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Hasan Yusuf 'Arap' (Şiliono) Part 2

Yusuf Hasan 'Treboyadi' was from Hasan 'Araps' 1st wife. Sadly as he had no sons their family tree has been transferred to the Mustafa 'Babiro' family [1].


YUSUF HASAN 'Treboyadi'  born 1841 married  MELEK İSMAIL 'Tahuredi' 'Melekka'

their children

1  Melek Yusuf 'Melekka'  'Treboyadi'   married Yusuf  Mustafa 'Babiro'Osman



Osman was the 2nd son of Hasan Yusuf 'Arap'. He was one of two children born to Hasan 'Araps' 1st wife, who was the daughter of Yusuf İbrahim 'Garaoli'  Şerife. After giving birth to Osman, Şerife  tragicly died. Hasan 'Arap' went on to remarry Şerife the daughter of  İbrahim  'Paça' Together they went on to add another 9/10 children to their family.

It should be noted that most of  the family are now known as Gutsugudi/Karaböcek rather than the original 'Gunduro' [2].


OSMAN HASAN 'Gunduro's du Hasan Arabi's' born  1844 married ZALİHE HASAN  'Kuvaros''Yumakcı' [3].

their children

1  Hasan Osman  'Gunduro' born 1883 (Gutsugudi / Karaböcek ) married Şerife Kocaismail

2  Mehmet  Osman 'Gunduro' (Zabidi') born 1892

3  Şerife  Osman  'Gunduro'    1st wife of Yusuf 'Muya'

4  Ayşe  Osman 'Gunduro     married Halil Aza

5  Dudu  Osman 'Gunduro'   married Yusuf Adem 'Ademos'


HASAN OSMAN 'Gunduro, Gutsugudi' married ŞERİFE KOCAİSMAIL

their children

1  Osman Hasan  'Gutsugudi / Karaböcek married Pembe

2  Yusuf  Hasan   (Avezer)

3  İsmail   Hasan  (Avezer)

4  Hüseyin  Hasan    'Gutsugudi / Karaböcek

5  Mehmet  Hasan  D.O.B 1931/32? (Avezer)

6  Ziliha  Hasan    married Veli Ramadan Cambulat their children, Ramadan,Hasan, Raziye (married Necat Kocaismail)


OSMAN HASAN 'Gunduro' (Gutsugudi/Karaböcek) married PEMBE

their children

1  Şerife Osman  married Kemal 'Bodiri'

2  Benisev  Osman   married   Osman Kırıcı (Gatsura) 28.12.1945  

3  Alsev  Osman  married Soner 'Mudaho' (Yucelen)

4  Sonkay  Osman  married   Özkan Avcı


YUSUF HASAN 'Gunduro' (Avezer) [4].

their children

1  Hasan Yusuf  (Avezer) born 1955. married Nazif from Alan-ici village

2  Ali   Yusuf    (Avezer) born 1956 married Gulsen Mehmet Ozlevent 'Levendi'

3  Şermin Yusuf  (Avezer) migrated to Australia married Hicret Ömer

4  Zerrin   Yusuf   (Avezer) born 1960  In Australia

5  Osman  Yusuf   (Avezer) married Yelda    


HASAN YUSUF AVEZER  (born 1955) married  NAZIF from Alan-ici

their children

1 Yusuf  Hasan Avezer (born 1982) married Ummuhan Gökce

2  İlmiye  Hasan Avezer (twin born 1984)

3  Pembe  Hasan Avezer (twin born 1984) married Hasanoğlu. Children Engin


ALİ YUSUF AVEZER  born 1956 married GÜLŞEN MEHMET ÖZLEVENT (Yakula/Bitirimi)

their children

1  Ender Yusuf  Avezer engaged to Gozde from Vadili village (at time of print)

2  Eser Yusuf  Avezer married Meyrem from Yeni -Iskele/Trikomo . Children Tuana

3  Değer Yusuf  Avezer


ŞERMİN YUSUF AVEZER married HICRET ÖMER in Wollongong NSW Australia [5].

their children

1 Fikriye Ömer born in Wollongong 1985  married Huseyin Yiahayia in 2009 they live in Melbourne VIC. They have 2 children Metin Ahmet born in 2011 and Jeyda born 2014

2 İlmiye Ömer born in Wollongong NSW in 1988, married Hasan Cihan in Melbourne VIC in 2014- they have a daughter Semiha born in 2014.

3 Yusuf Ömer born in Wollongong NSW in 1988, married Sansel Gumusel in Melbourne VIC in 2010.


ZERRİN YUSUF AVEZER born 1960 in Australia

their children


OSMAN YUSUF AVEZER   married YELDA 'Aligunni'

their children

1  Ruzen Yusuf  Avezer married Mert Taluğ from Yeni Tashkent

2  Nazen Yusuf  Avezer


İSMAIL HASAN 'Gunduro' (İsmailoko)  married  ŞERİFE 'Ginezzo'

their children

1 Zafer İsmail

2 Hasan İsmail

3 Zerin İsmail


HÜSEYİN HASAN  'Gunduro' (Gutsugudi / Karaböcek ) married  EMİNE VELİ 'Gutsoveli'

their children

1  Şerife Hüseyin (born 1955) married  Mustafa 'Buri' (Ağdaç/ Pekri)

2  Hasan Hüseyin (1956)  Karaböcek married Filiz Hüdaverdi

3  Veli Hüseyin   Karaböcek married Dilber 'Kasap' from Goşi

4  İsmail Hüseyin Karaböcek 'Ismailoko'. married Kiymet Hüdaverdi

5  Bekir Hüseyin   Karaböcek  'Bekiro' married Reyhan Süleyman 'Yallitsi' (Parildak)


ŞERIFE HÜSEYİN  KARABÖCEK (born 1955) married MUSTAFA  'Buri' (Ağdaç/ Pekri)

their children

1  Ayşe  Mustafa Ağdaç 'Pekri'

2  Hüseyin Mustafa Ağdaç 'Pekri'



no children


VELİ  HÜSEYİN KARABÖCEK born 1963 married DİLBER HÜSEYİN 'Kasap' from Goşi

their children

1 Hüseyin Veli  Karaböcek  born 1991

2 Pinar Veli  Karaböcek



their children

1 İrem Hüseyin Karaböcek

2 Ekin Hüseyin Karaböcek


BEKİR HÜSEYİN KARABÖCEK 'Bekiro' married NİLHAN SÜLEYMAN  'Yallitsi' (Parildak

their children

1  Burak-Burhan

2  Deniz


MEHMET HASAN Gutsugudi' 'Gunduro' born 1931/32? married Daughter of Hüseyin Adem

their children

1  Şerife Mehmet


MEHMET OSMAN 'Zabidi / Gunduro' married

their children

1  Osman Mehmet  'Zabidi / Gunduro'     from Mehmet's 1st wife

2  Süleyman  Mehmet  Zabidi / Gunduro     died as a child

3  Hasan  Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro'     from Mehmet's 2nd wife

4  Yusuf   Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro'

5  Hüseyin  Mehmet  Zabidi / Gunduro'

6  Zeliha  Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro'       married Hasan Bekir

7  Şerife  Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro'

8  Nazime  Mehmet Zabidi / Gunduro'


OSMAN MEHMET 'Zabidi' married

their children

1  Mehmet Osman Zabidi


SÜLEYMAN  MEHMET 'Zabidi' had no children




their children

1 Hüseyin Hasan Zabidi



YUSUF MEHMET 'Gunduro'  had no children




their children

1  Yusuf Hüseyin Zabidi

2  Mehmet Hüseyin Zabidi



Yusuf Hasan 'Treboyadi' was the 1st son from Hasan 'Araps' 1st wife. Sadly as he had no sons their family tree has been transferred to the Mustafa 'Babiro' family'


YUSUF HASAN 'Treboyadi'  born 1841 married  MELEK İSMAIL 'Tahuredi' 'Melekka' [6].

their children

1  Melek Yusuf 'Melekka'  'Treboyadi'   married Yusuf  Mustafa 'Babiro'


[1] Records of İbrahim Tahsildar. Pages 86-103 Yusuf Mustafa 'Şilioni' family.& personal interviews with Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'

[2] Turkish Cypriots were obligated to take on permanent  sir-names. Many converted their Greek/Latin family nicknames/Lakabs to Turkish equivalents.

[3] Ottoman census 1879 Doc No; 158-a-2 page 315

[4] details from personal correspondence with Hasan Avezer

[5] details from personal correspondence with Şermin Yusuf Avezer

[6] Ottoman census 1879. Doc; 158-a-2 page 315

Gunduro  Treboyadi Karaböcek's &  Zabidi's are part of this family group

The photos on this page have been kindly shared by courtesy of Pembe  Kırıcı Gümüş

Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 4 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş  3 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 9 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 8 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 10 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 13 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 14 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 15 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 16 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 5 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 31

Sonkay Osman (Sonkay Avcı)

Pembe Karaböcek,  Şerife Karaböcek & Osman Karaböcek. 'Gutsugudi'

Perihan and Benisev Kırıcı .

Rüzen, Atakan, Perihan & Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş

Osman Kırıcı , Benisev Kırıcı, Nadire, Hüseyin, Perihan, Raziye, Yusuf Ağdac Buri, Kemal & Perihan's wedding

Benisev & Osman Kırıcı with Pembe & Yusuf

Benisev & Osman Kırıcı with Pembe & Yusuf

Benisev &  Yusuf Kırıcı


Yusuf Kırıcı

Özkan Avcı and Sonkay

Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 24

Ramadan Süleyman &

Osman Karaböcek 'Gutsugudi'

Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 33

Standing Osman & Pembe Karaböcek 'Gutsugudi'

Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 34 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 38 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 39 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 41 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 43

Osman Karaböcek 'Gutsugudi' & Kemal Bodurhan


Benisev & Osman Kırıcı  with Pembe & Yusuf

Yusuf Kırıcı

Yusuf Kırıcı 

Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 53 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 58 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 61 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 52 Pembe Kırıcı Gümüş 59



Hüseyin Karaböcek 'Gutsugudi', Mustafa Gümüş & Osmancık

A typical wedding of the 1960's and 1970's