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                                Chatista/Poems/ Mani  By villagers


It goes without saying that to translate a poem, Limerick or whatever we wish to call it into another language completely loses the rhyme, style and feel of what was a unique form of entertainment in Cypriot life no so long ago.

There were many people in Luricina who were good at Chatista. Sadly this skill has not passed to  younger generations. Recording the Chatista is the only way of passing the past way of life to future generations. No doubt in order to truly understand one would have to be able to read Greek. In this case I have tried to record the Greek language Chatista into the phonetic Latin Script. Some have kindly come forward to help write an occasional one into the original Greek script. A few have been translated into  the Turkish language with extraordinary results. translating all however seems to have been very difficult. Only a brief explanation of the poems have been undertaken. Its hoped that this will not take away the essence and beauty of these exchanges.

According to many older people, Veli Kundi often entered completions at panayirs [1] and won on a number of occasions, therefore he  was well known for his 'Chatista' and often enjoyed challenging fellow villagers. Around the early 1950s when 'Kundi' was dancing at a wedding in Luricina he noticed my father  Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo' walking in and decided to challenge him to a friendly exchange of Chatista. The following exchange took place



Veli 'Kundi'                

galose galosorisen filemu do 'Kirlapin'

na memmu surundizesse, binnose sando hapin


Mehmet 'Kirlapo'      

en boriz filemu na me bgiz, allakse do sgobossu

sandin gufin din anerghi, minisgo sto lemosu


It seems Veli 'Kundi' was not in the mood as much as usual so Mehmet decided to have another shot, sadly Kundi's response has been forgotten by Mehmet 'Kirlapo'


Mehmet 'Kirlapo'      

horide file don 'Kundin" glohede sandin botsa

eho enan yero guvelon, je myazun istin goksa


Veli 'Kundi'

Καλώς σε, καλωσώρισες,

φίλε μου στο "Κιρλάππιν".

Μα μεν μου σουρουντίζεσαι,

πίννω σε σαν το χάππιν.


Mehmet 'Kirlapo'

Εν μπορείς φίλε να με πιείς,

άλλαξε τον σκοπό σου.

Σαν την κουφήν την άνεδρην,

μεινίσκω στον λαιμόν σου.[2]




My parents Mehmet 'Kirlapo' and Fatma 'Phsillu' celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in November 2011. Being in a good mood my father seemed to get a bit of his old form back and started to knock out a few 'Chatista'. ( Tsiatista) This one relates to their 60 years of marriage.


Onuzmu ulevgen ulon basdez gobellez,

je jinez emme helasin, yadi eghleba guvelez,


je dodez marazonna, je davrun da mallyammu,

ma omoz iboferna, yadi idan i thulyammu,


o jirizmu thia-daksen, je ebem-bemme mesta-ori,

je istera bandrefdiga, je diz  Phsillu's din gori,


je goma sinithizumen je gamamen thisangona je angonya,

harigamen os dora mazin, eshi exinda xhronya.


Turkish version of the above poem /Yukardaki siir'in Türkcesi

Gönül verdim gızlara aklım fikrim onlarda

Gızlar bana yüz vermez, giderdim hep davara



Ben da maraz ederdim bu böyle olmaz derdim

Elimden birşey gelmez hep davarı giderdim


Babam emiri verdi beni dağa gönderdi

Daha sonra evlendim psilu gızını verdi


Bir ömür mutlu olduk 60 yıl beraberiz

çocuklarımız oldu evde torun bekleriz.. [3]


şiir:/poem by Mehmet Kirlappo


Ο νούς μου (εμέν) εδούλευκεν

ούλλον πα' στες κοπέλλες

Τζαι τζείνες εν με χέλασιν

γιατί έγλεπα κουέλλες


Τζαι τότες εμαράζωννα

τζαι τράβουν τα μαλλιά μου

Μα όμως εν υπόφερνα

γιατ' ήταν η δουλειά μου


Ο τζιύρης μου διάταξεν

τζι' έπεμπεν με στα όρη

Τζαι ύστερα παντρεύτηκα

τζαι της Ψυλλούς την κόρη.


Τωρά εμείς εκάμαμεν

δισάγγονα τζι αγγόνια

τζι είμαστε ώς τωρά μαζίν

έσιει εξήντα γρόνια. [4]




Unkown source









The following 4 Chatista/Mani's/Poems were recited by Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'


Idan jeros je berasen,

bu ihamen jindin harin


Dora egondepsen o jeroz,

afendimu theyoz enarti na maz bari

(3 Feb 2020)



Auranne je thallassa, mavra phsilla je thasi,

i niyode bu ithahame mia neya na berasi,




Do drenon eksiginisen me thothega va-onna

dravose bastin jefalin, eshi exsinda hronya




CHATISTA BY MEHMET VELI 'Kirlapo'  &  Veli 'Kundi'

Mehmet Veli & Veli 'Kundi' enjoyed exchanging chatista. Being great friends they often tried to outwit each other. Both have left us a sample of the way of life, culture and wit of Lurucina that should be recorded, and enjoyed by future generations.



Do petrohani en mitzi, ji Athienou meghali

eshi gobeles omorfes gosbende do riyali



Mehmet  'Kirlapo' went to his cousins Sultan 'Sultano's' wedding party in 1950?.  Being  20 years old at the time he was hoping to catch the eye of a young lady and hope that a friend or relative may arrange a union, as was the custom at the time a contest of chatista/Tsiattista  between relatives and friends would liven up the fun.

Mehmet 'bede du muya' never passing up an opportunity to tease the young man that the age of marrying shepherds was long gone, and that young ladies now preferred men who were in better jobs. So the usual exchange of chatista was a way to make  the point.


  MEHMET 'Bede du muya'


O jirizmu biladevgen, Je i manamu e belegan,

dora emaha bosduz vosguz, enduz thiyun yenegan.

Tell Muya my father is a carpenter, and my mother a nagger, and now I learnt there are no wives for shepherds


MEHMET 'Kirlapo' Omoz yaduz reshberiyez en simar-ladizmenez, brebisu mia du kerhane bu dez oghradizmenez

While we are farmers and dirty, you belong in a whorehouse captured.


As the evening went on three of Mehmet 'Kirlapo's' cousins went on the offensive to catch him out his response was the following


Enjen halumin je psumin na sas da mirasso

eyoni mia psishi ime je bosus enna ftasso

This is not bread and Hellim, to be shared, I only have one life, how much can I do.


Greek to Turkish translation by Feridun Toz (Fred Yusuf)



As a young man Mehmet 'Kirlapo'  was a Shepherd, and though it was a 7 day job, and extremely hard in the baking Cyprus heat, it offered him a strange sense of romanticism. Sitting on the beautiful and unspoiled hillside's of Luricina [Akincilar] with his fellow Shepherd friends they would pass the time literally honing their skills in outwitting each other. Eventually he became so good that he was invited to 'panayirs' to enter competitions with neighboring villagers fighting for the honor of being the best. Panayirs were like trading markets and funfairs, originally organised by the Church to stimulate trade. Panayir is in fact derived from the word "Panaiya" referring to Mary mother of Christ. They played a big part of Cyprus life. It gave people an opportunity to bring their products to sell, meet old friends and enter competitions in an age when TVs were not so common, and interaction was the way of life.


Mehmet 'Kirlapo' soon began to make a good reputation for his sharp and quick wit. When he was about 18 -19 in 1948-9 he went to Athienou -a nearby village- with a friend in order to work. While at a local cafe a well known 'Biidi' and "Chatisti's" named Muymon began to entertain and naturally challenge anyone to catch him out. It was soon brought to his attention that an up and coming youngster from Luricina was in the crowd. Muymon deciding to prod the young man walked and up to him, but initially Mehmet being a bit over-awed by Muymons reputation decided not to respond. Muymon was having none of it, he continued with his witty 'Chatista' (Tsiattista) and eventually with his blood boiling Mehmet took up the challenge. The following exchange took place.


MUYMON                     Anikse re filemou gamo-mada ganise,

                                     bemaz na hariz, bu inda horgon ise.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'        Stin Athienou eftasa eshi gane-nan mina,

                                     ma yeno gobi-higa bu mestin Luricina.


MUYMON                     Sanda gunubga du neru stegume je horoda,

                                     eyo da Lurijadiga ha-me lahdo ba-doda.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'         Messu yelasu sadanas banoduz na ksamosis,

                                      je budo thinduz isha na do yemosis.


MUYMON                      Eme-nan en gathi-gommu na duz itho-biiso,  

                                      amman agusun Muymon enna yirisun biso.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'         Am-man agusis je erkunde  je bga-niz da habarga,

                                      na dreksun bu-don gollosu je boynarga.


Naturally people who were good at Chatista had a certain respect for each other, and no sooner had they finished their exchange then everyone would join in some fun. Muymon congratulated Mehmet for his abilities at so young an age and both had a chat and coffee together.


Yusuf Toz's translation into Turkish. An amazing bit of translation which left me speechless  



Yeter artık be dostum nazlanmayı sen bırak

Sen hangi köyden geldin, yakın mı yoksa ırak



Athiyenu ya geldim bir kac aydır burdayım

Nereliyim sen soran , ben Lurucinalıyım



Suda sinek gibisin durur sana bakarım

Ben Lurucinalilari , yerin dibine sokarım


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'

Sakın şeytana uyma , çevirirler odunu

Onnar sana gonuşsa dolduracan o donu



Ben söylerim sözümü ihtar eder bu eller

Muymon adi olunca hepsi geri döneller


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'

Duyarkandan genneri, gorku içini yakar

Bokun götünden değil, paçalarından akar.[5]


Greek script of the above


Άνοιξε ρε φίλε μου καμώματα κανεί σε,

πέ μας να χαρείς που ήντα χωρκόν είσαι.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'

Στην Αθηένου έφτασα έσιει κανένα μήνα,

μα εγεννοκοπήχηκα που μέσ’την Λουρουτζιήννα.



Σαν τα κουνούπκια του νερού στέκουμαι τζιαί χωρώ τα,

εγιώ τα Λουρουτζιάτικα χαμαί λαχτοπατώ τα.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'

Μέν σου γελάσει σατανάς πάνω τους ν’αξαμώσεις,

τζιαί που το δείν τους (μανιχά) ίσια να το γεμώσεις.



Εμέναν εν καθήκο μου να τους ειδοποιήσω,

άμαν ακούσουν Muymon εν να γυρίσουν πίσω.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo'

Άμαν ακούσεις τζι’έρκουντε τζιαί πκιάννεις τα χαπάρκα,

να τρέξουν που τον κώλον σου τζιαί (που τα) ποϊνάρκα. [6]


A contest between my father Mehmet Veli and Muymon from Atheinou. late 1940's


English translation of the above with the phonetic Greek in yellow

MUYMON Anikse re filemou gamo-mada ganise, bemaz na hariz, bu inda horgon ise.

Open up my friend enough is enough will you tell us where are you from.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo' Stin Athienou eftasa eshi gane-nan mina, ma yeno gobi-higa bu mestin Luricina.

I’ve been in Athienou about a month, born and raised in Lurucina


MUYMON Sanda gunubga du neru stegume je horoda, eyo da Lurijadiga ha-me lahdo ba-doda.

You are like a fly on water, looking at you, I can bury the people from Lurucina


MEHMET 'Kirlapo' Messu yelasu sadanas banoduz na ksamosis, je budo thinduz isha na do yemosis.

Don’t be tricked by the devil, from your glance alone you will fill your pants.


MUYMON Eme-nan en gathi-gommu na duz itho-biiso, amman agusun Muymon enna yirisun biso.

Its my duty so I will say my piece, be warned, when Muymon is involved, they will turn back.


MEHMET 'Kirlapo' Am-man agusis je erkunde je bga-niz da habarga, na dreksun bu-don gollosu je boynarga.

When you hear they coming and recieve the news, your shit burns from fright through yuor arse and trousers.


Greek to English translation by Feridun Toz (Fred Yusuf)





More chatista by Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo.

These two are a reference to the fact that at 82 the energy and health is not as good as it used to be.


Sta broda bolemusamen thihos bolemo-fothga,

dora emmaz eminasin me sherga me bothga.





Basta sanithgya barpado,

mesto neron imbleyo,

da brodinamu bu egamma,

thimmu-meda je gleo.



Thimume jindin zoyin bu imun bastus thegaksi

thene orpissa dundin zoyin na-laksi




A bit of a dig to his wife for her moaning. All in good humour.


I lossasu arkinisen je mashede midamu,

brosbahis medo galon na spasis da myalamu.

Sandin lihusan ebahez bu din gradun brobanya,

bastin kellemu se dravo eshi exinda xronia

Your tongue is bothering  me, are you trying to blow my brain

Like a mother just given birth in post labour pain, I carry you on my head  for 60 years


Greek to Turkish translation by Feridun Toz (Fred Yusuf)



Aresgidiz na-ime thrihtos, je na horo don diho,

enimboro o ftohos bile na sindiho

She likes me to be stay silent,

and stare at the wall,

unable to even talk or speak


Greek to Turkish translation by Feridun Toz (Fred Yusuf)




Indan na gamo na yino me dundin yidonummu

nivgede je honyazede je bernimu don nummu

What can I do, I am with my neighbours

and you get up and shout and take my mind away


Greek to Turkish translation by Feridun Toz (Fred Yusuf)




aghbisadin bu gargyaz,

je manadiz malonni

helidin na shereda,

je na din gamaroni.




Don nummu mestin jefalin

egamezdo alevrin,

obuz je na baz je na stahis,

do grima-mu nas evri.


Meran ulevgede bola,

din nihdan je jimaste,

je odi saz lalo dora,

banda na da athimaste.




Thoksazodo afendimu,

bu me gamen cholakin,

ya senan ime beri-ergoz

bos eshiz doson merakin.




Sigonume do broyin,

je horisa din glatsan,

odi abarghi ston dunya,

en ulla medin ratsan




Basta gungrin je siyera,

egarfonna din sponda,

indan na gamumen dora,

ereksamen I ohdonda




En panayiri je berna

i yerimi neyodi

En fevgi isteri zoi,

je na ksanarti brodi




Emenan edromaksamme stena je mahalathes

drauth-ya ge biimada lalosas gyo shil-yathes



an exchange between a gypsy woman named Nergiz and Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo'



Na bgyaho din tsa-erammu

je narto boji gondassu

yadi horo je nevgismu

na spasso da myalassu



Do stoman bu drau-isen

notho bora  russoso

enan bendo-liron russon

an ertis na su thosso


The following   4 Chatista/Mani's was recited by  Mustafa Muzzafer Dayi  who was well known for his skill as an expert on  chatista.



Sigonede bu do broyin,

sandis thulan na bgasi,

skeftede inda gavenen

na baii na cikyasi.


Σηκώννεται που το πρωίν

σαντίς δουλειάν να πιάσει

Σκέφτεται ίντα καφενέν

να πάει να τζιοιθκιάσει.[7]




Ston skoliyon bembizdon

rammada na mahi,

je o ahahi-reftos ene mahen

me A me U na rafi




Do alpa bos en ghauraz e horendon je yelan,

je abo mitsiz e thenedun odi  bos enethelan


lalisdu nakon asheron du ghamalu na sissi

ama belon don ivramen berkimu na spothisi




Ay oglum sana dedim

tembelligi birakasin

da benim gibi okuyup adam olasin.[8]





The following catista are from various unknown individuals. We owe NEBILE SAMI 'GOTSA' ( NEBILE RAMADAN) a massive gratitude for remembering to recite them. BEKIR OSMAN 'BITHIGO', was kind enough to write and share them.










Bu do stenon-dis ereksa je dayizen da vudya

je haminison do goshinon je lalemmu drau-tha


Da yasemin ine esomu, jallu fakun i gloni

je agusando bos se aghaba esgasan i yidoni



Iyadin meda gochina ge iba odi ine bana-iya

ge baragalun don theon na stahi nadin iya



Do silionin egatsen banosdin gafgarun

ji gafgarua e shetanondo ge ginon e drauan



Ibadis narti ge en irten ge-narti emme vrisgi

ge da babutchadis ille ge o gobosdis minisgi




efeksen i Anadoli je bu na ksimerosi

je bu aghabin argisen na bay nadin merosi

je enan filin na dis thosi



Inda din helo din omorfgan je da berisogali

je da nihtarya di thimis, je na da gradun Ali




Ela re Hitler ya na this Gibreya baligarya

bu ehdibun du Yermanu sta stihi du Londarya

ce lambron na gabsi eshi baligarya




Ismaili's o Seid-ali's bon droyi do pilavin

je heli avga diyanida na blethun mesdo layin



Amca Sufda gamnisu dudoz o glaros na su don buliso

amman su gamni Bemudo ine barasgevi na don baro sto bazarin na don buliso

je da riyalya bo dosa na bghaho biso




offu offu muzuru du Morfu,

egamez je bellana ya gyo mila gorfu



Halasa mavro, halasa je jimadusa

boles manayes egames ce mavra e horusan



The following   4 Chatista/Mani's was recited by  Mustafa Muzzafer who was well known for his skill as an expert on  chatista.[9]


Sigonede bu do broyin,

sandis thulan na bgasi,

skeftede inda gavenen

na baii na cikyasi.



Ston skoliyon bembizdon

rammada na mahi,

je o ahahi-reftos ene mahen

me A me U na rafi



Do alpa bos en ghauraz e horendon je yelan,

je abo mitsiz e thenedun odi  bos enethelan


lalisdu nakon asheron du ghamalu na sissi

ama belon don ivramen berkimu na spothisi



Ay oglum sana dedim

tembelligi birakasin

da benim gibi okuyup adam olasin


The following chatisto was was an exchange between a Greek lady and Veli Kundi at a competition at a Panayir  in Larnaca


Espira do horafimmu, ce evvalado sisamin,

baragalose filemu Kundi na mu biz bosa gucha na gami


(an another version of the above)

saranda skales thi-ola espira do sisamin

athis i kseris da bola, bosa gucha na gami




Annen galo-gamumenon je erti enan bodamin,

osa astri eshi o ughranoz, dosa gucha na gami. [10]


Turkish translation. Türkce çevirisi

Yabanci kadin'nin sorusu

Tarlamı  çapaladim ,  bir avuç  sısam  ektim  

Söyle bana be Kundi,   negadar hasad ederim


Veli Kundi' cevap verdi

Tarlan güzel sürülsün,    dere daşarak   gelsin    

Yildizlari bir say bak  o gadar  hasad edersin. [11]                




recited by ???

Don Zimbrikon je don Kundi enna duz gadagobso,

je na duz gamo pasturman, je du Hitler na duz bepso



Original Poet not known


Theemu ce sihhoramu

gopse ta grimadamu

stin oran du thanadumu

stin bordan tu gnimadumu

na men da evro mbostamu. [12]



Unknown source. [13]


O boshi bu ornihes bashes, gamya yidonisa midadu

din nihdan bay je bgyanidez, dudi en i thulyaduz,

ahus o asihoridoz bay je blimeraduz,

andrebume je o ithiyoz, na o milo midaduz.



Galon zevgarin do egama, je vuthga je gatselez,

heli nan mesto gavenen harkya na bezi je rame na droi garamelez



Muzaferi to Gashaoli


Hondron gubai su egama me enan mistaromenon,

garchissu endez ehelez, beridu bu enan ksenon  




Androulla Shati is from Dali and is the daughter of Kadji who had a shop at the bandobuliyo. She has enjoyed the Tsiattista and Biimada so much that she has lent her support for thisreserach. She herself is a master of this ancient tradition and her following Tsiattista/Chatista is a joy to read. No doubt the talent of our village folk still seems to inspire people to this day. If only our younger generation could read and understand Greek, then this aspect of our culture will live on. If this research helps to inspire and preserve this tradition then we should all be happy that our ancestor's talent for Tsiattista and Biimada will never be forgotten.


The following Tsiattista were recited by Androulla Shati to Ismail Veli


Tou filou mou tou Ismail pou zi is ta Londina,

Areskun tou ta tsiattista Ets'omorfa tzie terkasta,Tzie grafo tou, po tzina.


Egio ime i Dalitou kori tou Khadji me to namin.

Tzie miazo tou stin exipnaan, os to  telefteo dramin.


Yi'afton  tzie grafo tsiattista esenan na ta pepso,

Gia na gelasoumen nakurin tzie na se horattepso.



Androulla's witty tsiattista is again self evident. In this one she is talking about Fenerbahce's win 1.0 over AEL Limasol.


Sheroume pou vrethikamen, pou ginamente fili.


Ederen mas, I Fener Bahce, epses tin Aelara

Tzie piaan mas ta klamata tzie kapious, I pellara.


Ma gio gia fourpous en ixero tzie den dio bakira.

Lalo mono, doxa si o theos, gia oula tzina pou pira.



To minima pou sou epepsa, efien kata lathos

Yiat’imoun polla viastiki

Thkialoismeni xistitdi,

Me vouros tzie me pathos.


Eylepa ta aggonouthkia mou, ekamna tes doulies mou,

Tzi’en iha mian stalami na  pepso tes efges mou.


Efhoume na eperases kala to bayrami

Na men ishe polles vroshes, anemous tzie tsunami.

Eyio tin Agglian xero tin pos kathi mera vreshi

Ma san to humour to Eggleziko, is ton dunian, en eshi.


Laloun ta ouli tzie yeloun gia na perna tzi’i ora

Na xianousin ta dertia tous, na sherounte to tora.

Polla filia kai  stin yeneka sou




The following poem was written by Fatma Gazi and shared with the kind permission of Mr Soner Arifler [14]


Köyüme Sesleniş


Eteğinde kucağında

sarıp sarmaladın beni

kıymetini bilemedim.


Sokağında harmanında

büyüdü çocuklar

seslerini duyamadım.


Aşk şarkıları söylendi

bağında bahçende



Ak taşın, toprağın

gözlerimi kamaştırdı



Seyrektir kara gözlün

ay yüzlü insanların mavi yeşil gözlüdür

fark edemedim.


Lurucinalı mısın diye sorarlardı

oysa adın alnımızda yazılı



Ilık rüzgarınla

yürekten çağırıyorsun



hissediyorum; tüm yeşilindeki çiğ damlaları

içimdeki gözyaşlarımdır.



Fatma Gazi

Mart 2002




9 Mart 1960 Lurucina doğumlu olan Fatma, Hasan Gazi (Surfi) ile evlidir. Fatma ile Hasan'ın biri kız diğeri erkek iki çocuğu var.

Baba adı: İsmayıl Bekir Barbaros.

Anne adı: Dudu Barbaros.


Annesinin babası: Hasan Yannitsaro.

Annesinin annesi: Fatma Yannitsaro.


Babasının babası: Bekir Barboro.

Babasının annesi: Sultan Barboro.




[1] Panayirs were agricultural and business fairs often organised to promote sales of local produce. These were often also used to encourage competitions, and other forms of entertainment.

[2] Greek translation by Yiannis Komodromos

[3] çeviri: translation by Yusuf Tozzi

[4] Greek translation by Yiannis Komodromos

[5] Turkish Translation By Yusuf Toz (Türkce çeviri YUSUF TOZ tarafından edildi)

[6] Greek translation by Fanis Patsalides. (Rumca çeviri Fanis Patsalides)

[7] Greek translation (Rumca çeviri ) by Yiannis Komodromos .

[8] Shared by Huseyin Selim.

[9] Shared by Huseyin Selim.

[10] shared by Mustafa  (Culli) Denizer.

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Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo' Born 12.08.1929-06.08.2020

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Fatma Gazi

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Mehmet Veli 'Kirlapo' in the UK. early 1960's

Hasan Gazi 68 Hasan Gazi 41

Fatma Gazi

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