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Mehmet Katri. Part 4

VELİ İSMAIL 'Gaççari was the 2nd son of İSMAIL MEHMET 'Gaççari'. VELİ became better known as 'Çuffo'. [1]


VELİ İSMAIL 'Gaççari' (Çuffo) born 1821 married Ayşe İbrahim 'Paça' born 1835 they married in 1858. [2]

their children

1  İsmail Veli  'Gaççari' (Çuffo)

2  Emine Veli 'Gaççari'  ( Çuffo)  died unmarried


İSMAIL VELİ 'Gaççari, (Çuffo)  born 1870 married Emine (sister of  'Kihhi')

their children

1  Veli İsmail  'Çuffo' born 11,08,1890.

2  Bekir İsmail 'Çuffo'  'Tikkiro'  born 1896 died young      

3  Ayşe  İsmail Şelukka  married  İbrahim Arif 'Mulla'.

4  Mehmet Ismail born 02,11,1893  died as a child



VELİ İSMAIL 'Çuffo' born 11,08,1890  married EMİNE İBRAHIM 'Yapıcı' 1888 -1991? [3]

his children

1  İsmail Veli İsmail  'Çuffo' (İsmailcık) 1913-1986-7? married Emine daughter of Osman 'Usta'

2  İbrahım  Veli  İsmail  'Çuffo' born 1919 -2012 married Fatma Yusuf 'Yeniçeri'. Born 1928

3  Bekir  Veli İsmail 'Çuffo'  1922-2010 married Bahire

4  Mehmet Veli İsmail 'Çuffo' (Raftui)  1926-2012. married Meyrem Seyfi from Galatya (Mehmetcik)

5  Seyfi  Veli İsmail 'Çuffo'  born 1933

6  Şerife  Veli İsmail 'Çuffo'  (1916-2010) married Veli Koca-İsmail

7  Ayşe  Veli İsmail 'Çuffo' (1929-1987) married Veli Bekir Veli 'Gaççari'

8  Jale  Veli İsmail 'Çuffo'  born 1936   married İrfan Hacali


İSMAIL VELİ 'İsmaılcık,Çuffo'  1913-1986-7? married EMİNE (Sister of Osman 'Usta'). [4]

his children  

1  Veli İsmail Veli  (Erener) born in 1940 married Ülkü from Paphos

2  Osman  İsmail Veli  (Erener)  born in1949  married  Fatma Salahi

3  Sultan  İsmail  Veli  (Erener)  born in 1951 married İsmet from Topcuköy village

4  Şerife   İsmail Veli  (Erener)  born in 1945 married Metin 'Gordonbihdi'

4  Cennet  İsmail  Veli  (Erener) born in 1947 married  Göksen from Galatya village

6  Jale  İsmail Veli  (Erener)  born in 1953  married ? deceased


VELİ İSMAIL  (Erener )  married

their children

1  Ümit Veli Erener

2  Nüvit Veli Erener

3  Mehmet Veli Erener


OSMAN İSMAIL (Erener) married

their children

1  İsmail Osman Erener

2  Salahi Osman Erener

3  Eren Osman Erener


SULTAN İSMAIL Erener married

their children

1  Özan Sultan Erener

2  Erol Sultan Erener

3  Nazan Sultan Erener

4  Samet Sultan Erener

5  Levent Sultan Erener


İBRAHIM VELİ 'Çuffoğlu' (Korovyali) 1919 -2012 married FATMA YUSUF YENİÇERİ  born 1928. [5]

their children

1  Emine İbrahim' Çuffoğlu'  25.10.1950  married Aytekin Reis  born 15.05.1949

2  Veli İbrahim  'Çuffoğlu'  29.03.1956  married  Arzu 12.11.1960

3  Yusuf İbrahim 'Çuffoğlu'  18.11.1961 married Sevilay

4  Ramadan İbrahim 'Çuffoğlu'  17.12.1969 married Tülay born 08.12.1974


EMINE İBRAHIM born 25.10.1950 married  AYTEKİN REİS born 15.05.1949

no children


VELİ İBRAHIM 'Çuffoğlu'  born 29.03.1956 married  ARZU 12.11.1960. [6]

their children

1  Ayşe Veli  'Çuffoğlu' 05.04.1982

2  Fatma Veli  'Çuffoğlu' 'Fatoş' 18.11.1984

3  İsmail Veli  'Çuffoğlu'  (twins/ikiz) 26.02.1994

4  Kemal Veli  'Çuffoğlu'  (twins/ikiz) 26.02.1994


YUSUF İBRAHIM  'Çuffoğlu'  born 18.11.1961 married SEVİLAY ÇUFFO born 1966. [7]

their children

1  İbrahım Yusuf  'Çuffoğlu' born 15.08.1989

2  Ayten Yusuf  'Çuffolğu' born 19.02.1993


RAMADAN İBRAHIM 'Çuffoğlu' born 17.12.1969 married TÜLAY Çuffo born 08.12.1974

his children

1  Talia Ramadan 'Çuffoğlu' born 21.07.2003


BEKİR VELİ  İSMAIL 'Çuffoğlu'  married  BAHİRE

their children

1  Eren Bekir Çuffoğlu    migrated to the UK

2  Emel Bekir Çuffoğlu    migrated to the UK died young

3  Işın Bekir Çuffoğlu   migrated to the UK



their children

1  Berin Mehmet Çuffoğlu

2  Senol Mehmet Çuffoğlu


SEYFİ VELİ İSMAIL 'Çuffo' married

their children children

1  Jale Seyfi Veli İsmail   migrated to the UK


YUSUF was the (3rd son listed at the start of this family)of İSMAIL MEHMET 'Gaççari'. His future grandchildren became better known as the KOCA-İSMAIL family  


YUSUF İSMAIL 'Gaççari' born 1837 married DUDU OSMAN born 1844 they married in 1854 (when she was only 10 years old). [8]

his children

1  İsmail Yusuf   'Koca-İsmail' born 1865. [9]

2  Osman  Yusuf  'Dirimo' (Varda) born 1873

3  Rahme  Yusuf  'Dirimo' (Rahmeli) born 1858 married Yusuf 'Layuzarda

4  Hatice  Yusuf  'Dirimo'  married Hasan (Turlumbi or Mudaho??) and then 'Tsali'

5  Fatma  Yusuf 'Dirimo'  born 1865  married Yusuf Azgın.


İSMAIL YUSUF  'Koca-İsmail' (Dirimo) [10] born 1865 married

their children

1  Hüseyin  İsmail  'Koca-İsmail'

2  Veli  İsmail  'Koca-İsmail'  born 05,05,1899  married Şerife Veli 'Cuffo'

3  Ali  İsmail  'Koca-İsmail'  born 10,10,1901 married  Hatem Ali 'Gingi'

4  Yusuf İsmail  'Koca-İsmail' 25,10,1892 died young .

5  Şerife İsmail 'Koca-İsmail'   married Hasan  Osman 'Gunduro'

6  Dudu  İsmail 'Koca-İsmail'   married Arif 'Bedasi'

7  Rebgeli İsmail 'Koca-İsmail'  married Mehmet Mustafa 'Gatsura'.                                                     8  Yusuf İsmail 'Koca-İsmail'   born 10,04,1900 died young                                                                    9  Osman Ismail 'Koca-Ismail' born  20,09,1895. [11]



their children

1  İsmail Hüseyin Koca-İsmail

2  Mehmet  Hüseyin 'Koca-İsmail

3  Necat  Hüseyin 'Koca-İsmail

4  Yusuf  Hüseyin  'Koca-İsmail  

5  Cemaliye  Hüseyin 'Koca-İsmail    married Mehmet Seid-Ali  'Şarmatta'

6  Razge  Hüseyin  'Koca-İsmail      married İsmail 'Otan' moved to Dali

7  Şerife  Hüseyin  'Koca-İsmail      married Hikmet Mehmet 'Bedasi'


İSMAIL HÜSEYİN 'Koca-İsmail'  married  MELEK YUSUF 'Mudra' (Gazi)

their children

1  Emel İsmail  'Koca-İsmail' born in the UK 28.08.1955 married Güner Yusuf 'Lala' born 21.01.1950  born in Lurucina lives in the UK.

2  Yusuf İsmail  'Koca-İsmail' born 1963  married Suzanne Mazloum in the UK

3  Bülent İsmail  'Koca-İsmail' born 1964 married Sibel in  the UK


EMEL ISMAIL 'Koca-İsmail' born 28.08.1955  married GÜNER YUSUF 'Lala' born 21.01.1950

Their children

MELIN YUSUF born 1976 married TANVEER TARAFDAR  born 1975.


Caspian born 2009

Serafina  born  2011


ARAN YUSUF born 1982 single


YUSUF ISMAIL 'Koca-İsmail'  born 1957 married SUZANNE MAZLOUM

their children

1  Joseph ismail

2  Adam ismail  Engaged to Yasmin


BÜLENT İSMAIL 'Koca-İsmail' married SIBEL



MEHMET HÜSEYİN  'Koca-İsmail' (Botsi)  married

their children

1  Hüseyin Mehmet  'Koca-İsmail'

2  Eşgül Mehmet  'Koca-İsmail'

3  Emine Mehmet  'Koca-İsmail'



their children

1  Korman Necat  'Koca-İsmail'

2  Veli Necat  'Koca-İsmail'

3  Hüseyin Necat  'Koca-İsmail'


YUSUF HÜSEYİN  'Koca-İsmail'  married

their children

1  Güneş Yusuf  'Koca-İsmail'

2  Gülen Yusuf  'Koca -İsmail'


ALİ  İSMAIL 'Koca-Ismail' born 10,10,1901  married  married HATEM ALİ 'Gingi'

their children

1  İsmail Ali Koca İsmail died young./

2  Zekiye Ali  'Koca-İsmail'

3  Hidayet Ali  'Koca-İsmail'

4  Emine Ali  'Koca-İsmail' (Münevver according to one record?). [12]

5  Perihan Ali  'Koca-İsmail' ( Nesrin according to one record?)


VELİ İSMAIL 'Koca-İsmail' born 05,05,1899    married

their children

1  Adem Veli  'Koca-İsmail'   migrated to the UK

2  Veysiye Veli  'Koca-İsmail'  migrated to the UK

3  Raziye Veli  'Koca-İsmail'   migrated to the UK

4  Emine Veli  'Koca-İsmail'   migrated to the UK

5  Nazife Veli  'Koca-İsmail'  migrated to the UK

6  Ayşe Veli  'Koca-İsmail'   migrated to the UK

7  Perihan Veli  'Koca-İsmail'   migrated to the UK


YUSUF İSMAIL KOCA-İSMAIL 25,10,1892  had no children


OSMAN YUSUF 'Dirimo' (Varda) born 1873.

his children

1  Şerife Osman Yusuf 'Dirimo' married  İbrahim 'Zimbriko' their 2 children tragically burned in a fire. [13]

2  Mehmet Osman Yusuf born 1900 died young.




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The Çuffo, Dirimo & Koca-İsmail form part of this family group.

Arzu Çuffoğlu


Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 3

The photos on this page have been shared by courtesy of


Emine İbrahim Çuffoğlu'

Veli İbrahim  'Çuffoğlu'

Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 1 Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 2 Veli Cufoglu 81 Veli Cufoglu 82 Veli Cufoglu 83 Veli Cufoglu 84 Veli Cufoglu 87 Veli Cufoglu 98 Veli Cufoglu 100 Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 17 Veli Cufoglu 106

Arzu & Veli Çuffoğlu


Veli Cufoglu 108 Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 32

Melek İsmailcık 1966.

Aydın Özensev, Aynur İsmail, Emine Reis, Ayla İsmail

Aytekin Reis & Emine İbrahim' Çuffoğlu'

Veli & Ramadan,

Veysiye, Şerife nene, & Adem Veli.1953.

Şerife Veli, Children, Adem, Veysiye, Emine 1940.

Emine Osman & Bekir Veli.

İbrahim Veli 'Çuffo',

İsmail Veli Çuffo 'İsmailui'.

Veli Çuffoğlu

İsmail Veli 'Çuffo, İsmailui'.

Mehmet Veli 'Çuffo,

Emine İbrahim' Çuffoğlu'

Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 10 Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 36 Emine Ibrahim 'Cuffo' 34

Ahmet ,Ayşe Veli, Emel Veli,çocuk Işil Veli Çuffo, sene1975

Fatma Çufoğlu, Emine Çufoğlu, Emine Çuffo, Ayşe Veli. 1980