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The 'Gubi', Necip, Mudaho & 'Cangi & Yücelen are part of this family group

Mehmet Hasan 'Gubi' was the 6th son of Hasan Yusuf 'Arap'


MEHMET HASAN 'Arap' (Gubi)  born in 1864 married ŞERİFE MEHMET 'Kafi' [1].

his children

1  Hasan Mehmet 'Gubi' Born 1893  never married

2  Yusuf  Mehmet  'Gubi' Born 22.06.1899 (Aspro's du Gubi) [2].

3  Emine  Mehmet  'Gubi'   2nd wife of Arif  Ramadi 'Hostra'

4  Fatma Mehmet 'Gubi'   married Murat Mustafa 'Tari'


YUSUF MEHMET 'Gubi'  married

their children

1  Mehmet Yusuf 'Gubi, Sgurumuni'   married Lütfiye Mehmet



their children

1  Yusuf  Mehmet   married Ayşe Yusuf

2  İbrahım  Mehmet    married Havva

3  Keziban   Mehmet  married   Yüksel Bekir

4  Suzan  Mehmet    married   Dave Giddings

5  Sonay  Mehmet              

6  Selma  Mehmet  married   Ali Özkutaylı



Their children

1 Atiye  her children Ayşe --- Timur ---- Tamer

2 Mehmet  his children   Arife --- Yusuf --- Khan

3 Cafer



Their children

1  Lütfiye   her children  Taşın ---Havva --- Tia

2  Bülent    



Their children

1 Aysel her children Mustafa --- Jeyda

2 Suzan '' '' Cem --- Erkin --- Eray

3 Mehmet his children Eliz --- Ertem

4 Ertem his children Dylan --- Izabella



Their children

1  Lutfiye      her children Tylar --- Taliah --- Farrah --- Kayul

2  Keziban     ''         ''       Alanya  & Jaden





Their children

1  Sonay  

2  Fayik   his children  Oscar-Yusuf



NECİP was the eighth son of HASAN YUSUF 'Arap'


NECİP HASAN 'Arap' born 1875 married Pembe Mustafa

their children

1  Rüstem Necip

2  Mustafa  Necip

3  Emine  Necip    married Emir-Ali from Larnaka.  moved to Anglisiya village

4  Melek  Necip   married Mehmet 'Arap' and  moved to  Pirga village

5  Hasan Necip born  26,10,1898 (may have died very young as not recorded on Ibrahım Tahsildar's records) [4].


RÜSTEM NECİP [5] married

their children

1  Necip Rüstem  Yücelen married Emin-Dudu Mehmet 'Karabardak'

2  Hasan  Rüstem Yücelen married Destine 'Tayma' (Pervin)

3  Kerim  Rüstem  Yücelen married Netice 'Gatsura'

4  Mehmet   Rüstem  Yücelen

5  Melek  Rüstem  Yücelen  married Cemal 'Arap' from Angolemi village

6  Akan   Rüstem  Yücelen

7  Jale  Rüstem  Yücelen (Neyil)  married Hasanagi from Aytotoro village

8  Mustafa  Rüstem  Yücelen



their children

1  Rüstem Necip Yücelen migrated to the UK


HASAN  RÜSTEM   married

their children

1  Emine Hasan Yücelen  married  Şensoy Mevlit Korkmazel  from Stavrogonno village. their children.  Hasan & Can

2  Ayşe Hasan Yücelen married Levent Özduru from Gondeya/Türkmenköy they have one male child



their children

1   Mehmet Kerim Yücelen

2   Rüstem Kerim Yücelen

3   Necip Kerim Yücelen



their children

1  Rüstem Mehmet Yücelen migrated to the UK

2  Yusuf Mehmet Yücelen  migrated to the UK


MELEK RÜSTEM married CEMAL 'Arap' from Angolemi village

their children

1  Zehra Cemal (born 1960)

2  Sibel Cemal 'Polis' married children Ladin & Ledün

3  Emine Cemal  (born 1962) married their children Melek & Neyil

4  Muzeher Cemal  married no children


AKAN RÜSTEM  married

their children

1  Rüstem Akan Yücelen  (in the UK)

2  Yusuf Akan Yücelen    (in the UK)

3  Fatma Akan Yücelen   (in the UK)

4  Emine Akan Yücelen   (in the UK)


JALE  RÜSTEM (NEYİR) married HASANAGİ  from Aytotoro village

their children



their children

1   Rüstem Mustafa Yücelen   (in the UK)

2   Yusuf Mustafa Yücelen  (in the UK)

3   Akın Mustafa Yücelen   (in the UK)

4   Emine Mustafa Yücelen   (in the UK)


MUSTAFA NECİP  (Yücelen)   'Mudaho'  married  DUDU MEHMET 'Ki'

their children

1  Hasan Mustafa  (Yücelen) married Fatma 'Vrango' (Frango)

2  Pembe Mustafa  'Yücelen' married Şevket Sakin (from Paphos)

3  Mehmet  Mustafa   (Yücelen)  married Jale 'Bodamo' from Famagusta

4  Fuat  Mustafa  (Yücelen)

5  Seval   Mustafa   (Yücelen)  married  Duygu Kara-İsmail

6  Soner  Mustafa    (Yücelen) born 7 May 1950  married  Alsev  'Gutsugudi'

7  Emine  Mustafa  (Yücelen)   married Hasan Naci from Köfünye village

8  Necip   Mustafa   (Yücelen)  (born 1955) married ? from Limassol


HASAN MUSTAFA  (Yücelen)  married FATMA 'Vrango

their children

1  Mustafa Hasan  (Yücelen)  married Fatma Süleyman 'Aşkun' 'Mustambeşi' children Hasan

2  Süleyman Hasan  (Yücelen)

3  Engin Hasan  (Yücelen)

4  Kâmil Hasan  (Yücelen)  married Radiye Ademgil their children Şermin & Fatoş

5  Mehmet Hasan (Yücelen)


PEMBE MUSTAFA  (Yücelen)  married ŞEVKET SAKİN (from Paphos)

their children

1  Mustafa Şevket

2  Neriman Şevket

3  Emine Şevket


MEHMET MUSTAFA  (Yücelen)  married JALE 'Bodamo'

their children

1  Mustafa Mehmet  (Yücelen) (in the UK)

2  Selda Mehmet  (Yücelen)  (in the UK)


FUAT MUSTAFA  (Yücelen) married ZEHRA HUSEYİN 'Bada'

their children

1  Özlem Fuat Yücelen

2  Çiğdem Fuat Yücelen

3  Akın Fuat Yücelen



their children

1  Mustafa  Seval  (Yücelen)  married Feryal Murat Paşo

2  Hasan Seval   (Yücelen)  married Sevda


SONER MUSTAFA  (Yücelen)  married ALSEV 'Gutsugudi'

their children

1  Gamze Soner  (Yücelen)

2  Osman  Soner  (Yücelen)



EMİNE MUSTAFA (in the UK) married

their children






NECİP MUSTAFA (in the UK)  married

their children

1  Emre Necip Yücelen  (in the UK)

2  Erdal Necip Yücelen  (in the UK)



THE 'CANGİ' FAMILY  (this family is also listed on the Gangrello page)

Cangena was the Daughter of HASAN YUSUF 'Arab' Her lakab [nickname] 'Cangena came from her  husband  HÜSEYİN 'Cangi' they were born  about the late1870s or early 1880s This is their family [6].


HATİCE HASAN 'Cangena'  married HÜSEYİN MUSTAFA 'Cangi, from the  'Gangrello' family

Their children

1  Hasan Hüseyin 'Cangi'  1898-1980 married Hacer 20.10.1899-23.11.1972

2  Yusuf  Hüseyin 'Cangi'  married Emine 'Habi'

3  Mustafa Hüseyin   'Maymuni du Cangi'   married Emine 'Habi'

4  Emine Hüseyin  married  Süleyman 'Gingi' ?

5  Şerife Hüseyin  married  İbrahim Sıdkı


MUSTAFA HÜSEYİN  'Maymuni'  married

their children

1  Güner Mustafa 'Cangi'   married

2  Gülten Mustafa  'Cangi  married

3  Gülcen Mustafa  'Cangi'  married 1.Seyfi Veli Çuffo one child named Jale. 2 Seyfi

4  Gülferen Mustafa  'Cangi'  married

5  Günay Mustafa 'Cangi'  married

6  Hüseyin Mustafa 'Cangi'  married

7  Ülku Mustafa   'Cangi'   married


HASAN HÜSEYİN   1898-1980 married  HACER 20.10.1899-23.11.1972

Their children

1  Hüseyin   Hasan                  

2  İbrahim    Hasan 'Gerekko'    

3  Emine     Hasan  'Gingu'  married   Yusuf Arif 'Bedasi'

4  Dervişe  Hasan  married   Mustafa İsmail 'İtelli'

5  Mahmut   Hasan                  


YUSUF HÜSEYIN   'Ado' married   EMİNE 'Habi'[7]

their children

1  Hüseyin Yusuf 'Gargaii'  born 1924  married  Emin-Dudu

2  Arif Yusuf   born  1927  married  Raziye

3  Hatice Yusuf   born 1928  married Ibrahim  ’Şhagalli'

4  Dudu Yusuf    born  1930 married  Cemal   'Brimbi or Cemali' ??

5  Esat Yusuf    born  1932 married  Ayşe   'İmam,Kaplan'

6  Kemal Yusuf 'Bududa   01.11.1939 - 09.06.2020 married  Behice İbrahim  'Sglinigo' 01.09.1938

7  Hatem Yusuf  born   1937 married  Ömer 'Gugo'

8  Nazmiye Yusuf  born  1945 married   Mustafa Necip 'Birgo'






HÜSEYIN YUSUF 'Gargaii' D.O.B January 1924  married  EMİN-DUDU

their children

1  Yurtan Hüseyin

2  Yusuf Hüseyin


ARİF YUSUF 'Ado' D.O.B October 1927 married Raziye

their children

1  Mustafa Arif

2  Ayla Arif


HATİCE YUSUF D.O.B 1928 married İBRAHIM  'Şhagalli'

their children

1  Tüncay İbrahım

2  Emine İbrahım


DUDU YUSUF D.O.B 1930  married CEMAL 'Brimbi-Cemali' ??

their children

1  Yusuf Cemal

2  Emine Cemal


ESAT YUSUF D.O.B 1932  married AYŞE 'İmam-Kaplan'

their children

1  Esen Esat  (born 1957) married Hayrettin Rifatoğlu. children Buğra & Burcu (Burcu has a child named Esen)

2  Yusuf Esat  married (born 1959)

3  Arif Esat  married  Rengül Nezat 'Esmeroğlu' 'Mavri' their children Ayşe & Siddika

4  Emine Esat  married Hüseyin Nihat Bekler their children Ayşe & Aysu


KEMAL YUSUF 'Bududa' D.O.B,01.11.1939 - 09.06.2020 married BEHİCE İBRAHIM 'Sglinigu' 01.09.1938

their children

1  Ercan Kemal

2  Duygu Kemal

3  Emine Kemal   17.02.1972- 03.09.1999


HATEM YUSUF D.O.B 1937 married ÖMER 'Gugo'

their children

1  Belgin Ömer

2  İhsan Ömer

3  Emine Ömer



their children

1  Emine Mustafa

2  Rüstem Mustafa

3  Yusuf Mustafa

4  Akın Mustafa



THE FAMILY OF HASAN HÜSEYİN  'Jangi' D.O.B 1898-1980 & HACER 20.10.1899-23.11.1972



their children

1  Hansel  Hüseyin   married   Ramadan Rifat children  Nermin & Fayze in the UK

2  Hasan  Hüseyin    married Aynur their children  Akcen & Aycan.   in the UK

3  Duyal  Hüseyin  married  Zafer Akıl their children Hüseyin & Ayşen.  in the UK


İBRAHIM HASAN   'Gerekko' Married  1 ŞERİFE,   2 NEVİN

their children

1  Hansel İbrahım ( from 1st wife Şerife)  in the UK

2  Hasan İbrahım  (from 1st wife Şerife)  in the UK

3  Nilgün İbrahım ( from 2nd wife Nevin)  in the UK


EMİNE HASAN 'Gingu'  married

their children



DERVİŞHE  HASAN  married MUSTAFA İSMAIL 'İtelli' 'Terzi'

their children

1 Aysel  Mustafa  'İtelli (born 1956) married Hüseyin 'Viddini'

2 İsmail  Mustafa  'İtelli

3 Hasan  Mustafa  'İtelli married ? has a child named Yasmin



their children

1   Hasan Mahmut 'Cangi' in the UK

2   Hansel Mahmet 'CangI'  in the UK





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The photos on this page have kindly been shared by the following persons.


Pembe Kirici Gümüş

Emine Naci

Hansel Rifat 'Cangi'


from left to right

centre İbrahim 'Cici' to his right Mehmet 'Sgurumuni'




Hasan Yusuf 'Arap' (Şiliono) part 4

Kemal Yusuf 'Bududa' (Ado from the Cangi family)  & Behice İbrahim  'Sglinigo

1 Courtesy of Emine Naci

Emine Naci

10  Courtesy of Emine Naci 11 Courtesy of Emine Naci 12 Courtesy of Emine Naci 13 Courtesy of Emine Naci 14Courtesy of Emine Naci 15 Courtesy of Emine Naci

Hüseyin Yusuf 'Gargaii'

Courtesy of Hasab Gazi

16 Courtesy of Emine Naci 17 Courtesy of Emine Naci 21 Courtesy of Emine Naci 2 Courtesy of Emine Naci 23 Courtesy of Emine Naci 9 Courtesy of Emine Naci Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 29 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 24 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 25 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 21 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 22 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 23 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 6 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 7 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 3 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 20 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 19 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 15 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 14 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 10 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 11 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 1 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 4 Courtesy of Hansel Rifat 17 246 274

Hasan Naci & Emine Naci (Emine  Mustafa  (Yücelen)  

Hasan Naci & Emine Naci (Emine  Mustafa  (Yücelen)  

Seval & Hasan Yücelen

Necip Yücelen & Hasan Naci

Necip Yücelen & Hasan Naci

Hasan Naci

Derviş Sicani, Ulviye İsmail Esen, Derviş 'Bondigo', İbrahım Çobanoğlu Bondigo, Ayşe, Fatma, Hava, İbrahım 'Bondigo', Hava, Hüriye, Selma, Emirali Sicani.

Ayşe & Emine 'Kina'


Necip Rüstem, Emin-Dudu Mehmet 'Karabardak'

Razge Monofilli, Hüseyin Hassan Cangi, , Nermin Hassan, Süleyman ’Kremandala’.rear right Süleyman Paşi Nov 1956

Old lady Hacer 'Cangena' 20.10.1899-23.11.1972

Hasan Hüseyin 'Cangi' 1898-1980

Hüseyin Hasan 'Cangi', Hansel and  Hasan

Hüseyin Hassan Cangi and Nermin, (Çavuş Bili's daughter)

Hansel, Hasan and  Duyal Hüseyin

Top left Hüseyin Hasan 'Cangi'

Dudu nene with Hansel on her lap!! and Şerife and Ziliha

Nermin with baby Hansel and Hüseyin Hasan 'Cangi' at rear right

Old lady at front, Hanım Mehmet 'Gatsura'. Next to her Mustafa Çavuş 'Bili'

Hasan Hüseyin

Hüseyin Hasan 'Cangi', & Hansel

Nermin  Hasan on the right

Hasan Hüseyin 'Cangi'

Hansel Rifat (H Hüseyin 'Cangi')

Reyhan Masera and Mustafa Ibrahim Mustafa.

Hüseyin Hasan 'Cangi'