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Mehmet Katri. The Kavaz family

MEHMET İSMAIL KATRİ is the direct ancestor of the family now known as the KAVAZ. Interestingly KARA-MUSTAFA 'Hrisafi' went on to become the head of the Galaba's, Pekri's and many other families. Though it's hard to know with any exact certainty of the year of MEHMET KATRİ'S birth, a routh calculation should be around the mid 1700s. The basis for this estimate is that  Mehmet Kavaz  was born   1810 [1], A separate page on the history of this family tree can be seen on "THE HISTORY OF THE KAVAZ".




MEHMET İSMAIL KATRİ  (Reputed to have come from the Manisa region of Turkey on the Aegean coast) [2].

His children

1  Kara-Mustafa Mehmet 'Hrisafi'  born 1789-1791

2  Yusuf   Mehmet  'Ağa' born 1799

3  Kamil   Mehmet 'Kamilos'

4  İsmail   Mehmet 'Gaççari' born 1789-1791[3].



his children

1  Bekir İsmail   'Gaççari' born 1827 married Hatice Mustafa Öküz born 1839 they married in 1854 [4].

2  Veli  İsmail  'Çuffo'  born 1821 married Ayşe İbrahım 'Paça' born 1835 they married in 1858  

3  Yusuf  İsmail  'Dirimo'born 1837 married DUDU OSMAN born 1844 they married in 1854 (when she was only 10 years old) This family is on the Mehmet Katri 4 page

4  Mehmet  İsmail  'Kavaz'  born 1810  married Ayşe Yusuf  ’Şilioni'  born 1819 they married in 1839

5      ?        ''      wife of İbrahim ?


MEHMET İSMAIL 'Kavaz' 1810-1873 married  AYŞE YUSUF 'Şiliono' born 1819 they married in 1839 [5].

1  Yusuf Mehmet Kavaz  'Çavuş' born 1850 [6].

2  Seid-Ali Mehmet Kavaz  'Seido'  born 1854 married Fatma 'Sguluga' 1866-1931 [7].

3  Bekir Mehmet Kavaz  Bekiro' born 1859 married 1 Kadriye Mustafa Viddini' 'Gadina'  born 1867-    2nd wife Pembe Mehmet 'Gatsura' born 1866

4  Arif Mehmet Kavaz 'Paşa' born 1856 married 1 Ayşe Süleyman 'Yasumullo'.   2 Kakulla

5  İsmail Mehmet Kavaz  'İsmailo'  born 1844 married   Emine Hüseyin 'Kulea'

6  ?         Mehmet Kavaz    1st wife of Mehmet Karaca'

7    ?       Mehmet Kavaz     died young while engaged to Hasan 'Aliggo'


YUSUF MEHMET  'Kavaz, Çavuş'  born 1850 married

their children

1  Mehmet Yusuf Çavuş (Tsali) born 1876.


MEHMET YUSUF  'Çavuş' (Tsali) married

their children

1  Yusuf Mehmet 'Tsali'


YUSUF MEHMET 'Tsali'  married

their children

1  Erdoğan Yusuf

2  Orhan Yusuf

3  Fazile Yusuf (was assigned to a care home for the disabled)



his children

1  İsmail Erdoğan

2  Yusuf Erdoğan

3  Mehmet Erdoğan


ORHAN YUSUF 'Tsali'  married

their children

1  Çelik  Orhan

2  Çetin Orhan

3  Çamay Orhan


SEYİT-ALİ MEHMET KAVAZ  'Seido'  born 1854 married FATMA 'Sguluga' 1866-1931

their children

1  Keziban Seyit-Ali Kavaz1892-21.09.1955  married Mehmet Ramadan 'Fgaga' 11.05.1886-15.02.1972 [8].

2  Mehmet Seyit-Ali Kavaz  'Mono'  born 1901[9] married Dudu Gunetti born 1906

3  Dudu Seyit-Ali  Kavaz  'Skordallina'   married Suleyman 'Ramadi'

4  Huseyin Seyit-Ali Kavaz born 1891.

5  Razgeli Seyit-Ali Kavaz  'Gelona'  married Halil 'Genci'.


KEZİBAN SEYİT-ALİ KAVAZ 1892-21.09.1955 married MEHMET RAMADAN 'Fgaga' 11.05.1886-15.02.1972 This family is also listed on the 'Sarı' Mehmet  Hürrembey 'Hurrumbi', better known as the Tsuro's or Fgaga's [10].

their children

1  Suzan Mehmet   1912 - ?  married  

2  Fatma      ''   1914-1918  died as an infant

3  Sifa         ''   1918-05.09.2009   married Halil. Their children, Perihan, Meryem, Keziban

4  Hasan      ''    11.03.1921- married Melek. Their children Hüseyin, Arif, Metin, Ünal.

5  Hüssein   ''   11.03.1921 killed in action during WW2 in Italy on 09.09.1944 while serving in the Cyprus Regiment. Buried at the Ancona cemetery. Was not married

6  Kemal   Mehmet   married Şerife. Their children  Özgül,Öznur,Hatun,Sonuç,Mehmet.

7  Seyit       ''  1925    married  Gökmen, their children, Sylvia, Tina.

8  Novber     ''  1927    married Cağlar. Their children. Hülya.

9  Nevin      ''   1932     married Osman. Their children. Rozen, Timur, Nermin.

10 Numan   '' Jan 1934-Aug 2004  married Ayşe. Their children, Mine, Cenk

11 İbrahim  ''  1937       married Ayşe. Their children. Mehmet


MEHMET SEYİT-ALİ KAVAZ 'Mono'1901-1993 (1903. See footnote Number 8) married DUDU HÜSEYİN  'Gunetti' 1906-1972 [11].

their children

1  Seyit-ali Mehmet Kavaz  1931  married Hava

2  Celal Mehmet Kavaz       1934  married  Saidy        

3  Hüseyin Mehmet Kavaz   1941  married Fatma    

4  Tuncer Mehmet Kavaz     1944 -2010 married Ayşe 'Shemeduri'  1950-2004.

   Tuncer Mehmet Kavaz remarried Sam Jolly.

5  Gülsen Mehmet Kavaz married 1 Kyaşhif  Hüseyin  2 James Larkin

6  Fatma Mehmet Kavaz married Arif  


DUDU SEYİT-ALİ 'Kavaz'  'Skordallina'   married  SÜLEYMAN  'Ramadi'

their children


HÜSEYİN SEYİT-ALİ 'Kavaz'  born 1891 married

their children

1  Hüseyin Hüseyin  'Hellimci'  moved to Nicosia. Had no children.



SEYİT-ALİ  MEHMET KAVAZ  born 1931 married HAVVA

No children


CELAL MEHMET KAVAZ born 1935 married in 1955 to SARAH - SADIE [12].

their children

1  Selvet 'Sylvia'   Kavaz born 1956

2  Mehmet Kavaz born 1959

3  Sait Ali Kavaz (twin) born in 1960

4  James  Alan Kavaz (twin) born 1960 deceased


HÜSEYİN MEHMET KAVAZ born 1941 married FATMA in 1969

their children

1  Mehmet Kavaz 1972

2  Aziz Kavaz 1978

3  Hakan  Kavaz 1985

4  Lale Kavaz  born 21 July 1986


TUNCER MEHMET KAVAZ 1944-2010 married AYŞE 'Şemeduri' 1950-2004 they married in 1970. TUNCER'S 2nd wife SAM JOLLY [13].

their children

1  Mehmet  Kavaz born 1.4.1971  married Corinne Barwood their children Adam and Jacob Mehmet Kavaz.

2  Ecevit  Kavaz born 1974

3  Duysan Mehmet Kavaz  born 1978

4  Ella  born 2009 from 2nd marriage



their children

1  Ayşe  Kashif  Hüseyin born 1963

2  Mehmet  Kaşhif  Hüseyin born 1964

3  Tuncer (Tony) Larkin   born 1976


FATMA MEHMET KAVAZ married  ARİF BETEZ they married in 1971

their children

1  Selda  born 1972

2  Duyal  born 1977

3  Cemal  born 1978


Additional  information

DUDU  'Günetti' 1906 -1972 was MEHMET SEYİT-ALİ KAVAZ'S wife  ( see above). They belong to the YASUMULLO (İbrahim Garaoli  family tree).


1  Mehmet   Hüseyin  'Boyle' (Gunetti)  married

2  Hasan  Hüseyin     married  Ayşe

3  Razgeli  Hüseyin  'Gato'  married  Yusuf Süleyman 'Gato'

4  Naile  Hüseyin     married  Cemali

5  Ayşe   Hüseyin 'Lao'    married  Yusuf 'Lao'




BEKİR MEHMET KAVAZ  'Bekiro' born 1854 married KADRİYE MUSTAFA 'Gadina'  'Viddini' daughter of Mustafa 'Uşi' and then PEMBE MEHMET 'Gatsura (born 1866) who had 2 children from her 1st marriage to Rüstem Yusuf 'Arab'.  The 2 children Abeydo, and Birgo are listed on the Hasan Yusuf Arap page [14].


BEKİR MEHMET KAVAZ 'Bekiro' born 1859 married  1 Kadriye  Mustafa Viddini'  'Gadina'  daughter of Mustafa 'Uşhi' born 1867  2 PEMBE MEHMET 'Gatsura' born 1866  who had 2 children from her 1st marriage to Rüstem Yusuf 'Arap'

their children

1  Mehmet Bekir Kavaz 'Bekiro' 1883 -1960 ( from  Bekir's 1st wife Kadriye) married Melek 'Murado' [15].

2  İsmail  Bekir Kavaz   'Efendi'  ( from  Bekir's 1st wife Kadriye)

3  Veli  Bekir Kavaz  'Gutsoveli'  born 29,11,1901  from Bekir's 2nd wife Pembe Mehmet 'Gatsura'

4  Osman  Bekir Kavaz  'Osman Pemba'   born 1908              

5  Şerife  Bekir Kavaz   married Osman 'Burundi'

6  Katriye  Bekir Kavaz  married  İbrahim 'Şago'

7  Mehmet  Rüstem  'Birgo' born in 1892  married Ayşe Ramadan  'Çamuri' (from Pembe's 1st husband. this family is in the Hasan Arap page)

8 Yusuf Rüstem  'Abeydo'  born in 1894 (from Pembe's 1st husband).

9  Mustafa Bekir Kavaz  born 1888 died as a child

10 İbrahim Bekir Kavaz 1889 died as a child

11 Arif  Bekir Kavaz  30,01,1899 died as a child [16].


MEHMET BEKİR KAVAZ 'Bekiro'  born 1883 married MELEK MURAT 'Murado' [17].

their children

1  İsmail Mehmet Bekir Kavaz born 1906 married Safet İsmail

2  Mustafa  Mehmet Bekir  Kavaz  born 1912

3  Murat  Mehmet  Bekir Kavaz 'Usta' married Hacer Murat

4  Bekir  Mehmet  Bekir  Kavaz  'Bekircik' born 1921 married Leman Yusuf born 1928

5  Remziye  Mehmet  Bekir Kavaz  15-16? died young while engaged to Mustafa 'Paşo'



their children

1 Mehmet-Ali İsmail 'Usta' migrated to Ankara Turkey and married Müberra Bayraktar had a son Alper İsmail Bayraktar.

2 Keziban İsmail 'Usta' moved to Tuzla and married Semih Mehmet ,their children Metin Semih Caneri and Canan Abatay...


MEHMET-ALİ İSMAIL 'Usta' married

their children

1  Metin Mehmet-Ali


3rd son of BEKİR MEHMET KAVAZ 'Bekiro' [18].

VELİ BEKİR  KAVAZ 'Gutsoveli' married  FATMA İBRAHIM 'Yapıcı'

their children

1  Şerife  Veli         married İbrahım Hasan 'Gerekko'

2  Bekir  Veli    'Demirci'    married Mukaddez 'Fidiriko'

3  Pembe  Veli    married Ahmet Bekir

4  Emine  Veli   married Hüseyin 'Gutsugudi' their children Şerife , Hasan, Veli (İsmail) Bekir

5  İbrahım  Veli  'Demirci'  married Pervin their children  Şerife, Hüseyin & Veli

6  Ayten Veli   married Veli Bekir 'Barbaros'

7  Günay Veli   married Mehmet Arif 'Kaplan' their children Resmiye, Fatoş & Arif

8  Naside Veli  married  İbrahım 'Batta'. Their children  Pelin, Peri & Gülin


BEKİR VELİ DEMİRCI 'Gutsoveli'  married Mukaddez 'Fidiriko'

their children

1  Veli Bekir Demirci

2  Hasan Bekir Demirci

3  Osman  Bekir Demirci

4  Gazi  Bekir  Demirci

5  Mert  Bekir Demirci

6  Fatma 'Fato'  Bekir Demirci   married Osman İsmailo

7  Ruzen Veli  Demirci

8  Keziban Bekir Demirci



their children

1 Esra Veli Demirci

2 Emine Veli Demirci



their children

1  Mukaddes Hasan Demirci

2  Şeran Hasan Demirci

3  Fato Hasan Demirci



their children

1 Emir Osman Demirci

2  Bekir Osman Demirci


MERT BEKİR DEMİRCİ  had no children


GAZİ BEKİR DEMİRCİ  had no children



their children

1  Emine

2  Pembe

3  Bekir



their children

1  Cemaliye

2  Süleyman

3  Kemal

4  Bekir

5  Emel



MUSTAFA TURGUT MEHMET 'Bekiro' [19] married

their children

1  Ahsın Mustafa Turgut  migrated to the UK

2  Rüzen  Mustafa Turgut  married İbrahım Halil migrated to the UK

3  Eren  Mustafa Turgut   died at 16 years of age

4  İsmail  Mustafa Turgut

5  Suzan  Mustafa Turgut


MURAT MEHMET 'Bekiro, Murat  usta  married  MELEK

their children

1  Metin  Murat  'Usta'

2  Remziye  Murat  'Usta'     married Necmi Arif 'Billah'

3  Nilgün  Murat  'Usta'

4  Ülgen  Murat  'Usta'

5  Olgun  Murat 'Usta'


METİN MURAT 'Usta'  married

their children

1  Murat Metin Murat 'Usta'

2  Arif Metin Murat  'Usta'

3  Mehmet Metin 'Usta'


BEKİR MEHMET 'Bekircik'  married LEMAN YUSUF D.O.B 1928

their children

1  Alper Mehmet   became the 1st ethnic ambassador for the  UK [20].

2  Melek  Mehmet



their children                                                      

1  Mirelle  Mehmet                                        

2  Katrielle  Mehmet                                      



their children

1  Matilda  born in 2001

2  Lochlainn   born 2005

3  Mabel  born in 2006

4  Clara  born in 2008



their children

1  William   born in 1992                                                                          

2  Holly-Mei  born in 2004



their children

1  Sami  Bekir twin born in 1993

2  Adem  Bekir twin born in 1993


İSMAIL BEKİR KAVAZ  'teacher' married

their children

1  Mediha İsmail Hakkı  married Mehmet Münür Saraç

2  Mukaddes İsmail Hakkı  married Kemal Semi


OSMAN BEKİR KAVAZ  10.05.1907- 05.12.1968 married AYŞE 'Musko' [22].

their children

1  Jale Osman Kavaz    married İsmail İbrahım 'Gaşaoli'

2  Ruhsan  Osman  Kavaz   born 1935   married İsmail Yusuf 'Verde' born 1931'

3  Hayal   Osman  Kavaz    born 1946   married  Yunus Mehmet



their children

1 İmbren İsmail Kara-İsmail. Children 1 Jaylan 2 Ariel

2 Ayshe İsmail Kara-İsmail children 1 Tajana 2 Cherish 3 Jimmie 4 Johnie


RUHSAN & İSMAIL YUSUF  'Verde's family [23].

1  Sezin İsmail  Yusuf 'Verde' born 1953 married Sezar Turka

2  Ayşhe Yusuf Brown  born 12.03.1962- 07.01.2011 married Nigel Brown  born 09.06. 1962

3  Narin İsmail Yusuf born 1961   married Behiç Osman

4  Osman İsmail Yusuf  born 1970 married  ?

5  Serena  İsmail Yusuf  born 1971 married Paul Dore


SEZİN & SEZAR'S family

1  Hasan

2  Ruhsan  'Rocksy'

3  Tiron



1   Cody  'Cruize'

2   Çiçek Michelle Brown


NARİN &  BEHİÇ'S family

1  Timur


OSMAN &  ? family

1  Kaya


SERENA & PAUL'S  family

1  Sharna

2  Kenra

3  Alara



1  Emine

2  Menekşe married Dean they have one daughter named Shelby

3  Bülent  married Nicole they have one daughter named Angelica



İSMAIL MEHMET KAVAZ 'Ismaylo' born 1844 [26] married EMİNE HÜSEYİN 'Kulea'

their children

1  Mehmet İsmail 'Kanlı' 'Ganu' 1878-1951

2  Melek İsmail 'Kanlı' 'Yasena' married Yusuf Kali 'Yasi' born around early to mid 1870s

3  Şerife İsmail 'Kanlı' had no children


MEHMET İSMAIL KAVAZ 'Ganu' 1878-1951 married HATİCE MEHMET 'Gatsura'. Then HATICE 'Sarvutti'. All the children listed here were from the 1st marriage.

their children

1  Şerife Mehmet Kavaz 'Kirlapu' 20.01.1905 - 02.10.1985  married Veli Mustafa 'Kirlapo' (Lurto) born 14 July 1901 [27] .

2  Hacer  Mehmet Kavaz  1915   married  İbrahım Arif

3  Dudu  Mehmet Kavaz  born 1914    married  İbrahım Yusuf 'Kerlo, Sglinigo' born 1914

4  Yusuf  Mehmet Kavaz  born  1916 married Nahide Mehmet 'Birgo'

5  Emine Mehmet Kavaz 1st wife of İbrahım  Rezan 'Zimbriko' no children


ŞERİFE MEHMET 'Kavaz' 01.10.1904-5?-02.10.1985 married VELİ MUSTAFA 'Kirlapo'  born 1901

their children

1 Mustafa Died as a child

2 Mustafa Veli  10.02.1927- Feb 1996 (registered as Mehmet at birth) married Sadiye Osman 'Gato'

3 Mehmet Veli   12. 08. 1929       married  Fatma Yusuf 'Phsilo'  03.02.1935

4 Emine Veli   22.03.1932-June 1969   married  İbrahım Mustafa 'Cigi'

5 Hatice Veli   married   Mehmet Yusuf 'Skordo' 'Kerlo'

6 Rahme Veli   05.11.1936-28.12.2012   married   Cahit  Cemal from Dohni

7 Sabriye Veli 16. 12. 1938-24.03.2006  married  Mehmet Salih Ali from Dohni 01.03.1928-10.07.2000

8 Eyüb Veli  died as an infant. 6-8 months old?

9 Kâmil Veli     01.01.1944-10.09.1974     married   Sabiha İbrahım

10 Kâmuran Veli    married    Ali from Larnaca

11 Katriye Veli  1950    married    Halil from Dali



Their children

1  Behice  İbrahım  married Yusuf Ramadan.  Their children Canev, Hicran, Ramadan

2  Emine  İbrahım  married  Kemal Süleyman 'Munduko'. Their children, Süleyman, İbrahım, Duygu, Naciye

3  Arif  İbrahım


DUDU MEHMET &  İBRAHIM KERLO  'Sglinigo' [29].

Their children

1   Behice  İbrahım 01.09.1938  married Kemal Yusuf Ado, Bududa' 01.11.1939-09.06.2020. Their children. Ercan, Duygu, Emine born 17.02.1972 - 03.09.1999

2  Yusuf İbrahım   married Hatice

3  Soner İbrahım


YUSUF MEHMET 'Ganu' married  NAHİDE Mehmet  'Birgo'

Their children

1  İsmail  Yusuf   'Ganu'  (Kanlı)

2  Aysan  Yusuf  'Ganu' (Kanlı)

3  Emine  Yusuf  'Ganu'  (Kanlı) born 1940 married Yılmaz  Hamit bron 1935 from Dohni. children Yusuf, Işil, & Neşe.

4  Ayşe  Yusuf  'Ganu'  (Kanlı)

5  Netice Yusuf  'Ganu'  (Kanlı)


İSMAIL YUSUF  'Ganu'  married

their children

1  Mehmet İsmail ’Ganu’  (Kanlı)

2  Cemal İsmail ’Ganu’  (Kanlı)

3  Yusuf İsmail ’Ganu’ (Kanlı)


AYSAN YUSUF 'Ganu' (Kanlı)  married

their children

1  Sibel Aysan   'Ganu' (Kanlı)

2  Sinem Aysan  'Ganu' (Kanlı)


EMİNE YUSUF 'Ganu'  born 1940 (now Emine Hamit) Married YILMAZ HAMİT born 1935-2015  from Dohni village

their children

1  Işıl  Hamit

2  Yusuf  Hamit bron 1968 married Hasret Sulh born 1973. Yusuf's children Deniz born 1999 & Yasemin  born 2003

3  Neşe Hamit


EMİNE  MEHMET 1st wife of İBRAHIM REZAN 'Zimbriko'

No children




ARİF MEHMET KAVAZ  'Paşa' born 1856 and his family


Note; the only person registered in Lurucina in the 1800s named Kakulli Yorgi born 1850 was the son of Yorgo Baba Mihail [30]. It's possible that after his death  Arif Pasa, married his widower who would have been called Kakulla. Arif Pasha also lost his first wife [31]. One of their sons was in fact named Yorgi which makes this assumption credible. It was customary to name children after a deceased parent or step parent. Another custom was also for a widowed individual to marry a person who suffered the same experience. The only son born to Yorgi Kakulli named  Nikola was born in 1880 [32]. He was not registered on Ibrahim's records however.


ARİF MEHMET KAVAZ  'Paşa' born 1856  married 1. Ayşe  Süleyman 'Yasumullo' 2 wife Kakulla

his children

1  Mehmet Arif 'Kaplan' born 1877   from Arifs 1st wife Ayşe Süleyman 'Yasumullo'

2  Yusuf Arif  born 1881 May have died young as no record of his family  has been found [33].

3  Betros   Arif 'Paşa'  born 1885  from Arifs 2nd wife Kakulla [34].

4  Banayis  Arif 'Paşa'    Except for Athanasia they all moved to Limassol

5  Yorgis  Arif 'Paşa' born 1894

6  Athanasia  Arif 'Paşa'     moved to Anglisides village

7  Angeligi  Arif 'Paşa' [35].


MEHMET ARİF 'Kaplan' married  1 AYŞE GÜL-ALİ 'Halilu'. 2 AYŞE MEHMET 'Jufa' (Both from the Koftiro family)

their children

1  Arif Mehmet 'Kaplan, İmam'   from Mehmet's 1st wife

2  Şerife  Mehmet  'Kaplan' 'Şerinya' ( from Mehmet's 2nd wife) married Osman from Kaleburnu

3  Fatma  Mehmet 'Kaplan'   married Nuri from Matyat


ARİF MEHMET 'İmam, Kaplan' [36].

their children

1  Mehmet Arif  'Kaplan'

2  Hasan Arif 'Kaplan'

3  Aydın Arif 'Kaplan

4  Gönul  Arif  'Kaplan'   married Ahmet Mehmet from Dali

5  Katriye  Arif  'Kaplan'   married  Metin Murat 'Usta'

6  Ayşe  Arif  'Kaplan'   married Esat 'Kartal' 'Ado'


MEHMET ARİF Kaplan married

their children

1  Arif Mehmet  'Kaplan'

2  Remziye Mehmet 'Kaplan'

3  Fatoş Mehmet 'Kaplan'


HASAN ARİF 'Kaplan' married

their children

1  Yusuf Hasan 'Kaplan'

2  Remziye Hasan 'Kaplan'


AYDIN ARİF  'Kaplan'  married

their children

1  Süleyman Aydın 'Kaplan'

2  Fatma Aydın  'Kaplan'


GÖNÜL ARİF 'Kaplan' married AHMET MEHMET from Dali

their children


KATRİYE ARİF 'Kaplan' married  METİN MURAT 'Usta'

their children

1  Murat

2  Arif

3  Mehmet


AYŞE ARİF 'Kaplan' married  ESAT KARTAL D.O.B 1932

their children

1  Esen Esat

2  Yusuf Esat

3  Arif Esat

4  Emine Esat


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[35] Part of this family are on the records of İbrahım Tahsildar, but the information is inconclusive. A combination of his and Ottoman census records have given us a clearer picture of this family. As stated most members moved to Limassol and Anglisides.

[36] The rest of Arif Mehmet Kavaz's family form part of İbrahım Tahsildar's records, page. The Kaplans unlike the Christian part of their family remained in Lurucina.


The photos on this page have been shared by courtesy of the following persons

Tina Kemran.

Mehmet Kavaz.

Hayal Mehmet

Hasan Bekir Demirci

Ayshe Yusuf Brown


Hayal & Yunus Mehmet's wedding 1968. Courtesy of H Bahire & Bekir Veli 'Cuffo'. Courtesy of V Cufoglu

Courtesy of Tina Kemran

Mehmet Kavaz standing on the right (not wearing a Mehmet Kavaz in Afganistan. Courtesy of M Kavaz Mehmet Kavaz, with uncle Sait Mehmet & aunty Hava. Mehmet Kavaz in Afganistan (at front) Courtesy of Mehmet Kavaz  in Bosnia 1995 (somehere on the left Mehmet & Corinne Kavaz. Courtesy of M Kavaz. Tina 2 Tina 6 Corinne & Mehmet Kavaz. Courtesy of M Kavaz hasan mehmet onbasi Tina 19 Tina 3 Tina 7 Tina Kemran Tina Kemran 1 Osman Bekir Kavaz & Hayal Bekir Kavaz. 1968 Courte Osman Bekir Kavaz & Bekir Demirci. Courtesy of B. Osman & Ayse Bekir Kavaz. Courtesy of Hayal

Mehmet Kavaz (standing 4th from right)

The British Royal Fusiliers

Mehmet Kavaz in Afganistan

Mehmet Kavaz with his family

Mehmet Kavaz in Bosnia

Mehmet Kavaz in Afganistan

Mehmet Kavaz with his wife Corinne Barwood

Mehmet Kavaz with his wife Corinne Barwood

Hussein Mehmet Ramadan enlisted on 15 February 1940. Serial No' CY1217. Died as a result of Battle accident on 9 September 1944. His final resting place is at the Ancona war cemetery in Italy. R.I.P

Seidali Mehmet Ramadan enlisted in the Cyprus Regiment in WW2 on 13 November 1942. Serial No; CY19578.

On the left Hasan Mehmet Ramadan With Greek Partisans in Crete after  escaping from  German soldiers attempting to question him

Seidali Mehmet Ramadan

Tina Kemran

Seidali Mehmet Ramadan

Right. Seidali Mehmet Ramadan

Seidali Mehmet Ramadan

A translated document from the 1878-79 Ottoman census showing Mehmet Kavaz's year of birth as 1810, his wife Ayşe born in 1819.Ayşe They ma was from the Yusuf Mustafa Şilioni family. They married in 1839. Yusuf Ismail 'Gaççari' (Dirimo) also from this family tree was born in 1837. Ottoman census, 1879, Doc No; 160-a-3 page 319.

319-3 Tina 9 Hasan Bekir Gutsoveli 27 Hasan Bekir Gutsoveli 30 Hasan Bekir Gutsoveli 33 Mehmet 'Fgaga', Keziban Mehmet ,Seyit, Hasan, Kema Kemal Mehmet Hayal Osman Kavaz ( H Mehmet). Courtesy of Hayal Hayal Osman Bekir Kavaz. Courtesy of Hayal Hayal Osman Kavaz & Hergul Osman. 1963 school danc Hayal and Bulent Yunus Mehmet. Courtesy of Hayal Emine & Menekshe Mehmet. Courtesy of Hayal Courtesy of Tina Kemran  11 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 1 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 4 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 6 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 7 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 11 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 8 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 9 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 10 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 2 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 3 Ayshe Yusuf Brown 5