

4   Sevim Ülfet

5   Taşkent Ülfet


ŞÜKRÜ  İSMAIL  born 16,11,1899 married

their children

1   Akan M Şükrü

2   Ümit M Şükrü  in the UK

3   Çetin M Şükrü  in the UK


MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Batta, born 1871 married

their children

1  Emine Mustafa 'Batta'   married Mehmet Hüseyin 'Götsa' then Süleyman Kâmil

2  Raif   Mustafa  'Batta' (Seferoğlu)   born 1894      

3  Vedia ( Dudu?)  Mustafa  'Batta'   married Ramadan 'Pekri'


RAİF MUSTAFA (Seferoğlu)  'Batta'  born 1894 married

their children

1  Mustafa Raif    moved to Tuzla

2  Veli  Raif        

3  Ali  Raif   moved to Famagusta had no children

4  Osman  Raif  had no children

5  Emine  Raif   migrated to Australia

6  Zalihe   Raif   married İbrahim 'Skitsa'

7  Dervişe   Raif   married Mustafa Naim from Köfünye village


VELİ RAİF married

their children

1  Raif Veli Raif

2  Derviş Veli Raif

3  Ulus Veli Raif

4  Şenol Veli Raif

5  Harbiye Veli Raif

6  Şenel Veli Raif

7  Topel Veli Raif



ALİ  İBRAHIM 'Kel-Ali' born 1835 married EMİNE ÖMER born 1844. They married in 1860. [17]

their children

1  Yusuf Ali Kelali  'Paça' born 1866

2  Hatice  Ali Kelali  'Paça'    married Süleyman 'Gebe'

3  Fatma  Ali  Kelali  'Paça'    married İbrahim Tahir


YUSUF  ALİ  'Kel-Ali'  'Yero muhdaro' born 1866 married

their children

1  Ali  Rauf Yusuf 'Kelali'  (Ali Bey) born 1897. Was the village Muhtar from 1928-1975

2  Mehmet  Yusuf   'Kelali' 'Çemberli', born 1899.

3  Hatem  Yusuf    'Kelali'   married Hasan 'Ağa' from Anglisiya

4  Dudu  Yusuf    'Kelali  married İbrahım 'Culli'

5  Emine  Yusuf   'Kelali   1st wife of Mehmet 'Mustaka'

6  Müsteide  Yusuf   'Kelali'  married Yusuf 'Babiro'

7  Leyla Yusuf   'Kelali'  married Murat  Yusuf 'Paşo'

8  Fatma  Yusuf  'Kelali'  married Hasan Mustafa 'Yeniçeri'


ALİ RAUF YUSUF 'Ali bey' village Muhtar from 1928-1975  married

their children

1  Yusuf Ali Rauf     never married

2  Ahmet  Ali  Rauf    in the UK

3  Seval   Ali  Rauf                                          

4  Şerife  Ali   Rauf    married Cahit  from Köfünye

5  Beyhan  Ali  Rauf   married Semani's son  and moved to Nicosia

6  Sevgi  Ali  Rauf     married Yusuf Cemil migrated to the UK



their children

1  Hasan Ahmet Ali Rauf

2  Ali Ahmet Ali Rauf


MEHMET YUSUF Muhtar 'Çemberli'. [18]

their children

1  Yusuf Mehmet 'Muhtar' (Çemberli)

2  Hasan  Mehmet  'Muhtar' (Çemberli)      

3  Ali  Mehmet  'Muhtar'  (Çemberli )      

4  Yılmaz  Mehmet  'Muhtar'(Çemberli)

5  Osman   Mehmet   'Muhtar' (Çemberli)

6  Emine  Mehmet   'Muhtar'  ( Çemberli )   married to Zeki Yusuf from 'Anglisiya'

7  Tulin  Mehmet   'Muhtar'  (Çemberli)  married to Tangüner Mazlum

8  Şerife Mehmet 'Muhtar'  (Çemberli)   married Kemal Lord


YUSUF MEHMET 'Muhtar'  Çemberli' married

their children

1  Nalan  Yusuf   'Çemberli'

2  Bilgin  Yusuf  'Çemberli'    married Hasan  Karagözlü 'Mavromadi'

3  Sonya  Yusuf  'Çemberli'   married  Kemal

4  Funda  Yusuf  'Çemberli'  married John

5  Pembe  Yusuf  'Çemberli'  married  Mehmet from Famagusta


HASAN MEHMET 'Muhtar' married

their children

1  Leyla  Hasan  'Çemberli'

2  Yakan  Hasan  'Çemberli'

3  Deniz  Hasan  'Çemberli'


ALİ MEHMET 'Muhtar'  'Çemberli'  married

their children

1  Emine Ali 'Çemberli'

2  Hasan Ali 'Çemberli'


YILMAZ MEHMET 'Muhtar'  'Çemberli'  married

their children

1  İlhan Yılmaz   'Çemberli'

2  Erhan Yılmaz   'Çemberli'

3  Selda Yılmaz  'Çemberli'


OSMAN MEHMET 'Muhtar'   'Çemberli'  married

their children

1  Neil Osman 'Çemberli'

2  Hürrem Osman 'Çemberli'

3  Hülya Osman 'Çemberli'

4  Karl Osman 'Çemberli'


İBRAHIM MUSTAFA  'Paça' born 1844 (Gukkudi)

their children

1  Razgeli İbrahım Paça married Yusuf İtelli   from his 1st wife

2  Mustafa İbrahım Paça 'Gukkudi' born 1878  from his 2nd wife Hatem Ömer 'Birini'?




1  Ayşe Mustafa  



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[2] Ottoman census 1879. Doc; 151-a-1 page 301

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[6] Records of İbrahım Tahsildar page

[7] The Gondozi family were part of Ibrahım Tahsildars records but most names have been added with the kind assistance of Ayshe Fadel via face book messages.

[8] Face book correspondence with  Ayshe Fadel

[9] The Üçokka's are also related to author making it easier to record many of the families.

[10] Correspondence with İsmail Ali Üçokka'.

[11] Email correspondence with Martin Minnoş

[12] The only record of Hasan's birth was found in the Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. My conclusion is that he must have died as an infant.

[13] This family were added via Face book message from  Nadire Kundi

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[18] Most of the information on the 'Çemberli' family were added by Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo' & Veli Cufoğlu


Bekir Yusuf Üçokka 1974

Ahmet Minnoş 1952-53.    

Courtesy of Martyn Ahmet Minnoş

As explained by Ahmet Minnoş

from left to right- the little boy is Sean  Üçokka  Minnoş (son of my brother Erol)

my father Yusuf, my brother Sean Anthony  Üçokka  Minnoş, my grandfather Ahmet Yusuf  Minnoş , next Sarah Ahmet  Minnoş  (daughter of Erol), then Marion Üçokka  Minnoş  (wife of Erol)

Martyn Minnoş,  Kathleen, &  father Yusuf Minnoş - 1958

Courtesy of Martyn Ahmet  Minnoş

Tximel Ahmet- Cano (Sean's eldest daughter)                                                                                      

Eve Ahmet 'Minnoş'                                                                        

Erol Üçokka Minnoş and Marion Üçokka Minnoş                                                                                                                                        

Nicola, Sarah and Sean

Sarah Ahmet 'Minnoş' and Will (married)                                                                            

Will and Jake (Sarah's children)                                                                                            Ahmet. Minnoş 1993.

Erol, 'Big' Ahmet (eldest son of Hatice), Sean, Minnoş, Yusuf Ahmet Minnoş,  Ahmet Minnoş, my mother Kathleen- 1973



From Left standing. Nidai Ahmet Minnos Hariye (bride) Shenal . Martyn Ahmet Minnos, Kathleen Minnos, & Erol

kneeling. Hatice,Ahmet Minnos  her son Ibrahim, her husband Mustafa. 1976

The following photos have been shared by courtesy of Hasan Mustafa 'Damdelen' (BBC)

Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 14 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 11 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 1 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 2 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 3 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 4 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 5 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 6 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 18 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 13 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 12 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 15 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 16 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 17 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 9 Martyn Ahmet 'Minnoş' 10

The following photos have been offered by courtesy of Martyn Ahmet Minnoş


Maya Ahmet 'Minnos'      

left, Yusuf Ahmet Minnoş & his father Ahmet

Mehmet Said Part 3

Bekir Yusuf Üçokka 1972

   Elvin 'Minnoş'    

L to R- Nidai (my father's brother), my father, Hariye (eldest daughter of Hatice and Mustafa), Shenal (her husband), me, my mother, and my brother Erol. 1976


Yusuf Ali Üçokka

16 166 Hasan BBC 1 Hasan BBC 10 Hasan BBC 13 Hasan BBC 14 Hasan BBC 3 Hasan BBC 4 Hasan BBC 16 Hasan BBC 6 Hasan BBC 8 Hasan BBC 9 301-1

Ottoman census 1879. Doc; 151-a-1 page 301

This document records the 2nd generation of the Mehmet Said familiy. The sons of Mehmet Said were  İbrahim  Mehmet  'Paça'  born 1819 Mustafa Mehmet 'Gazmalevri' born 1813 or 1798. I firmly believe the years of birth of Dudu and Mustafa were mistakenly mixed. The 1831 census much closer to the period confirms this