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The Gatsura, Yallitsi, Şago's, Bedevi, Hostra, Badado', Kali &  Şagalli belong to this family group.


This family is one of the largest and best known in our village. There has always been much speculation as to the origins of this family. Hasan Yücelen in his book "Akıncılar (Lurucina) Türklerin Yüzyıllık varolus Mücadelesi" using Yusuf Yusuf 'Ku’s' excellent records has shed a remarkable light on their origins. Though no date is given, MEHMET SAİD was recorded as having come from Silifke Turkey (page 29).


MEHMET SAİD  efendi married

their children

1  Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri' born 1796-1797- 1885 (1813-1885 according  to 1879 records) married Dudu Bayram born 1813 (1798 according to the 1879 census)  they married in 1829. [1]

2  Ramadan  Mehmet  'Musurda'  born 1791 (His family tree is on page 2)

3  İbrahim  Mehmet  'Paça'  born 1819 married Ayşe Hasan born 1825 they married in 1839 (His family tree is on page 3)


I believe the original Ottoman record keeper may have written the date of births in the wrong order as its extremely unlikely that Dudu would have given birth to Ali/Salih at the age of 57. I will not change the records however. Please refer to Doc number 151-a-1 (301) on the Ottoman archives page 1 Doc No; 151-a-1 (301)


MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Kazmalevri' born 1796-97 married DUDU BAYRAM born 1813 they married in 1829. [2]

their children

1  Mehmet Mustafa born 1828 died young.

2  Yusuf Mustafa born 1830 died young.

3  Mehmet Mustafa 'Gatsura' born 1835 married Dudu Mustafa 'Gigeo' born 1844 they married in 1856

4  Ramadan (Ramazan) Mustafa  'Ramadi' born 1842

5  Mustafa   Mustafa    'Kidioli' born 1841.

6  Ali  (Salih) Mustafa   'Kali' born 1855

7  İbrahim  Mustafa  'Braimulli' born 1844

8  Razgeli  Mustafa     married  Süleyman  'Buzi'

9  Hatice Mustafa     moved to Anglisiya village


MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Kazmalevri, Gatsura' born 1835  married DUDU MUSTAFA born 1844 they married in 1856. [3]

their children

1  Mustafa Mehmet  'Gatsura' born 1861

2  Yusuf  Mehmet  'Gatsura' born 1863

3  Abdülkadir  Mehmet   'Gatsura' born 1872

4  İbrahım  Mehmet  'Gatsura' born 1877

5  Hüseyin  Mehmet  'Gatsura' born  1875 was accused of killing his uncle Ibrahim 'Braimulli together with his brother Osman'. [4]  

6  Osman   Mehmet  'Gatsura' born 1879 was accused of killing his uncle Ibrahim 'Braimulli together with his brother Osman'  Hüseyin.

7  Keziban  Mehmet   'Gezu'   married Mehmet 'Şarmatta'

8  Hatice  Mehmet    'Gatsura'  1882-6?  married  Mehmet İsmail 'Kavaz' (Ganu)1878-1951

9  Pembe  Mehmet   'Gatsura' born 1866  married Rüstem Hasan 'Arap' then Bekir Mehmet Kavaz 'Bekiro'

10 Hanım Mehmet  'Gatsura'    married Hasan Ağa then moved to Dali


                   The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA  'Gatsura's' oldest son


MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Gatsura' married

their children

1  Mehmet Mustafa  'Gatsura' (Mehmetça) born 1894

2  Osman  Mustafa  'Gatsura'  (Mullakko)   had no children

3  Zalihe  Mustafa  'Gatsura'      

4  Emine  Mustafa  'Gatsura'   2nd wife Mustafa ?

5  Dudu  Mustafa  'Gatsura     2nd wife of İsmail 'Mustakka'

6  Hanım  Mustafa  'Gatsura'    married Mustafa Damdelen

7  Yusuf Mustafa  'Gatsura'  died young (not found on any previous records). [5]


MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura' married

their children

1  Kemal Mehmet 'Gatsura'  married Melek 'Mandai'

2  İsmail  Mehmet   'Gatsura'

3  Zalihe  Mehmet  'Gatsura'    married Yusuf 'Gondozi'

4  Razge  Mehmet   'Gatsura'     married  Hüseyin 'Manna'

5  Fatma  Mehmet  'Gatsura'    married Celal 'Kiduri'

6  Şöhret   Mehmet  'Gatsura'    married Yusuf  'Sistilli' (Gaşaoli)


KEMAL MEHMET married MELEK 'Mandai'

their children

1  Osman Kemal 'Şah'      married İlkay  Osman 'Gannari'



their children

1  Kemal Osman Şah

2  Meltem Osman Şah


MEHMET KEMAL  married Ülviye 'Bondigo'

Their children

1 Kemal Mehmet Şah


ORHUN KEMAL ŞAH married  Naile Kaya

their children

1 Gülcan Şah

2 Cansu Şah


İSMAIL MEHMET 'Gatsura' married RAZİYE ALİ ' Manna'

their children

1   Mehmet İsmail Gatsura

2   Ali İsmail Gatsura


OSMAN MUSTAFA 'Gatsura'  'Mullako' married MEYREM SEID-ALİ 'Gafgari'

Had no children            


                           The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA   'Gatsura's'  2nd son

YUSUF MEHMET 'Gatsura' married

their children

1  Osman Yusuf 'Gatsura' (mani)   married Nadire.  moved to Anglisiya village

2  Mehmet  Yusuf  'Şago' born 1899   married 1 Emine 'Halilo'. 2 Emine İsmail 'Sarttu'.

3  Hüseyin  Yusuf  'Mavri'      married  Rahme Yusuf 'Birini'

4  Dudu  Yusuf    married Mehmet 'Babutsaro, (Rodi)

5  Nezire  Yusuf  'Tozzena'  married Yusuf 'İsmailo' (Tozzi)

6  Münüse Yusuf   'Alubina'   1st wife of  Mustafa 'Gayi'


OSMAN YUSUF 'Gatsura (Mani) married NADİRE, moved to  Anglisya village

their children

1  Dudu Osman 'Gatsura'

2  Yusuf  Osman  'Gatsura'

3  Ramadan Osman 'Gatsura'

4  Hüseyin Osman 'Gatsura'    married Emine 'Gebe'

5  Münüse  Osman 'Gatsura'

6  Cemaliye  Osman  'Gatsura'

7  Sevgi  Osman 'Gatsura'       married Hasan 'Damdelen' (BBC)

8  Erdoğan  Osman  'Gatsura'


MEHMET YUSUF 'Gatsura' 'Şago' born 1899   married 1 EMINE 'Halilo'. 2 EMINE İsmail 'Sarttu'.

their children

1  Yusuf Mehmet 'Şago'  04.01.1930 - 29.03.2000  married Melek Arif 'Kafa' 10.10.1935 -15. 01.2007

2  Zübeyir  Mehmet      married Nebile  Hasan 'Karahashani'  ( Yeniçeri )      

3  Halil   Mehmet         married  Rahme Ali 'Kali'      

4  Osman  Mehmet        married  Şenay Efe 'Yahudi'      

5  Bahaeddin Mehmet   married  Raziye Hasan Kara-İsmail  their children Mehmet & Hasan  

6  Soner   Mehmet   married  Keziban. their children  Mehmet & Nazim born 1979

7  Berhayat  Mehmet   married İsmail Hasan 'Cıdık' from Arpalik village


YUSUF MEHMET 'Şago' 04.01.1930 - 29.03.2000 married  MELEK ARİF 'Kafa' 10.10.1935 -15. 01.2007

their children

1  Emel Yusuf    her children Melek & Zerrin

2  Hayat Yusuf

3  Eray Yusuf


ZÜBEYİR MEHMET 'Şago' (KANSEL) married NEBİLE 'Kara-Hasani'

their children

1  Mehmet Zübehir Kansel born 1962

2  Emine Zübehir  Kansel  married Celal 'Kırmızılar'

3  Fatma Zübehir  Kansel  married Yusuf Songur 'Gebe'

4  Filiz Zübehir  Kansel  married Ertan Hasan 'Cıdık' (Arpalıklı)



their children

1  Emine (Emel) Halil   Kansel married Hasan Barbaros their children Rahme & Burcu

2  Mehmet Halil   Kansel married Meyrem from Mora village

3  Aysen Halil   Kansel

4  Ali  Halil    Kansel  born 1971 married Katun Gazi



their children

1  Emine Osman married Erhan Yapicioglu

2  Dilek Osman married Yusuf Kirici

3  Hüseyin Osman


HÜSEYİN YUSUF 'Gatsura'  (Esmeroğlu) married

their children

1  Nevzat Hüseyin   (Esmeroğlu) married Sidiga from Pile village children Engin & Rengül (married Arif Esat Kartal )

2  Yusuf  Hüseyin   (Esmeroğlu) children   Ruhşen &  Ayşen

3  Yücel   Hüseyin     (Esmeroğlu)  children Rezan,  Eren &  Sami

4  Münüse   Hüseyin   (Esmeroğlu) married Ramadan 'Gaşano'

5  Fatma    Hüseyin   (Esmeroğlu) married Tahir İsmail Fesa


NEZİRE YUSUF 'Gatsura' married YUSUF İSMAİL (İsmailo) 'Tozi'. [6]

their children

1 İsmail Yusuf died young

2 İbrahım Yusuf 'Tozzi' 'Ismailo'  (born 1912) married Ayşe Yusuf Osman 'Birini'

3 Razgeli Yusuf 'İsmailo' (born 1915) married  Süleyman Yusuf  'Gebe' (Yiğit)

4 Şerife Yusuf 'İsmailo'  (born 1918) married Süleyman Kafa

5 Hanım Yusuf 'İsmailo'  (1921) married Kemal İbrahim 'Yallitsi'


İBRAHIM YUSUF  'Tozzi' (Ismailo) married AYŞE YUSUF OSMAN 'Birini'

their children

1  Nezife  İbrahım    married    Halil Hüseyin 'Halilo'   Children  Hüseyin, Ayşen, Zühal    

2  Şükran İbrahım   married   Sadi  Mustafa 'Bitordo'   Children  Mustafa, ayşe

3  Kemal  İbrahım   married    Emine Gülferi. Children  Tozer-Ediz

4  Güner  İbrahım    married   Emel  Kazım. Children Hülya ,  Ayça

5  Gülsen İbrahım    married  Yusuf Hüseyin 'Gatsura' Children   Ruhşen & Ayşen

6  Yusuf  İbrahım    married   Seran Mehmet Veli 'Pekri'. children İbrahım  & Ayşegül

7  Feridun İbrahım (Fred)  married    Gülşen  Ali. children Ulviye ,  İbrahım, twins Ozan , Ali

8  İhsan İbrahım    married    Zeliha Süleyman Hüseyin 'Halilo'. children  Barış, twins Deniz & Doğa



their children

1 Yusuf  Gebe    married  Şerife Hostra   children Arif,  Rezgül. Emine    

2 Emine Gebe    married   Hüseyin Osman  (Mani)'Gatsura'

3 Burhan  Gebe   married   Sevgi Süleyman Kafa  children Cengiz, Selman

4 Ergün Gebe     married   Şeniz   Tahircik    children Gülşah, Sema

5 Gülsafa  Gebe  married   Kemal 'Fucelli' (Atakan)  children  Ruzen, Hakan, Ali



their children

1  Sevgi Süleyman Kafa    married    Burhan Gebe  children Cengiz, Selman

2  Mehmet Süleyman Kafa  married    Şenay Hasan (Çıdık)  children  Hasan, Süleyman

3  Yusuf Süleyman Kafa    married    Nafia Bekiroğlu  children Muzaffer, Özge


HANIM YUSUF    married KEMAL İBRAHIM 'Yallitsi'

their children

1  İbrahım Kemal    married  Fatma Kemik  (from Bodamya village)  children  Hakan, Hale

2  Nazife  Kemal     married  Mustafa Barbaros  'Mustakka' children Sultan

3  Yusuf   Kemal     married  Nazif  children  Kemal, Mustafa, Hale

4  Şerife  Kemal       married  Osman Koççat children  Ayşe  



                        The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA  'Gatsura's'  3rd son


ABDÜLKADİR MEHMET 'Gatsura' born 1872 married

their children

1  Mehmet Kadir

2  Dudu  Kadir     2nd wife of Süleyman 'Munduko'


MEHMET KADİR  married  ZALİHE  ALİ 'Aligunni'

their children

1  Ali Mehmet Kadir  (disabled, never married)

2  Münüse Mehmet  Kadir   moved to Anglisiya village

3  Günay  Mehmet  Kadir

4  Emine   Mehmet  Kadir

5  Pervin  Mehmet  Kadir married Oral İbrahım  'Gato' (Camoka)

6  Kadir  Mehmet Kadir  1950-20.07.1974 [7] married  Kiymet

7  Hüseyin  Mehmet Kadir  married Perin


1  ALİ MEHMET KADİR   (disabled, never married)



their children



their children



their children


5  PERVİN MEHMET KADİR married ORAL IBRAHIM 'Gato' (Kedi) 'Jamokka'

their children

1  Yigit Kedi (Gato)

2  Gunay Kedi (Gato)


6  KADİR MEHMET KADİR 1950-20.07.1974 married  KIYMET

their children

1  Zalihe Kadir

2  Hayriye Kadir

3  Emine Kadir



their children

1  Mehmet  Mehmet

2  Serpil  Mehmet   married Nikolaos Charalambous their children Aydin & Nazir

3  Zalihe  Mehmet

4  Sibel  Mehmet  (Kirkman)



          The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura's' 4th son. [8]


İBRAHIM MEHMET 'Gatsura' (Yallitsi)  married  ŞERİFE  'Yallitsi'

their children

1  Mehmet İbrahım 'Yallitsi'

2  Süleyman  İbrahım born in 1911 married Rahme Hasan 'Drungo born 1915

3  Kemal  İbrahım      married Hanım Yusuf 'Garaoli'

4  Dudu  İbrahım    married Mustafa 'Bili'


MEHMET İBRAHIM 'Yallitsi'  (Parildak) married

their children

1  İbrahim Mehmet 'Yallitsi'  (Parildak)

2  Emine   Mehmet  'Yallitsi'  (Parildak)   married Süleyman Mustafa 'Semani'

3  Rahme  Mehmet  'Yallitsi'  (Parildak)


KEMAL İBRAHIM 'Yallitsi' married  HANIM YUSUF 'Tozzi'

their children

1  İbrahim Kemal    married Fatma Kemik (from Bodamya village) children Hakan & Alev

2  Nazife  Kemal   married Mustafa Barbaros 'Mustakka'

3  Yusuf  Kemal     married Nazif . Their children  1. Hale, 2. Sultan 3. Kemal. 4 Mustafa



their children

1  Dudu  Mustafa

2  Nermin Mustafa

3  İsmail Mustafa

4  İbrahim Mustafa

5  Halil  Mustafa

6  Hansel Mustafa


İBRAHIM MEHMET  'Yallitsi' married

their children

1  Erdal İbrahim 'Yallitsi' (Parıldak)

2  İsmail İbrahim  'Yallitsi' (Parıldak)


SÜLEYMAN İBRAHIM 'Yallitsi'  (Parıldak) born 1911 married  RAHME YUSUF 'Drungo' born 1915

their children

1  İbrahım Süleyman 'Yallitsi'  married Raziye  'Gatsura'

2  Hasan   Süleyman 'Yallitsi'  married  Gülten Hasan        

3  Burhan   Süleyman 'Yallitsi'   married Sevgi İsmail      

4  Hüseyin  Süleyman  'Yallitsi'  married  Melek Hüseyin      

5  İsmet  Süleyman 'Yallitsi'     married Cemaliye Hasan 'Gato'

6  Şermin   Süleyman  'Yallitsi'  married  İbrahim Veli 'Çamuri'


İBRAHIM SÜLEYMAN 'Yallitsi' Married RAZİYE 'Gatsura'

their children

1 Peral İbrahim  Parıldak (Yallitsi) married Murat Kemal Akinli 'Deliyo' their children Ayşe-Gül, Razen & Kemal

2 Süleyman  İbrahim  Parıldak (Yallitsi) not married

3 Hüseyin  İbrahim   Parıldak (Yallitsi) married Şefika İsmail  Cidik .their children, İbrahim



Their children

1 Reyhan Süleyman   son Hasan Mehmet

2 Süleyman  Süleyman married Ayşe Abdullah (from Boğaziçi)

3 Osman  Süleyman



their children

1 Reyhan (Sabrılı) married Salahaddin from Palestine. Their children Firaz

2  Nilhan (Bekir Karaböcek) married Bekir Karaböcek 'Gutsugudi' their children Burak & Deniz

3 Süleyman Parıldak married



their children

1 Rahme  married Oğuz Veli 'Mandayi' (Madan) their children Hüseyin & Sencan

2 Şerife   married Yusuf  their children Melek & Nazlı

3 Şen  married Fadıl (from Çayönü) their children, Perican & ?



their children

1 Feray  married to Antonio Forgione

2 Rengül  married to Ertan Mustafa 'Baflı'. their children Eren Süleyman Mustafa


ŞERMİN SÜLEYMAN 'Yallitsi' married İBRAHIM VELİ ÇAMUR ( From Dali)

their children

1 Seda Çamur

2 Veli Çamur


                         The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura's' 5th son. [9]


HÜSEYİN MEHMET 'Gatsura' born 1875 ( moved to Anglisiya and converted to the Orthodox faith, changed his name to ANDREAS) married?

their children

1  Mihail (Mustafa)

2  Varnava  1914-1998

3  Yorgi (Çangar) born 1921

4  Andreas 'Maşhao'  'Gatsura  married Sofia. Their children Andreas, Reno, Bobby


                          The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura's' 6th son. [10]


OSMAN MEHMET 'Gatsura' born 1879 married

their children

1  Mehmet Osman 'Gatsura'   (Ertuğ) married Rahme 'Gingi'

2  Hüseyin Osman 'Gatsura'

3  Yusuf Osman 'Gatsura'

4  Dudu Osman 'Gatsura'      married Mehmet İbrahım 'Yapıcı' (Misigigo)

5  Ayşe Osman 'Gatsura'       married Mehmet İsmaıl  'Fesa'

6  Fati  Osman 'Gatsura'        married Mustafa  'Dima'

7  Emine Osman 'Gatsura'     married İmam Mehmet Songur

8  Ali Osman 'Gatsura'

9  Kemal  Osman 'Gatsura

10  Osman Osman 'Gatsura' born 1899 died young.

11  Muzaffer Osman 'Gatsura' born 1901 died young. [11]


MEHMET OSMAN 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ)   married RAHME 'Gingi'

their children

1  Osman Mehmet 'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)  married  Şükran  Huseyin 'Bada'

2  Süleyman   Mehmet 'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ) (Karaca)

3  Oral   Mehmet   'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)

4  Kemal  Mehmet  'Gatsura'  'Yağci (Ertuğ) married Şermin Mehmet 'Böyle'

5  Erkan Mehmet   'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ) married the daughter of Adem 'Binyayo'

6  Ayşe  Mehmet  'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)  married Oral  'Gugo'        

7  Hatice   Mehmet  'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)    married   Kerim Rüstem

8  Raziye  Mehmet  'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)     married Mehmet 'Zimbriko'

9  Emine  Mehmet  'Gatsura' (Ertuğ)  married  İbrahim İsmail Aktuna from Dali


OSMAN MEHMET ' 'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)  married ŞÜKRAN 'Gingi'

their children

1  Doğan Osman Ertuğ

2  Deniz Osman Ertuğ married to a Moldavian lady name?

3  Derya Osman Ertuğ   married Cengiz M Alp their children  Doğan  & Şükran  


SÜLEYMAN MEHMET ' 'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ) became disabled in an accidental shooting in 1966


ORAL  MEHMET ' 'Gatsura' (Ertuğ)   married

his children    

1 Yusuf Oral Ertuğ

2  Mehmet Oral Ertuğ

3  Süleyman Oral Ertuğ


ERKAN MEHMET ' 'Gatsura'  (Ertuğ)   married

their children

1  Gülden Erkan Ertuğ

2  Gökan Erkan Ertuğ


KEMAL MEHMET ' 'Gatsura' 'Yağci'  (Ertuğ)   married ŞERMİN  MEHMET BOYLE

their children

1  Mehmet Kemal Ertuğ married Selin Türk  their children  Şermin

2  Remzi Kemal Ertuğ


HÜSEYİN OSMAN  'Gatsura'  was the 2nd son of  OSMAN MEHMET 'Gatsura'


HÜSEYİN OSMAN 'Gatsura' married EMİNE HASAN 'Lordo'

their children

1  Osman Hüseyin Gatsura

2  Raziye Hüseyin Gatsura  married  İbrahim Yallitsi ( Parıldak )

3  Netice Hüseyin Gatsura  married   Hasan İbrahım  'İsmailo'

4   Sevgi Hüseyin Gatsura married  Necdet from Pile village

5   Sevilay Hüseyin Gatsura married  Seval Yusuf Ganari

6   Serap Hüseyin Gatsura   married  Alkan Sultan Süleyman

7   Hasan Hüseyin Gatsura disabled


YUSUF OSMAN 'Gatsura'  was the 3rd son of OSMAN MEHMET 'Gatsura'. [12]


YUSUF OSMAN 'Gatsura' married SADİYE KARAİSMAIL 'Garaşmaili'

their children

1  Osman Yusuf 'Gatsura' (Kırıcı) married  Benisev Osman 'Gutsugudi (Karaböcek)

2  Hüseyin  Yusuf   'Gatsura' (Kırıcı) married

3  Kemal  Yusuf  'Gatsura' (Kırıcı) married  Perihan Yusuf 'Kelle'

4  Ali   Yusuf   'Gatsura' (Kırıcı) married Hansel İbrahım 'Mustafuri'

5  Eren  Yusuf  'Gatsura' (Kırıcı)

6  Raziye  Yusuf  'Gatsura'   married Süleyman  Yusuf  'Buri' (Ağdaç)


OSMAN YUSUF 'Gatsura'  (Kırıcı)  married BENİSEV 'Gutsugudi' (Karaböcek)

their children

1  Yusuf Osman Kırıcı  married Dilek Kansel. Their children Benisev Kirici

2  Pembe Osman Kırıcı  married Mustafa Gümüş. Their children Osman


KEMAL YUSUF 'Gatsura'  (Kırıcı) married PERİHAN YUSUF 'Kelle'

their children

1 Saadet Kemal Kırıcı  married ?

2 Mine Kemal Kırıcı  married ?


HÜSEYİN OSMAN 'Gatsura' 'Elektrikci' married

their children

1  Sadiye Hüseyin Kırıcı

2  Sevim Hüseyin Kırıcı



their children

1  Yusuf Ali Kırıcı

2  Mesaret Ali Kırıcı

3  Şirin Ali Kırıcı


EREN YUSUF KIRICI  married 1 ?    2 ?

their children

1  Eniz Eren Kırıcı

2  Ahmet Eren Kırıcı

3  Seren Eren Kırıcı


ALİ OSMAN 'Gatsura'  married ? in the UK

their children

1  Radiye Ali  'Gatsura'  in the UK

2  Osman Ali  'Gatsura'  in the UK

3  Emine Ali  'Gatsura'  in the UK


KEMAL OSMAN 'Gatsura'  in the UK

their children

1  Timur Kemal  'Gatsura'  in the UK

2  Nermin Kemal  'Gatsur'a  in the UK

3  Raziye Kemal  'Gatsura'  in the UK



         The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura's'  1st daughter


KEZİBAN MEHMET 'Gezu married   MEHMET 'Şarmatta'

their children

1  Bekir  Mehmet 'Şarmatta' married Fatma Yusuf 'Gebe' they had no children

2  Yusuf Mehmet 'Şarmatta' disabled



HATİCE MEHMET 'Gatsura' married MEHMET İSMAIL KAVAZ 'Ganu' 1878-1951.[13]


their children

1  Şerife Mehmet Kavaz 'Kirlapu'  married Veli Mustafa 'Kirlapo' (Lurto)

2  Hacer  Mehmet Kavaz  married  İbrahim Arif

3  Dudu  Mehmet Kavaz   married  İbrahim Yusuf 'Kerlo, Sglinigo'

4  Yusuf  Mehmet Kavaz  married Nahide 'Birgo'

5  Emine  Mehmet Kavaz  1st wife of İbrahim  Rezan  'Zimbriko'





                  The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura's'  3rd daughter


RÜSTEM AND PEMBE MEHMET 'Gatsura', or Pemba as she is more popularly known. After the death of RÜSTEM, PEMBE went on to marry BEKİR MEHMET KAVAZ. That family is listed in the MEHMET KATRİ KAVAZ section.


PEMBE MEHMET 'Gatsura'  born 1866 married RÜSTEM HASAN 'Arap' born 1853

their children

1  Mehmet Rüstem 'Birgo

2  Yusuf  Rüstem   'Abeydo'





                         The family of  MEHMET MUSTAFA 'Gatsura's'  4th daughter. [14]


HANIM MEHMET 'Gatsura' married HASAN MEHMET AĞA Muhtar of Dali. they moved to Dali

their children

1 Mehmet Hasan  'Mehmetça' married Dervişe

2 Ayşe Hasan ’Şelluka'

3 Razgeli Hasan

4 Emine   Hasan  'İzzetu'  married İzzet Yusuf 'Kufi'

5 Şükriye Hasan 'Şekeru'

6 Dudu Hasan 'Hrisovondu' married Huseyin Kara-İsmail 'Garaşmayli' (Karaoz)

7 Zehra Hasan 'Zehru'  married  Ali Dede  born 1904-02.05.1964 (abducted and killed during the Cyprus conflict. still missing). [15]


MEHMET HASAN 'Mehmetça' married Dervişe

their children

1  Hatice Mehmet  'Çartu'  married Murat Süleyman 'Çarta'

2  Nermin Mehmet

3  Hasan Mehmet

4  Dudu Mehmet

5  Naciye Mehmet  married Ibrahim 'Garip'

6  Süleyman  Mehmet


AYŞE HASAN 'Şelluka' married ŞABAN YUSUF

their children

1 Keziban Şaban  married 'Culli'

2 Radiye Şaban  married Hüseyin Adem

3 Yusuf Şaban

4 Hasan Şaban

5 Halide Şaban  married Ahmet 'Cavuş'

6 Halil  Şaban



their children

1  Halide  Mehmet-Emin

2  Fatma  Mehmet-Emin

3  Nazım  Mehmet-Emin  married Müesser.

4  Tahir  Mehmet-Emin



Their children

1  Servet  married Kemal Aktunc  their children Nazim & Müesser

2  Raziye  married Hüseyin Aktaş 'Botsi'

3  Topel  married ?


EMİNE HASAN  İzzetu  married  İZZET YUSUF 'Kufi'

Their children

1  Şerife İzzet  married  İsmail Kale 'Semani' 'Gordonbihdi'

2  Yusuf İzzet married Meral Mehmet 'Mustakka'


ŞERİFE İZZET married İSMAIL KALE  'Semani' 'Gordonbihdi'

their children

1  İzzet İsmail Kale  married Sevilay from Turkey. Their children İsmail, Atilla, & Ozan

2  Emine  İsmail Kale married an Iranian doctor name??


YUSUF İZZET 'Kufi' married MERAL MEHMET 'Mustakka'

their children

1 İzzet Yusuf 'Kufi' married Tijen İbrahim 'Ağdiran' in the USA

2 Cimen Yusuf 'Kufi' married

3 Yesim Yusuf 'Kufi' married


ŞÜKRİYE HASAN ’Şekeru' married ENVER

their children

1  Hasan Enver  'Galamara'  married Nazime from Larnaca/Iskele

2  İbrahim Enver 'Darbe'  married Arife

3  İbrahim Enver

4  Hanım Enver

5  Sidika Enver

6  Arife Enver


DUDU HASAN 'Hrisovondu'  married HÜSEYİN KARA-İSMAIL. [16]

their children

1  İsmail Hüseyin Kara-Ismail  married 1. Dudu Yusuf Yeniçeri. 2 Şerife 'Şerifu' (Hahuma)

2  Mehmet-Ali  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail    married  Özgül İzzet

3  İbrahim  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail   married Zehra Meda from Bodamya village

4  Hasan  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail   married Hatice 'Lordo' (Lord)

5  Fatma  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail      married Abdullah İbrahim 'Paça' (Damdelen)

6  Sadiye  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail   married Yusuf Osman 'Gatsura'

7  Zekiye  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail    married Riza  İsmail 'Badado' (Kozanoglu)

8  Faize  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail      married Rifat 'Bada'

9  Furiye  Hüseyin  Kara-İsmail  married Zühtü Ramadan (Götsa/Gökşan)


ZEHRA HASAN  'Zehru'  married ALİ DEDE 1904 - 2.05.1964 (abducted and killed during the Cyprus conflict.

their children

1  Halil Ali Dede 'Pirilli'  married 1 ?  then Emine Yusuf 'Phsillo'

2  Duriye Ali Dede


HALİL ALİ DEDE married 1. GÜLSEYFA 'İzmaylo'.  2 EMİNE YUSUF 'Phsillo'

their children

1  Salih Dede

2  Serkan Dede married Handan Özmindik 'Drambulli'

3  İsmail Dede

4  Zehra Dede



RAMADAN was the 2nd son of Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri' (younger brother of Mehmet Mustafa 'Gatsura')



their children

1  Kara-Mustafa Ramadan   'Skordalli'

2  Süleyman  Mustafa  Ramadan

3  Arif  Mustafa  Ramadan  'Hostra'

4  Şerife  Mustafa  Ramadan  2nd wife of Yusuf 'Zavli'



their children

1  Ramadan Kara-Mustafa married

2  Dudu  Kara-Mustafa    married Mustafa Ömer 'Zavli'

3  Şerife  Kara-Mustafa   married Tahir İbrahım  'Babutsaro'

4  Remziye Kara-Mustafa    married Mehmet Böyle 'Gunetti'



their children

1  Mustafa Ramadan  married Selma Süleyman 'Mudra'

2  Şerife  Ramadan  married   Hilmi  'Guşa' (Kuşa)  from Dali

3  İsmail  Ramadan  married Arzu Kemal 'Lautaci'



their children

1  Mine Mustafa  married  Şevket Direktör

2  Güliz Mustafa   married Arif Yusuf Cebe  'Yiğit'



ŞERİFE RAMADAN married HİLMİ 'Guşa' (Kuşar)  from Dali

Their children

1  Hüseyin Hilmi  'Guşa' (Kuşar)  married Şerife Kemal 'Lautaci'

2  Emine Hilmi  'Guşa' (Kuşar) married Kemal 'Gondoz' their children

3  Yeşim Hilmi  'Guşa' (Kuşar)


HÜSEYİN HİLMİ 'Guşa' (Kuşar)  married ŞERİFE KEMAL 'Lautaci'

their children

1 Hilmi Hüseyin 'Guşa'(Kuşar) married Salime from Tremeşe Their children Vedia & Hüseyin

2  Arif Hüseyin 'Guşa' (Kuşar) married Nasif from Famagusta their children Hüseyin & Hilmi


EMİNE HİLMİ  'Guşa' (Kuşar)  married KEMAL 'Gondoz'

Their children

1 Yunus Kemal 'Gondoz'  married Zarif  their children Kemal

2 Şerin Kemal 'Gondoz'  married Ridvan from Vadili their children Arif.


YEŞIM HILMI 'Guşa' (Kuşa)  married  HÜSEYİN İSMAIL  KARA-İSMAIL (Karaöz)

their children

1  Tutku Hüseyin  married Muammer from İskele/Larnaca

2  Hilmi  Hüseyin



their children

1  İrem İsmail  in the UK  married Nazim from Famagusta. Their children Kayra & Rayan

2  Mine İsmail  in the UK



2nd son of  RAMADAN  MUSTAFA MEHMET 'Ramadi'



their children

1  Ramadan Süleyman 'Bedevino'

2  Mustafa  Süleyman    

3  Şerife  Süleyman   married Yusuf Hüseyin Bekir 'Onbaşı'

4  Keziban   Süleyman    married 'Camuri' from Dali

5  Rebgeli  Süleyman   married İbrahım 'Sağır'


RAMADAN SÜLEYMAN   'Bedevino' married

their children

1  Selma Ramadan  'Bedevi'  in Australia

2  Süleyman  Ramadan  'Bedevi'  in Australia

3  Arif  Ramadan     'Bedevi' in Australia

4   İsmail Ramadan    'Bedevi'   in Australia

5  Aydın  Ramadan   'Bedevi'  in Australia



their children  

1 Nilgün Mustafa    in the UK


ARİF RAMADAN 'Hostra' married

their children

1  Ramadan Arif  'Hostra'

2  Hasan  Arif  'Hostra'

3  Yusuf  Arif    'Hostra'

4  Mehmet  Arif   'Hostra' married Beyhan 'Mandayi'

5  Rabia Arif  'Hostra'    married Özer from Paphos

5  Şerife  Arif   'Hostra'  never married


RAMADAN ARİF RAMADAN   'Hostra'  married

their children

1  Arif  Ramadan  'Hostra'   in the UK

2  Mehmet  Ramadan    'Hostra'     in the UK    


HASAN ARİF RAMADAN 'Hostra'  married

their children

1  Arif Hasan Arif  in the UK

2  Mustafa  Arif   in the UK

3  İbrahim  Arif   in the UK


YUSUF ARİF  'Hostra'  (Ramadi) married

their children

1 Emine Yusuf


MEHMET ARİF  'Hostra'  (Altay) married BEYAN MADAN 'Mandayi'

their children

1   Emine Mehmet Arif  married Tahir Hüseyin Güvensoylu 'Omer usta' their children Hüseyin  &  Mehmet

2   Ayşe Mehmet Arif (Altay)  born 29.03.1970 married  Mehmet Korutürk 'Arap'  their children, Tuğberk  Korutürk

3   Ramadan Mehmet Arif  (Altay) not married

4   Neşe Mehmet Arif (Altay)  married Akiner Can Akıncı 'Şarvutti' their children Baran



MUSTAFA MUSTAFA 'Kidioli' (changed his name to Yorgi Kiriaki) born 1841 (3rd son of Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri'). [17]

their children

1  Emir-zade Mustafa born 1872 had no children

2  İsmail   Mustafa  'Badado' born 1879

3  Yusuf   Mustafa  'Şufta'  born 1883  had no children

4  Hatice  Mustafa    married  ikiz Osman   'Tayatti

5  Fatma  Mustafa   'Lauru'?    moved to Anglisiya village


İSMAIL MUSTAFA 'Badado' married

their children

1  Süleyman İsmail 'Badado'

2  Riza İsmail   'Badado'  married Zekiye  Hüseyin Kara-ismail


SÜLEYMAN İSMAİL 'Badado' married

their children

1   İsmail Süleyman   'Badado'

2   Yusuf Süleyman   'Badado'

3   Mehmet Süleyman  'Badado'

4   Keziban Süleyman   'Badado'

5   Fatma Süleyman  'Badado'

6   Aysel Süleyman  'Badado'

7   Tülin Süleyman  'Badado'

8   Türkan Süleyman  'Badado'



their children

1  İsmail Rıza  Kozanoğlu born 1955 married Havva Ahmet from Stavrogono villge

2  Hüseyin Rıza  Kozanoğlu  1956 married Şerife Fikret Nasib

3  Tezcan Rıza  Kozanoğlu   married  Mehmet Hasan from Civisil village

4  Tecelli Rıza  Kozanoğlu  married Yusuf  'Misigigo'

5  Tezin Rıza  Kozanoğlu   married  Hasan Cambulat


İSMAIL RİZA KOZANOĞLU  married HAVVA AKTOLGALI from Stavrogono village (Aydogan)

their children

1  Zekiye İsmail Kozanoğlu born 1981

2  Ahmet İsmail Kozanoğlu born 1985



their children

1  Rıza Hüseyin Kozanoğlu born 1986

2  Nebile Hüseyin Kozanoğlu (Gündoğan) born 1990


ALİ MUSTAFA 'Kazmalevri'  born 1855 (4th son of Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri') married

their children

1  Yusuf  Ali 'Kali'

2  Ali  Ali  'Kali'    

3  female died unmarried


YUSUF ALİ 'Kali' 'Yasi' married MELEK İSMAIL 'İsmailo' 'Yasena'. Born around early to mid 1870s. [18]

their children

1  Mustafa Yusuf 'Kali'

2  Ali Yusuf  'Kali'

3  Hüseyin  Yusuf  'Kali'  had no children

4  Rebgeli  Yusuf  'Kali'   married Mehmet Mustafa 'Babiro'


MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Kali' married

their children

1  Yusuf Mustafa Yusuf

2  Mehmet-Ali  Mustafa Yusuf

3  Erdinç  Mustafa   Yusuf   has one child Emine


ALİ YUSUF 'Kali'  married AYŞE

their children

1  Hasan Ali Kali married Ayşe

2  Yusuf Ali Kali  'Tayyareci' married Fatma

3  İsmail Ali Kali married Bahire

4  Rahme Ali Kali   married Halil Mehmet 'Şago' (Kansel) (this family is also listed above)

5  Mürüde Ali Kali  married  Osman Gugo

6  Hatik Ali Kali born 03.03.1945  married  Murat Süleyman  Kelleci  born 28.08.1943-19.02.2001. [19]


HASAN ALİ 'Kali' married AYŞE

their children

1  Ali  Hasan Ali 'Kali'

2  Mine Hasan Ali 'Kali'


YUSUF ALİ 'Kali' 'Tayyareci' married FATMA

their children

1  Selda Yusuf Kali  married their children Yusuf, Fatma, Ekrem.

2  Sema Yusuf  Kali  married to Yusuf their children Hazal & Mustafa

3  Ali Yusuf Kali married İsmet their children Ali & Arif



his children

1 Ayşe İsmail Ali Kali

2 Ali İsmail Ali Kali

3 Naile İsmail Ali Kali


RAHME ALİ 'Kali' married HALİL MEHMET 'Şago' (Kansel)

their children

1  Emine Halil  married Hasan Barbaros their children Rahme & Burcu

2  Mehmet Halil

3  Ayşen Halil

4  Ali Halil  married Hatun Gazi


MÜRÜDE ALİ 'Kali' married OSMAN 'Gugo'

their children

1 Aysel Osman

2  Şule Osman

3  Seval Osman

4  Sevil Osman

5  Hasan Osman

6  Ali Osman


( 2nd son of ALİ MUSTAFA 'Kazmalevri')

ALİ ALİ 'Kali' married

their children

1  Yusuf  Ali 'Kali'  from Ali's 1st wife Zalihe ....?

2  Mehmet  Ali  'Kali'               ''        ''          ''

3  Ayşe Ali Kali    married Yusuf 'Viddini' (Yusufcuk). Ayşe is from the 2nd wife Zalihe                daughter of Gül Ali.

4  Cihan Ali Kali   married  Mehmet from Ayananna                              

5  Raziye Ali Kali  in the UK


YUSUF ALİ 'Gondo' married

their children

1  Mehmet Ali Yusuf  'Kali'  in the UK

2  Burhan  Ali  Yusuf   'Kali'   in the UK

3  Süleyman  Ali  Yusuf   'Kali'   in the UK

4  Halit Yusuf 'Kali'   in the UK

5  Mesudiye  Ali  Yusuf  'Kali' in the UK married Hasan Halil Yigit 'Lefkeli' their children Emine, Zekiye, Duygu, Yeliz, Osman & Halil

6  Kıymet Yusuf  'Kali'   in the UK


MEHMET ALİ 'Kali'  married married EMİN DUDU 'Rahmeli' born 1933

their children

1 Sevgen Mehmet Ali Kali 1950  married Yasemin from Ankara, Turkey

2 Sözer Mehmet  Ali Kali married ?

3 Serpil  Mehmet  Ali Kali    married Soner Ramadan Onbaşı 'Şefko' (Özyalçin)


SEVGEN MEHMET ALI 'Kali' born 1950

their children

1  Mehmet Sevgen Kali born 1976

2  Müjde Sevgen Kali born 1983


SÖZER MEHMET ALİ ’Kali’  married

their children

1  Emine Sözer Kali

2  Beyhan Sözer Kali

3  Mehmet Sözer Kali


İBRAHIM MUSTAFA 'Braimulli'  (5th son of Mustafa Mehmet 'Kazmalevri). [20]

their children

1  Mustafa İbrahim 'Şagalli'

2  Arif  İbrahim  'Şagalli'    disabled  died a batchelor

3  Emine  İbrahim 'Şagalli'     2nd wife of Mustafa 'Skuri'

4  Arzu  İbrahim   'Şagalli'   moved to Anglisiya village

5  Naile  İbrahim  'Şagalli' (Naile had a daughter )  3rd wife of İbrahim 'Musko'


MUSTAFA İBRAHIM 'Şagalli' married

their children

1  İbrahim Mustafa 'Şagalli'

2  Ramadan  Mustafa 'Şagalli'

3  Melek Mustafa 'Şagalli'  married  İsmail Ramadan Keleş


İBRAHIM MUSTAFA 'Şagalli' married

their children

1  Tuncay İbrahim  married  Seval 'Gingi'

2  Emine  İbrahim  married  Hulusi from Vadili village


RAMADAN İBRAHIM 'Şagalli' 'Bardiçço' (Sakalli) married  NERMİN

their children

1  Mustafa Ramadan 'Şagalli' (Sakalli)  married?

2  Arif Ramadan 'Şagalli'  (Sakalli)  married ?

3  Serap Ramadan 'Şagalli'  (Sakalli)  married  Yusuf Süleyman 'Muya'

4  Ayfer Ramadan  'Şagalli' (Sakalli)  married Aziz Yusuf 'Bedasi'

5  Emel Ramadan  'Şagalli' (Sakalli)   married  Nazım Kurtarıcıoğlu


MUSTAFA RAMADAN  'Şagalli'  married

their children

1  Gizem Mustafa  'Şagalli'

2  Gizlem Mustafa  'Şagalli'


ARİF RAMADAN  'Şagalli' married

their children

1  Sıla Arif   'Şagalli'



[1] It's my belief that the  Ottoman census 1879. Doc; 151-a-1 page 301 official recording accidently wrote Mustafa's and his wifes Dudu'd year of birth the wrong way round.. The 1831 T.C Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri. Book TŞR.KB.d.00040. Pages 45 ve 46. Person No; 77. seems to confirm this as it records Mustafa as being 35 years old. This means his year of birth was 1796-7 and not 1813 as recorded in 1879.

[2] See footnote No; 1.

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[11] Osman & Muzaffer have not been found in  any record other thanThe Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar.   . page 144, Family No; 37. My conclusion is that they must have died as infants.

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The photos on this page have kindly been shared by the following persons.


Emel Yusuf Mehmet.

Seda Çamur

Mehmet Said Part 1

Yusuf M 'Sago' & Melek 'Kafa' 1955-57. Courtesy of

Courtesy of Emel Yusuf Mehmet.

Yusuf Mehmet 'Şago' & Melek 'Kafa'


Yusuf Mehmet 'Sago', Courtesy of Emel

Courtesy of Emel Yusuf Mehmet.

Yusuf Mehmet 'Şago'

Courtesy of Seda Çamur

Rahme Parıldak and Şermin Parıldak,

Courtesy of Seda Çamur

Şenel and Sevgi Burhan 'Yallitsi' (Parıldak)

Z1 Courtesy of Seda Camur

Courtesy of Seda Çamur

Şerife İbrahım 'Yallitsu'

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Hasan Süleyman and Gülten Süleyman.

Hasan Süleyman.

Akıncılar/Lurucina Köyünde Dikiş Nakiş Kursu 1971. Sonay Hoca, Pembe İsmail Cano, Şermin Parıldak, Tomriz Murat Kertenkele, Sultan Muhtaroğlu, Duygu İbrahım Tuna, Işıl Mehmet and Meral Osman.

Şermin Parıldak,

Şermin Parıldak, İsmet Süleyman Parıldak, Netice Hüseyin Gatsura, Peral İbrahim Parıldak (baby)

Netice Mehmet Gatsura.

Hacer Korkut

Netice Hüseyin Gatsura.

Şermin Parıldak and Burhan Parıldak.

Sevgi Burhan Parıldak

Gülten Hasan Süleyman, Reyhan Mehmet and Hasan Süleyman Parıldak

Veli Minella, (Veli Ağdıran) and Veli Barbaros.

Özdal Kubilay.

Şenel İsmail.

İbrahım Mustafa Cavus Bili

Cevat Yusuf

İsmet Süleyman Parıldak

Sevgi Burhan Parıldak.

Pembe İsmail Topal, (Pembe İsmail Cano) and Şermin  Parıldak.

Rahme Parıldak.

Süleyman İbrahım Parıldak

Burak Karaböcek  

Murat Üçkan

Sevgi Burhan Parıldak, Reyhan Sabri (the baby) and Şermin Parıldak.

Nezife Kemal Parıldak.

Hüseyin Süleyman Parıldak and Süleyman Sultan.

Nilhan Parıldak and Reyhan Sabri.

İbrahım Veli 'Çamuri' & Şermin Süleyman 'Yallitsi'

Veli Çamur & Seda Çamur

Seda Çamur, Veli Çamur, Şermin   Süleyman  'Yallitsi', seated İbrahim Veli 'Çamuri'

Seda and Veli Çamur

Seda Çamur

Seda Çamur

Seda Çamur & Veli Çamur

Şermin Süleyman 'Yallitsi'  & Seda Çamur..

Seda Çamur, Veli Çamur, İbrahım Veli 'Çamuri'  & Şermin Süleyman 'Yallitsi'

Lurucinaliyik 139

Mehmet Hostra ve kardeşi Ramadan Hostra ile Fatma Gaşaoli’nin oğulları Arif ve Hüseyin. (Lurucinaliyik grubuna Fotoğrafı Aydın Kasım gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 236

Hüseyin Osman Gatsura

(Lurucinaliyik grubuna Fotoğrafı Yusuf Kırıcı gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 234

Eren Yusuf Kırıcı (Gatsura) ve oğlu Enis Kırıcı.

(Fotoğraf: Artun Lurucinalı - Haziran 2013, Londra)

Lurucinaliyik 325

Ramadan Bedevino

(Fotoğrafı, Lurucinaliyik grubuna kızı Aydın Kasım gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 557

İbrahim Şagalli

(Fotoğraf: Lurucinaliyik grubundan Artun Lurucinalı - 21 Mayıs 2005, Londra)

Lurucinaliyik 654

Beyhan Mandayi, eşi Mehmet Hostra ve kızları Emine.

(Fotoğrafı Lurucinaliyik grubuna kızları Neşe Altay Canakıncı gönderdi)

Ali Yusuf Gatsura (Tilki) - (Artun Lurucinalı - 5 Ocak 2008)

Mehmet Gatsura’nın beş oğlu: Kemal Yaci, Erkan Yaci, Oral, Süleyman Karaca ve Osman Ertuğ. Bu fotoğrafı Süleyman Karaca’nın Londra’da yapılan 60’ıncı doğum günü partisinde Artun Gökşan çekti - 7 Şubat 2004, Croydon.

Lurucinaliyik 789 Lurucinaliyik 760