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The Galaba, Pekri, Fesa, Lao, Cambulat and Şufta are part of this family group.

The Mehmet Katri (Katriniyes/Katrinins) family were the earliest known descendants of  the Galaba, Pekri, Fesa,  Bedasi, Kasino, Gaçari and the Kavaz families. A calculated guess would give us a rough date of early or mid 1700s for the Birth of Mehmet Katri It seems this family were established in Luricina at least from the mid 1700s, There are some notes from old timers records that suggest this family may have come from Manisa the Aegean, region of Turkey. [1] When they came is not conclusive, but subsequent information since the setting up of this site has come to light which seem reliable on the origins of this family. An interesting discovery that Mehmet Katri's 4th son  İSMAIL MEHMET 'Gaçari' was also the father of MEHMET KAVAZ . Mehmet was infact the 1st  person to acquire the name Kavaz which has been carried to the present day. Simply put MEHMET KATRİ is one of the oldest ancestor on record. Who would have guessed that the KAVAZ  and GALABA'S were originally one and the same family.  Katri was not the surname but many people who belonged to the Katri order used it as part their recognition of the order they belonged to.


The name Katri originates from Qadiriyyah. The Qadiri Order is one of the oldest Sufi Orders. It derives its name from Abdul-Qadir Gilani (1077-1166), a native of the Iranian province of Mazandaran. [2] The order is one of the most widespread of the Sufi orders in the Islamic world, and spread to Central Asia, Turkey, Cyprus, Balkans and much of East and West Africa. The Qadiriyyah have not developed any distinctive doctrines or teachings outside of mainstream Islam. They believe in the fundamental principles of Islam, but interpreted through mystical experience. This name was normally given to certain individuals who followed the order of the Qadiriyyah. What this implies for our ancestor Mehmet Katri/Kadri is not clear. What is clear however is that during the Ottoman period it was normal to use the name of the order one belonged to. Many Yeniçeri's / Janissaries  also followed the Kadri order




His children

1  Kara-Mustafa Mehmet Katri 'Hrisafi' born 1789-91. [4]

2  Yusuf  Mehmet  Katri 'Ağa'  born 1799 [5] married  Ayşe Yusuf Karaoli

3  Veli Mehmet Katri

4  İsmail  Mehmet  Katri 'Gaççari' born 1789-91. [6]



his children

1  Ramadan  Kara-Mustafa  'Zorno' born 1834. [7] married Rabia Osman  born 1842. They married in 1855

2  İsmail  Kara Mustafa  'Kullo' born 1829 married Dudu Yusuf born 1839 they married in 1853

3  Şerife  Kara Mustafa  married  İbrahim 'Çamuri'

4  Ayşe Kara Mustafa engaged to  Hasan-İligo when she died


RAMADAN KARA-MUSTAFA 'Zorno'  born 1834 married RABİA OSMAN  born 1842. They married in 1855. [8]

his children

1  Mustafa Ramadan 'Pekri' born 1859

2  İsmail Ramadan 'Galaba' 1862  married Emine Mustafa 'Badudi'

3  Veli  Ramadan   'Lao' married  Zehra Ali Mustafa Öküz

4  Bekir  Ramadan 'İkiz'  (twin') born 1865

5  Osman  Ramadan 'İkiz' ( twin) born 1865

6  Mehmet  Ramadan   'Kazmalevri' born 1864

7  Yusuf  Ramadan     'Mavri' born 1877.

8   Emine Ramadan born 1867

9   Hatem Ramadan     married Hamidi from Bodamya

10   Ayşe  Ramadan  'Ayşeli'  born 1868   married  Kirkaya from Bodamya

11  Hatice  Ramadan     married Ali İsmail 'Tahuredi'

12  Emine Ramadan born 1867


MUSTAFA RAMADAN 'Pekri' born 1859

his children

1  Ramadan Mustafa 'Pekri' (Zardaganya)

2  Veli  Mustafa 'Pekri'

3  Süleyman  Mustafa 'Pekri'   died young

4  Emine   Mustafa 'Pekri'  married   Hasan Yusuf  'Mattaga'

5  Ayşe  Mustafa 'Pekri'  married  Bekir Veli 'Kelle'

6  Rebgeli  Mustafa 'Pekri'  Mehmet Mustafa's  'Mustafuri' 2nd Wife

7  Zalihe  Mustafa 'Pekri'  married  Hüseyin  Karayan 'Ginezzo'

8  Naile  Mustaf  'Pekri'   married Hüseyin Deveci and moved to Mennoya village


RAMADAN MUSTAFA 'Pekri' (Zardaganya) married DUDU

their children

1  Mustafa Ramadan 'Pekri'  'Aşkun/Mustanbeşi

2  Mehmet  Ramadan ''Ağdaç' 'Küsler

3  Osman  Ramadan 'Ağdaç' 'Grivas'

4  Yusuf  Ramadan 'Gillo'

5  Süleyman Ramadan died young

6  Hatem  Ramadan 'Pekri'   married Murat Hasan Özdoğaç 'Mişaro'

7  Ayşe  Ramadan 'Pekri'  married  Mehmet 'Mancali/Papgen'

8  Naile  Ramadan was disabled      

9  Cemaliye  Ramadan  married Bekir Bekir Hoşezer



MUSTAFA RAMADAN' Aşkun/Mustanbeşi

his children

1  Süleyman Mustafa 'Aşkun'

2  Ayşe  Mustafa  'Aşkun'   married Mehmet Veli 'Pekri'

3  Aysel  Mustafa 'Aşkun  married Selahettin İzzet (Commander of Lurucina 1966-67). [9] moved to Tuzla -Larnaca


SÜLEYMAN MUSTAFA 'Aşkun' married

their children

1  Fatma Süleyman 'Aşkun'   married Süleyman Hasan 'Yücelen'

2  Soley Süleyman 'Aşkun'  married Mehmet Kemal Lord


MEHMET RAMADAN 'Ağdaç' (Küsler) married

Their children

1  Süheyla Mehmet  'Ağdaç' 1st wife of Kemal Gazi

2  Süleyman Mehmet 'Ağdaç'

3  Osman  Mehmet  'Ağdaç'

4  Işıl   Mehmet   'Ağdaç'   2nd wife of Kemal Gazi

5  Keziban or Berin? Mehmet  'Ağdaç' married Nevzat Yıldırım 'police'


SÜLEYMAN MEHMET 'Ağdaç'  married

their children

1  Umay Süleyman 'Ağdaç'

2  Hale Süleyman 'Ağdaç'

3  Ayca Süleyman 'Ağdaç'


OSMAN SÜLEYMAN 'Ağdaç'  married

their children

1  Mehmet Osman 'Ağdaç'

2  Münevver Osman 'Ağdaç'


OSMAN RAMADAN 'Ağdaç' 'Grivas' (Pekri) married

their  children

1  Yusuf Osman 'Ağdaç'

2  Ramadan Osman 'Ağdaç

3  Emcet  Osman 'Ağdaç'

4  Öner Osman 'Ağdaç'

5  Civan Osman 'Ağdaç  married Mustafa Özkılıc

6  Cavidan Osman 'Ağdaç'  married Taner Canselen

7  Canan  Osman 'Ağdaç  married Şevket Aktunç

8  Cihan Osman 'Ağdaç'  married Cengiz Korkmazhan

9  Derya Osman 'Ağdaç'  married Türkeş Bambeş

10  Duyal Osman 'Ağdaç'  married  Ali Dinçol


YUSUF RAMADAN 'Ağdaç'  married

their children

1  Fikriye Yusuf  'Ağdaç' (Buri)   married Murat Mehmet 'Yakula'

2  Mustafa  Yusuf 'Ağdaç'  (Buri)

3  Süleyman  Yusuf  'Ağdaç' (Buri)

4  Erdinç  Yusuf 'Ağdaç' (Buri)


MUSTAFA YUSUF 'Ağdaç' (Buri)  married

their children

1  Ayşe  Mustafa 'Ağdaç'

2  Hüseyin Mustafa 'Ağdaç'


SÜLEYMAN YUSUF 'Ağdaç' married

their children

1  Yusuf Süleyman 'Ağdaç'

2  Serdar  Süleyman 'Ağdaç'


ERDİNC YUSUF 'Ağdaç'  married

their children

1  Yılmaz Erdinç Ağdaç


VELİ MUSTAFA 'Pekri' (son of Mustafa Ramadan'Pekri)

his children

1  Kemal ( Mustafa ?) Veli 'Pekri'

2  Tahir  Veli  'Pekri'

3  Yusuf  Veli 'Pekri'

4  Mehmet  Veli 'Pekri'


KEMAL  (Mustafa?) VELİ 'Pekri'  married

their children

1  Emine Kemal 'Pekri'  never married

2  Zalihe  Kemal 'Pekri'   married Özkan Ali-şan


TAHIR VELİ 'Pekri'  married

their children

1  Hatice Tahir  'Pekri'   married Soner Özbilen

2  Nilgün Tahir  'Pekri'   married Mustafa from Pergama

3  Emine  Tahir 'Pekri'   never married


YUSUF VELİ  'Pekri' married

Their children

1  Emine Yusuf 'Pekri' moved to London

2  Duyal Yusuf  'Pekri'   moved to London

3  Eral  Yusuf 'Pekri'    moved to London


MEHMET VELİ  'Pekri'  married  AYŞE MUSTAFA 'Aşkun' (Ayşe Mustafa Pekri). [10]

Their children

1  Hakan  Mehmet  'Pekri'

2  Nalan Mehmet  'Pekri'   married Volkan Verdi their daughter is Gizem Verdi

3  Seran Mehmet 'Pekri'   married  Yusuf 'Toz'


HAKAN MEHMET 'Pekri' married FATOŞ MEHMET 'Kaplan'

their children

1  Mehmet Hakan 'Pekri'

2  Ayşe Hakan 'Pekri'


İSMAIL  RAMADAN 'Galaba' born 1862 married  EMİNE MUSTAFA 'Badudi'. [11]

their children

1  Ramadan İsmail 'Galaba' married Keziban Bekir 'Guri-yua

2  Bekir İsmail 'Galaba'  Had no children

3  Mustafa İsmail Galaba  had no children

4  Yusuf İsmail 'Galaba'  1903-4- 23.04.1970 (Phsillo) married Melek İsmail 'Phsillu' (daughter of Ismail Ali Tahuredi, Giçço). 1908- 14.12.1988 [12]


RAMADAN İSMAIL 'Galaba' married KEZİBAN BEKİR 'Guri-uya'

their children

1  İsmail Ramadan 'Galaba' (Kelleş) married

2  İbrahim Ramadan 'Galaba' (Bay)  married Ayse Osman moved to Australia

3  Mustafa Ramadan 'Galaba'  (Garabina) moved to London

4  Osman Ramadan 'Galaba'  (Yorgancı) married Nazemin Mehmet moved to London

5  Hüseyin Ramadan 'Galaba'  moved to London

6  Aliye Ramadan 'Galaba'  moved to the Gaza strip in Palestine

7  Şerife Ramadan 'Galaba'  moved to London

8  Emine Ramadan 'Garabina' moved to Australia married Hifzi Velisha from Albania.




their children

1  Aliye İbrahım married İrfan Ahmet

2  Rubiye ( Rubby) İbrahım

3  Vijdan (Vera) İbrahım


ALİYE IBRAHIM married İRFAN AHMET all live in Weribee, Victoria, Melbourne

their children

1  İbrahim (Brian)

2  Hilmi


RUBİYE İBRAHIM married HÜSEYİN MEHMET  all lıve in Melbourne Australia

their children

1  Fisun

2  Filiz

3  Osman


VİJDAN (VERA) İBRAHIM married KENNETH JAMES PONTON all live in Gisborune Victoria, Australia

their children

1  Natalie

2  Deana

3  Darren


MUSTAFA RAMADAN 'Garabina' married FATMA OSMAN MEZZO (daughter of Hasan Mezzo and Ayşe Semani from Lurucina) all live in London, England

their children

1  Tünay (London) Married to Naim

2  Ayşe (deceased) Married to ?

3  Şerif (London) Married to İzzet

4  Osman ( London) Married ?


EMİNE RAMADAN  'Garabina' married  HIFZI VELİSHA from Albania. Settled in Melbourne Australia early 1950s

All live in Weribeee, Victoria ,Australia

their children

1  Esat (Harry) Velisha  married Emine Hasan 2 children. names ??

2  Ayşe  Velisha  Married Ahmet ( from Albania)  Destan, Hatice and a 3rd name unknown

3  Keziban (Jeanet) Velisha  married Ralph.  no children [13]



The following family is also listed on the ALİ TAHUREDİ FAMILY PAGE

YUSUF İSMAIL 'Galaba, Phsillo'  1903-4- 23.04.1970 married Melek İsmaıl 'Phsillu' 1908-14.12.1988. [14]

their children

1  Ayşe Yusuf  January 1930 married Yusuf Ali ' Üçokka' Children, Ayla, İsmail, Bekir, Tangör

2  Fatma Yusuf  03.02.1935  married  Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo' 12.08.1929, children Şermin, Melek, İsmaıl. [15]

3  Osman Yusuf  'Pire'  10.11.1938  married  Emine 'Debrelina'

4  Emine   Yusuf 23.4.1945  married  Halil Buba 'Pirilli' no children

5  Ziliha  Yusuf      married  Torgut Musa  children, Fatma, Melek, Tarık


OSMAN YUSUF  'Pire' 10.11.1938 (Galaba) & EMİNE  HASAN 'Debrelina'

his children

1  Ayşe Osman 'Pire' married Mustafa Bimici from Karpaz

2  Melek  Osman 'Pire' married Hüseyin Naim

3  Yusuf Osman 'Pire' not married

4  Sevda  Osman  'Pire' married Osman Kaymakam their children, Emine  & Hüseyin

5  Handan  Osman  'Pire' not married


VELİ RAMADAN 'Lao' (Zorno)  married  ZEHRA ALİ MUSTAFA 'Öküz'

their children

1  Ramadan Veli 'Lao' (Cambulat)

2  Sefer Veli 'Lao'

3  Yusuf  Veli 'Lao' (Tayma)

4  Rebgeli  Veli 'Lao'      married İbrahim Mustafa 'Mulatta'

5  Ayşe Veli 'Lao'         married  Emir-Ali  Veli 'Velona'

6  Dudu  Veli 'Lao'    married Veli 'Kundi's' 2nd wife


RAMADAN VELI 'Lao' (Cambulat)

his children

1  Veli  Ramadan 'Cambulat'

2  İsmail  Ramadan 'Cambulat'  migrated to the UK


VELİ  RAMADAN 'Cambulat' married ZELIHA HASAN 'Gunduro/Gutsugudi'

their  children

1  Ramadan Veli 'Cambulat'  no children

2  Hasan  Veli  'Cambulat'

3  Raziye  Veli  'Cambulat'  married Necat Koca-İsmail


İSMAIL RAMADAN  'Cambulat' (lao)

their  children

1  Ramadan İsmail 'Cambulat' moved to the UK

2  Ulus İsmail 'Cambulat'  moved to the UK


HASAN VELİ 'Cambulat' married

their  children

1  Dilem Hasan 'Cambulat'

2  Veli Hasan 'Cambulat'



his children

1  Derviş  Sefer 'Cambulat'  moved to the UK

2  Fatma   Sefer  'Cambulat  married Cemal Yusuf 'İngiliz'

3  Sevinç  Sefer   'Cambulat'



his children


YUSUF VELİ   'Lao'  (Tayma) married AYŞE YUSUF 'Gunneti'

his children

1  Veli Yusuf Veli 'Lao'  moved to the UK

2  Osman Yusuf 'Lao   moved to the UK

3  Emine  Yusuf 'Lao' married Hasan Mehmet Ali from Dohni moved to the UK

4  Zehra Yusuf  'Lao'   moved to the UK

5  Destine (Pervin) Yusuf 'Lao'   married Hasan Rüstem Yücelen


VELI YUSUF VELI 'Lao' moved to the UK


OSMAN YUSUF 'Lao' married Zalihe Cafer 'Kavaz' born 1940 from Buyukkonuk/ Komi Kebir.

their children

1  Mehmet Yusuf (born 1965) married Penny Moore (born.1959) in 1991.

2  Arzu Yusuf (born. 1966)

3  Ayse Yusuf (born. 1969)

4  Perihan Yusuf (born. 1972)


MEHMET YUSUF born 1965 married PENNY MOORE (born 1959) in 1991

their children

1  Jafer David Yusuf (born.1991)

2  Kenan Mehmet Yusuf (born. 1995)


BEKİR RAMADAN  'Zorno' 'İkiz' (twin)  born 1865 married

their children

1  Ramadan Bekir 'ikiz' (Bili) moved to Australia

2  İsmail Bekir 'ikiz'

3  Hatice Bekir 'ikiz'  married Ali Yusuf ' Üçokka'

4  Emine Bekir 'ikiz'


RAMADAN BEKİR  'ikiz' married

their children

1  Salim Ramadan  moved to Larnaca


İSMAIL BEKİR 'Ikiz' 'Bili'  married  AYŞE MEHMET Mehmet  'Ki'  

their children

1  Bekir İsmail 'ikiz'  moved to Australia

2  Aliye İsmail 'ikiz'  moved to Australia

3  Şerife İsmail 'ikiz'  moved to Australia


OSMAN RAMADAN  'ikiz' born 1865  married

their children

1  Mehmet  Osman 'ikiz' mental disability

2  Bekir Osman 'ikiz' married Dudu  Osman 'Balligari'    

3  Osman Osman 'ikiz'  had no children

4  Şerife Osman 'ikiz'  married İbrahim 'Ücokka'

5  Dudu Osman 'ikiz'  married Yusuf İsmail from Glavya


BEKİR OSMAN 'ikiz' married

their children

1  Ayşe Bekir 'ikiz' (ebe/midwife) married Yusuf from Dali

2  Sadiye Bekir 'ikiz  married İsmail 'Gunni'

3  Vedia Bekir 'ikiz'  married Ziya Hasan


MEHMET RAMADAN 'Kazmalevri' born 1864 was well known for his constant call of "Dora dora di helo" meaning "now now what do I want''. [16]

Sadly he never had any children.


YUSUF RAMADAN 'Zorno' (Mavri)  married

their children

1  Ramadan Yusuf Nalbantoğlu, had no children



İSMAIL  KARA-MUSTAFA (Kullo) born 1829 married DUDU YUSUF born 1839 they married in 1853. [17]

their children

1  Şerife İsmail 'Fesa'  born 1856 married Halil 'Şettare'

2  Mehmet İsmail 'Fesa' (fesli/fez)  born 1859 married. [18]

3  Yusuf İsmail 'Şufta' born 1867

4  Emine İsmail 'Fesa'  married  Ramadan 'Garaganna'


MEHMET İSMAIL FESA  born 1859 married

their children

1  İsmail Mehmet 'Fesa' born 20,08,1893 married Dudu Mustafa 'Lurto'

2  Mustafa Mehmet 'Fesa' born 25,12,1899.

3  Tahir Mehmet 'Fesa', born 1896.

4  Hüseyin Mehmet 'Fesa' born 1903.

5  Şerife Mehmet 'Fesa'    married Hüseyin Ramadan 'Sari'

6  Pembe  Mehmet 'Fesa'  married Mustafa Sakallı

7  Veli Mehmet 'Fesa', born 20,07, 1905. [19]


İSMAIL MEHMET 'Fesa' (Fesli) born 20,08,1893 married DUDU MUSTAFA 'Lurto'. [20]

their children

1  Mehmet İsmaıl Fesa  married Ayşe 'Gatsura'. [21]

2  Kemal İsmaıl Fesa  married Emine Veci

3  Tahir İsmaıl Fesa  married Fatma 'Mavri'

4  Hasan İsmaıl Fesa  married Vesime 'Gingi'

5  Nejat İsmaıl Fesa  married Türkan

6  Veli İsmaıl Fesa (Tümerkan)  married Salime

7  Belma İsmaıl Fesa  married Yusuf 'Yasli'

8  Emine İsmaıl Fesa    married  Osman 'Kanari'


MEHMET İSMAIL 'Fesa'  married AYŞE 'Gatsura'

their children

1  Müjgan   İsmail   married  Vedat                 children.... Alev............Filiz

2  Duygu    İsmail   married  Mehmet Şahin     children.... Leyla..........Vediya

3  Osman   İsmail   living with Laura                children.... Mehmet...... male...........male              

4  İsmail     İsmail   married  Pelin                   children.....Ayşe..........Hatice

5  Janan     İsmail   married  Mehmet              children......Kartal.........Kaya...........Kaan


KEMAL İSMAIL 'fesa' married married EMİNE VECİ


1  İsmail İsmail   married Serap Gürsel   children.....Kemal....Adem....Meryem......Yasemin  

2  Ramadan İsmail married Esin Hasan Egmez 'Halilaza' (now divorced) children.....Mustafa...Ayşegül....Arin


TAHİR İSMAIL  fesa' married FATMA 'Mavri'


1  Duygu   married to İlkay       children.....Halil.........Ceyda

2  Erdal      married Gülseren &  ?  children.....Derya.......female........female

3  Rengin    married Erdin     children.....Ayla

4  Erkan                               children..... male

5  Nilgün  married Yusuf Salih  children.....Tahir.........Tariq


HASAN  İSMAIL 'fesa' married   VESİME 'Gingi'


1  Suzan     married  İbrahim Mehmet    children.....Duygu married to Stuart Flood,children Şeniz + male Mehmet

2  Mehmet   married  Amanda   children..... Vesin




1  Duygu Necat  'Fesa'

2  Emine Necat  'Fesa'

3  Burhan Necat  'Fesa'



their children

1  Mete Tümerkan    married Nilgün                   children.........Mert.........Berk

2  Mehtap Tümerkan  married Ahmet Ermetal     children.........Burcu.......Burce


BELMA İSMAIL 'Fesa' married YUSUF 'Yasli'

their children

1  Meltem     married Cengiz Topal               children........Hasan.......Yusuf

2  Rengül     married  Çelik                         children........Belma........Orhan Gazi



their children

1  Tahir  Mustafa   married  ?      their children İlkay & Mustafa

2  Şerife  Mustafa  married  ?    their children  Emel & Serpil.

3  Gülay Mustafa   married  Dülger Derviş Köfünyeli their children  Üvriye and Mustafa.



YUSUF İSMAIL KARA-MUSTAFA 'Şufta' was the 2nd son of  İSMAIL  KARA-MUSTAFA (Kullo)



their children

1  İsmail Yusuf   'Şufta' born 6,11,1899. had no children

2  Emine Yusuf   'Şufta'  married  Mehmet from  Glavya village

3  Şerife Yusuf    'Şufta'

4  Zalihe Yusuf  'Şufta'   moved to Bodamya village

5  Hatice Yusuf  'Şufta'  married  Ali  from Dali

6  HüsniyeYusuf  'Şufta'   married  Mehmet Nuri

7  Ayşe Yusuf  'Şufta'  moved to Bodamya  village




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[8] Ottoman census 1879 Doc No; 162-a-2 page 323

[9] Hasan Yücelen. Akıncılar/Lurucina Türklerin Yüzyıllık Varoluş Mücadelesi & Personal correspondence with Veli Cufoglu

[10] Additional Information on this family were added by Yusuf Toz, via email.

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[12] Maternal Grandparents of Ismail Veli (The researcher)

[13] Sermen Erdogan

[14] grand-parents of the researcher, Ismail Veli 'Kirlapo'

[15] Family of the researcher İsmail Veli 'Kirlapo'

[16] Information given in personal interviews by Hussein Selim & Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'.

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[19] No previous record of Veli has been found. My conclusion is that he must have died very young. Milli arşiv ve araştırma dairesinde 67 numarada kayıt.  1889,1890,1893,1897,1906 kayıtlar. Page 147,family No; 45.

[20] Records of Ibrahim Tahsildar. Mehmet Katri family pages 38-69

[21] Most of the younger members of the families on this page have been added by Ramadan İsmail 'Fesa'


In addition to the personal collection of Ismail Veli, the photos on this page have kindly been shared by the following persons


Gizem Verdi.

Hüseyin Koca-İsmail

Yusuf Toz

Raziye Kocaismail


Mehmet Katri. Part 1 

From the archives of Ismail Mehmet Veli 1 Haydar Veli 2010 Ismail Veli 1972 150 154 147 153 83 46 63 64 66 79 93 164 58

Aliye Ramadan 'Galaba'  moved to Palestine after getting married. The young boy boy is İsmail sadly died when a young boy

The Garabina family (Galaba's)

From the Garabina/Galaba family


Seated  Ramadan İsmail 'Galaba' & Keziban Bekir 'Guri-yua. The Galaba family

Osman Yusuf Pire

Yusuf Ismail 'Phsillo' & Melek Yusuf 'Phsillu'

standing from left. Ayşe, Osman, Emine, Ziliha & Fatma. Seated Melek Yusuf 'Phsillu' and Ayla

Ismail Veli Kirlapo

Emine Debrelina & Osman Yusuf Pire (Galaba)

Fatma Yusuf Phsillo/Galaba (Fatma Veli)

Ismail Veli Kirlapo

Standing,Ismail, Bekir & Tangör Üçokka

seated Melek Yusuf 'Phsillu' and Ayşe Osman 'Pire' front left. Baby Melek  Osman 'Pire'

Raziye Kocaismail 1 Raziye Kocaismail 11 Raziye Kocaismail 36 Raziye Kocaismail 8 Raziye Kocaismail 7

Veli Ramadan 'Cambulat' &  Zeliha Hasan Gunduro/Gutsugudi

children Raziye, Hasan & Ramadan


Raziye Kocaismail (Raziye  Veli Cambulat)

Zeliha  Hasan Gunduro/Gutsugudi, Veli Ramadan Cambulat, children from left, Ramadan, Raziye and Hasan

Standing Ziliha & Emine. seated Melek Yusuf 'Phsillu'. children

Melek and Fatma  (Ziliha's children)

Osman Yusuf Pire

Zeliha Hasan Gunduro/Gutsugudi, baby Raziye andVeli Ramadan Cambulat

Zeliha Hasan Gunduro/Gutsugudi andVeli Ramadan Cambulat

Juneyit Turan Veli 2012

Haydar Turan Veli 2010

Ismail Mehmet Veli. 1964


Ottoman census 1879 Doc No; 162-a-2 page 323. this page records the 4th generation of this family in Lurucina of the Mehmet Katri family.  Ramadan Mustafa Hrisafi/Zorno & Rabia Osman's family with Ismail Ramadan Galaba recorded as born in 1862, Mustafa Pekri, 1859, Mehmet  Ramadan   'Kazmalevri' born 1864. Bekir & Osman born in 1865 were twins and were known as the ''Thiplari/twins''


Ottoman census 1879, Doc No; 155-a-2 page 309.

The oldest son of Kara-Mustafa Hrisafi and grandson of Mehmet Katri is recorded on this page.  İsmail  Kara Mustafa  'Kullo' born 1829 married Dudu Yusuf born 1839 they married in 1853

309-2 Lurucinaliyik 198

FESA KARDEŞLER: Ayaktakiler: Tahir Mudaho, eşi Muhterem Paşa, Kemal Fesa, Türkan Nejat Fesa, Emine Veci (Kemal’ın eşi), Vesime Gingi (Hasan’ın eşi), Fatma Mavri (Tahir’in eşi) ve Hasan Fesa. Oturanlar: Nejat Fesa, Mehmet Fesa, Tahir Fesa, çocuklar İlkay Tahir Mudaho ve Duygu Tahir Fesa. (Fotoğrafı Ramadan İsmail gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 406

Hatice Şufda

(Fotoğrafı Lurucinaliyik grubundan torunu Özdil Erdemirci gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 465

Ali Şufda

(Fotoğrafı, Lurucinaliyik grubundan torunu Özdil Erdemirci gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 525

Hasan Canbulat

(Fotoğraf: Artun Lurucinalı - Mayıs 2014, Lurucina)

Lurucinaliyik 526

Korman Necat Kocaismail

(Fotoğraf: Artun Lurucinalı - Mayıs 2014, Lurucina)

Lurucinaliyik 537

İsmail Mehmet Fesa

(Fotoğraf: Artun Lurucinalı - Haziran 2011, Londra)

Lurucinaliyik 577

Ramadan Pekri (Zardaganya)

(Fotoğrafı,Lurucinaliyik grubuna torunu Civan Ağdaç Özkılıç gönderdi)

Lurucinaliyik 666

Ramadan Canbulat

(Fotoğrafı, Lurucinaliyik grubundan kardeşi kızı Dilem Canbulat gönderdi)