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Hasan 'Koftiro's'

Originally came from Kalopsida village. [1] Due to Mustafa's conversion to the Orthodox faith, Hatice moving to Bodamya and  Şerife never getting married this family  tree has been lost to other villages


HASAN 'Koftiros'. [2]

their children

1  Dudu Hasan 'Koftiros'    married Mustafa Mulli

2  Fatma  Hasan  'Koftiros'   married Mehmet 'Jufa' (cufa)

3  Ayşe  Hasan  'Koftiros'    1st wife of Murat 'Ftiri'

4     ?      Hasan  'Koftiros'  a female married Halil Ağa?

The info on the above 4th person is a bit confusing. It seems she stayed in Kalopsidia and married HALİL  AĞA?


MUSLU SİNEK came from Dali and married

their children

1  Mustafa Muslu  later became Mihaili

2  Hatice Muslu  married Mustafa 'Ustalı' then 'Gondilo from Bodamya village

3  Şerife  Muslu  'Kalla'? never married



[1] Records of İbrahım Tahsildar page 205

[2] Records of İbrahım Tahsildar page 205




Veli Cufoglu 22 Veli Cufoglu 23

Panoramic view of Lurucina village centre

Photo from Londra Gazetesi

A typical village coffee shop gathering

Photo from Londra Gazetesi